Grier Heights Neighborhood Project in Charlotte, North Carolina
Wins Met Life/LISC Community-Police Partnership Award

The Grier Heights Neighborhood Improvement Project in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently was awarded $20,000 by Met Life/LISC for "restoring a sense of security and order to a troubled neighborhood." The neighborhood improvement project was recognized for its partnership with the Charlotte Police Department, the City of Charlotte, and several other community organizations. The partnership was formed in an effort to combat longstanding problems in the Grier Heights neighborhood, including substandard housing, drug activity, crime and inadequate city services.

According to Met Life, through the impetus of the Grier Heights partnership, "a local foundation built eight new houses and rehabbed 10 others, a new park was constructed and an old school was restored as a community services center."

A HUD-insured project, Grier Park has benefited from, as well as contributed to, the neighborhood partnership. The HUD project is the recipient of the New Approach Anti-Drug Grant, which includes $175,600 for increased law enforcement. Grier Park's contribution to neighborhood improvement is the operation of a Neighborhood Network Center.

The Grier Heights Neighborhood Improvement Project was one of six winners, nationwide, out of 430 applicants and the Grier Heights project won second place.

Content Archived: July 5, 2011