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Funding Impacts Lives

[Photo: The Way Home transitional housing facility]
The Way Home transitional housing facility and resource center in Manchester, New Hampshire

On January 12, 2006, HUD New England Regional Director Taylor Caswell joined the Mayor of Manchester, NH to announce more than $5.2 million in HUD funding to house and serve homeless individuals and families in New Hampshire.

The funding announcement was made at The Way Home, a local nonprofit social services agency that assists at-risk or homeless members of the greater Manchester community obtain the skills and resources needed to prevent the loss of their housing or to secure safe affordable rental housing. The Way Home received grants totaling $281,635.

During the event, the following story was read, which helps to put into perspective how HUD funding impacts lives everyday:

M first came to The Way Home from the New Horizon�s homeless woman�s shelter. With only SSI for income, she was unable to afford any rental units in the city. Her young son was placed with the Division of Children and she was given a year to rectify her situation before her son would be returned to her. Knowing she was unable to afford an apartment, and that she was in danger of losing her child, she was in tears when she came into the agency. One of the Steps To Success coaches worked with her and, after two months, a Transitional Housing apartment became available in The Way Home supportive housing program. Once located in her new apartment, The Way Home staff helped her locate community resources (i.e. drug and alcohol counseling, parenting classes, etc.). Once she had completed her program, she began visitation with her son, Jeremy. Jeremy was eventually placed back full-time with M while she resided at The Way Home. M continued to work with her Steps To Success counselor and, after 14 months, she moved into a rental housing unit within the community. However, she became very ill and The Way Home helped connect her to family services.

M recently passed away and Jeremy, who is now 10 years old, was adopted. His new family wanted to make a small donation in his mom�s memory. Jeremy immediately said he wanted the monies to go to �The Way Home�! Never having heard about The Way Home, Jeremy explained to his new family that �it was the only place he had had a home situation with his mom� and where he had �felt comfortable and safe.� The Way Home had given his mom an opportunity to be a mom, and gave him the opportunity to he a child!

And, Jeremy developed such very fond memories about his stay with his mom while at The Way Home that he decided to add part of his allowance to his new family�s recent memorial donation.

Visit HUD�s website to learn more about homeless assistance programs.

Content Archived: March 21, 2011

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