Performance Based Contract Administrator in Montana Receives Recognition

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the Performance Based Contract Administrator (PBCA) at the Montana Department of Commerce (DOC) received an "outstanding" rating on their Annual Compliance Review from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD commended the PBCA for its leadership in managing 4,000 affordable housing units for in Montana's low- and moderate-income families.

[Photo: PBCA staff]

The PBCA staff, Dave Parker, Tanya Randall, Julie Rice, Becky Shaw, Valerie Short, Sue Mannix and Beth Simonich; contracts with HUD to oversee its Montana Project Based Section 8 Housing. They ensure the projects are managed effectively and according to HUD guidelines, and have done so for five years.

"They have done an excellent job for us," said Linda Cluck, Supervisory Project Manager, Rocky Mountain region in Denver. No other PBCA in Region 8 has matched "Montana's consistent excellence in ratings for their performance under the PBCA contract.

Montana's PBCA recently received praise from the DOC Director Anthony J. Preite, "We're very proud of the Project Based Section 8 team." "State employees like the PBCA team recognize that affordable housing pays multiple dividends for Montana families in the form of safer communities and job retention."

Also, Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer commended the PBCA team for understanding the far-reaching impact of housing issues on individuals and the local economy. "For every dollar spent on quality, affordable housing, at least 10 dollars are returned to the Montana economy" Schweitzer said. But most importantly, Schweitzer noted, "The good work of the PCBA staff will ensure Montana's families have a safe roof over their heads for years to come."


Content Archived: April 12, 2011