Broadwater Village Opens First
Multifamily Neighborhood Network

[Photo 1: Gloria O' Rourke helping children to access the Internet]
Gloria O'Rourke, MT Rural Development Partnering with Broadwater Village residents Josie & Dan Quinones

[Photo 2:  Josie  enjoys learning at Computer Center]
4th grader Josie Quinones enjoying New Neighborhood Network computer

Photo 3:  Gloria O'Rourke provides training to resident of Broadwater Village]
Gloria O'Rourke, MT Rural Development Partnering teaching Jaromir Dan, resident of Broadwater Village how to access the Internet.

The residents of Broadwater Village Apartments in Helena, along with City Commissioner Sandy Oitzinger and HUD Field Office Director Dick Brinck, hosted a grand opening of the first multifamily Neighborhood Network Center in Montana. Al Olsen, Manager of Broadwater Village Apartments, stated "This Neighborhood Network will empower the residents of Broadwater Village Apartments and the neighboring community, by giving them access to information and many other resources that are available through the Internet. In our lab/classroom setting, we can provide individualized instruction and touch one life at a time." Computer classes and a reception were part of the celebration activities.

This computer center, located at 1427 Broadwater Circle, was launched as part of a nationwide initiative to put computer technology in the hands of those formerly bypassed by these advances. Local partners who have contributed time and resources toward the opening of this computer lab include: Broadwater Village Apartments, the American Legion, Ed Bucko, Carroll College, Montana Rural Development Partnering, Tammarack Property Management Co. and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Neighborhood Networks was created by HUD to bring technology opportunities to low-income families. The program relies on its private partners to equip the centers, which are in low-income housing complexes that receive HUD money. The centers are designed to help residents become more self-sufficient by learning computer skills, and using the Internet to access information to further their education and to pursue employment to reach their highest potential.


Content Archived: April 1, 2011