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Computer Learning Center Opens in East Orange

An open house showcasing the new Kuzuri Kijiji Computer Learning Center in East Orange took place on August 15, 2002.

The Computer Learning Center, part of HUD's Neighborhood Networks Program, is located in Kuzuri Kijiji, a 136 unit apartment building that houses 225 residents. The center has two rooms with ten computer stations, a conference and tutorial room, a reading room and a library. The aim of the center is to provide programs and activities to help residents build self-esteem and to become more self-reliant, in order to achieve a higher level of economic independence. Using computer technology, residents both young and old learn life skills.

Adult classes consist of job and career counseling and courses dealing with basic life skills and generalized topics such as "community involvement." The center also offers basic and more specialized software courses in the use of Microsoft Windows programs and in the overall development of computer skills. For children there is also a comprehensive program called "Techno Camper's Camp" in which classes focus on developing skills in reading, writing, speaking and editing. Rounding the children's program out, there is a homework review service, where kids can independently go over their homework in a setting where they can get assistance if needed.

At the open house, both children and adults were encouraged to discuss the progress they have made since the center opened and talk about what the center means to them. When asked, "What is Technology?" some children had striking responses. A few made remarks such as, "Technology is the application of science, especially in industry and commerce", while others defined it as "a means of accessing methods and materials otherwise not available". Adults told of being offered new job opportunities thanks to better resumes and increased confidence that the Computer Learning Center helped them to develop. Adults were upbeat about the chance to learn new computer programs and receive life skills training in areas like banking and budgeting. Many said that as a result of the programs, they felt a greater overall sense of self-esteem, something that leads to happier, healthier lives.

Attendees at the open house were greeted by Ms. Lorraine Bell, Manager of Kuzuri Kijiji, and Roslyn Miller, the center's Program Coordinator/Instructor, in addition to a host of children and adults who proudly wore their Kuzuri Kijiji Computer Learning Center T-shirts.

Content Archived: March 07, 2011

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