Strong Cities, Strong Communities Capacity (SC2) Building Training Bridges Knowledge Divide

[Photo 1: SC2 participants working in groups writing effective grant applications.]
SC2 participants working in groups writing effective grant applications.

[Photo 2: Region IV Administrator Jennings (in background) addresses SC2 NC participants in Rocky Mount, NC]
Region IV Administrator Jennings (in background) addresses SC2 NC participants in Rocky Mount, NC.

The City of Rocky Mount, NC, recently hosted a very informative and well attended Strong Cities, Strong Communities Capacity SC2 ( Grant Writing and Capacity Building training for local area non-profit organizations drawing over 120 participants. Rocky Mount is one of seven cities nationally designated as a Strong Cities Strong Communities SC2 city. As part of the President's priority to strengthen the middle class, create jobs, and build ladders of opportunity as communities regain their economic footing, SC2 named seven locations to receive technical advice and expertise from federal inter-agency teams. These teams partner with the mayor and city leadership to support the community's vision for economic development. Their primary mandate is to align federal programs and help communities more effectively invest existing resources. Began in January 2014, SC2 teams are engaged in the following locations: Rocky Mount, NC, St. Louis, MO; Gary, IN; Flint, MI; Brownsville, TX; Rockford, IL; Macon, GA.

Initial day training opened with a "Welcome to our City" presentation by Assistant City Manager Tasha Logan Ford. Greensboro HUD Field Office Director Curtis L. Davis introduced the guest speaker, Region IV, Administrator Ed Jennings, Jr who welcomed the participants to the workshop. Jennings shared a history of HUD'S role in SC2 which included achievements in the region and encouraged participants to take advantage of the information they would receive in the workshop and to continue to take part in their community's development. Jennings answered numerous questions from participants, one on one after his remarks.

Kate Dykgraaf, Deputy Director for the White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities SC2 and Stuart Lee, White House Special Council – SC2 Lead provided participants an overview of the work being done by federal agencies across the country.

Fred Washington, HUD Senior Management Analyst, Jacksonville, Florida with the assistance of Mykl Asanti, Senior Management Analyst, Atlanta Regional Office described the components of the Grant Application and discussed "How Collaboration Strengthens" while addressing the characteristics of successful grant writing. The following day's session was focused on the essential elements of a successful grant writing application with the afternoon session addressing and providing dialogue concerning aspects of Financial Management issues and legal ramifications for-profit vs non-profit to include corporate structures and MOU's.

"Working with Local Governments" was moderated by Lea Henry, City of Rocky Mount with Panelists from HUD Field Policy and Management, Public and Indian Housing, Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, HUD Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control, Washington, DC, USDA Rural Development, Washington, DC.

The day ended with a live in person "Logic Model Demonstration". The attendees' comments around the room after the demonstration revealed a strong understanding and grasp of the the demonstration's value as well as the entire two days of training, too.


Content Archived: January 17, 2018