First Time Homeowner Helped in a Difficult Housing Market by Neighborhood Stabilization Program

West Edge 3 story Condominium Project

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) helped Sandra Tansy become a homeowner for the first time. This is in a housing market which is difficult for low, moderate or middle income families to realize homeownership.

Through the Montana Department of Commerce, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program has awarded funds to eight local governments and sub-awarded to non-profit organizations to carryout program activities that have acquired foreclosed properties, rehabilitated the properties and sold them to income-eligible households. One example of a successful NSP activity is that of a Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) District IX, West Edge project in Bozeman.

Sandra Tansy had the following to say about the recent purchase of her first home.

"This opportunity for homeownership at West Edge Condominiums in Bozeman is so huge for me and my family. My parents never even owned a home. I am the first home owner in my family. As a child, I remember moving in the middle of night at times. Now I know what that was all about. So, not only does this provide me security, it provides my grandchildren with security and a chance for change.

Being a single woman in Bozeman with this economy, there would have been no way I could have ever owned my own home. My house payment is even less than my rent payment was. Opportunity is out there with some help from the local HRDC.

It is still hard to believe. I keep expecting the other shoe to drop. At 52, I finally am a homeowner. It sure has been a boost to my esteem."


Content Archived: October 11, 2013