The Home Investment Partnership (HOME) Program in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth Housing Consortium

In FY 2010 HUD awarded a total of $1,405,712 in HOME funds to the Winston-Salem Forsyth Housing Consortium, a partnership consisting of the City of Winston-Salem (lead entity), Forsyth County and all of the cooperating municipalities in the County. Of these funds, $1,037,420 was allocated to the City of Winston-Salem and $227,720 to Forsyth County. HOME program activities focus on increasing the number of affordable housing units for low-income individual and families and increasing the leverage of public funds through financing partnerships. Specific programs include:

  • Housing rehabilitation and operations,
  • Housing production/infrastructure,
  • Homebuyer assistance,
  • Public service/assistance to homeless, and
  • Planning/capacity building.

Fifth Street Apartments and Extension

The Fifth Street Apartments Phase I, a 12-unit rental rehabilitation project, was completed in 2005 and the City provided $168,140.73 in HOME Funds. Construction on Fifth Street Apartments II, an eight-unit rental property will start soon; the City has contributed $331,859 in HOME funds to this project.

[Photo 1: Fifth Street Apartments I] sdfdsfd
Fifth Street Apartments I
Fifth Street Apartments II

Orchard Creek

Orchard Creek, a 64-unit property, has just been completed and residents are in the process of moving into their homes. The total cost of the property is $8,112,883 and the City of Winston-Salem is providing $200,000 in HOME funds.

[Photo 3: Orchard Creek] [Photo 4: Orchard Creek]
Orchard Creek

Burton Street Apartments

A 10-unit transitional housing property, Burton Street Apartments, was completed in February 2010. The total cost of this property was $304,251 and the City provided $126,522 in HOME funds toward the construction. All units are now occupied.

[Photo 5: Burton Street Apartments] [Photo 6: Burton Street Apartments]
Burton Street Apartments

Hunters Hill Apartments

Hunters Hill Apartments was built, in partnership with the NC Housing Foundation, to provide housing units for low-income, disabled individuals. The City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County contributed $203,160 in HOME funds toward the total cost of $1,282,269 of this 12-unit rental property. Currently, all units in Hunters Hill Apartments are occupied.

[Photo 7: Hunters Hill Apartments]
Hunters Hill Apartments

The Enclave

The Enclave, a 68-unit property, funded by HOME and NSP funds, is currently under construction. The City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County are providing $1,389,856 in Neighborhood Stabilization Funds; the City of Winston-Salem is providing $400,000 in HOME funds for its construction.

[Photo 8: The Enclave]
The Enclave



Content Archived: January 3, 2014