Helena Housing Authority Celebrates Grand Opening
and Dedication of New Playground and Water Spray Park

[Photo 1: Kids at spray park]
Kids getting soaked at new spray park

[Photo 2: John C at spray park]
John Carson with Helena Mayor Jim Smith, Helena Housing Authority Board Chair Mary Cole and kids.

On the afternoon of July 20th, John Carson, HUD's Region VIII Director, together with Mayor Jim Smith and Colleen McCarthy, Executive Director, Helena Housing Authority, dedicated and celebrated the grand opening of Montana's largest water spray park at Sherron Park in Helena, Montana. In partnership with the City of Helena, the Helena Housing Authority invested approximately $350,000 of HUD Capital Funds to provide Helena Housing Residents with a new playground and spray park, providing public housing residents with one of the more attractive and accessible play areas in the state.

Swimsuit-clad kids poured onto the city's newest playground. The concrete pad sports dozens of computer-controlled water jets and fountains, all guaranteed to get a person soaked. The tumble buckets hanging high in the air slowly fill with water before tipping and spilling over on squealing and delighted children.

The spray park has advantages: It doesn't need to be filled and drained every day and it doesn't need a lifeguard. It is self-operated and shuts off when kids aren't around. The whole concept offers many of the advantages of a pool, but with no standing water or the high cost of maintenance. It is perfectly safe for all age groups and persons with disabilities.


Content Archived: April 12, 2011