Helena Housing Authority Makes Energy Efficient Improvements

Automatic controls for boiler

The Housing Authority of Helena used their $774,834 grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to help make affordable housing more energy efficient in Helena, Montana. The improvements allow the housing authority the flexibility to leverage into a 12-year Energy Performance Contract at a more favorable interest rate. The reduced debt service will assist the Housing Authority to institute even more sustainability measures.

The projects completed with the funds include the installation of an energy efficient boiler with automatic controls in an elderly disabled building, the replacement of a 38-year old elevator with a state of the art model, the separation of utilities for 52 Public Housing units for better monitoring, new thermostats for 132 units, and new insulated garage doors for maintenance garages.

New energy efficient boiler
While some of the individual projects are small, collectively their impact will be significant. The measures will curb utility costs and reduce maintenance of outdated systems, and will help keep housing more affordable. Additionally, the improvements will help ensure that the Helena Housing Authority remains financially sound.

New meters for better monitoring


Content Archived: October 11, 2013