Public Housing Training Programs

(in Powerpoint format)

As a project for HUD's Leadership Development Program, Anita Gibson and a team of subject matter experts (listed below) from HUD's Kansas City, St. Louis and Des Moines Field Offices have created a series of PowerPoint presentations. These presentations were designed to help new HUD staff, as well as Public Housing Authority staff, obtain training at their convenience and without the expenses normally incurred for training. "There is a big demand for public housing training" according to Ms. Gibson. "With training funds being so tight for both HUD staff and public housing authorities, creating these programs seemed like a great way to provide important information in a cost-effective manner."

The material below can be reviewed as a series or in pieces to meet the needs of individuals. "All the authors made great contributions," observed Ms. Gibson, "and these experts are available to answer questions for viewers." If you have questions about any of the above training programs, please contact the presentation's author, or Anita Gibson, Public Housing Revitalization Specialist, in HUD's St. Louis Field Office (314-539-6507). "If anyone has suggestions for additions to our PHA Training Program library, those comments are welcome as well."

The Administrative Plan

Asset Management Update

Board Training Program - Finance, Internal Controls and Audits

Financial Submissions

Operating Subsidy

PHA Board Commissioner Training

Project-based Accounting & Asset Management

REAC Pre-Inspection

Section 8 Homeownership

Section 8 Homeownership Examples - Microsoft Word format

Project Team:
Anita Gibson, Public Housing Revitalization Specialist, St. Louis Field Office
Cindy Blair, Public Housing Revitalization Specialist, Kansas City Field Office
Julie Miles, Financial Analyst, Kansas City Field Office
Kathy Winter, Public Housing Revitalization Specialist, Des Moines Field Office
Larry Maxwell, Engineer, Kansas City Field Office

Content Archived: September 15, 2011