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HUD Reg. VI 09-20
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February 19, 2009


ALBUQUERQUE - U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan today announced that the Obama Administration is awarding $9,197,428 in grants to homeless programs throughout New Mexico. These grants offer homeless individuals and families a wide range of housing and support services, and nationally, nearly $1.6 billion in homeless grants was awarded. A complete list of the New Mexico grantee organizations and amounts of funding follows.

"With the foreclosure and unemployment crisis looming, millions of families - both homeowners and renters - are in danger of losing their homes, so we must focus substantial resources to help those families find stable housing," said Donovan. "The grants being awarded today, along with the additional $1.5 billion that is contained in the American Recovery and Revitalization Act, will offer a critical lifeline to those persons and families who, after a foreclosure or job loss, might otherwise be faced with homelessness."

HUD's homeless funding is provided in two ways:

  • Continuum of Care Grants provide permanent and transitional housing to homeless persons. In addition, Continuum grants fund important services including job training, health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and child care. Continuum of Care grants are awarded competitively to local programs to meet the needs of their homeless clients. Continuum grants fund a wide variety of programs from street outreach and assessment programs to transitional and permanent housing for homeless persons and families.

    Continuums of Care are State and local planning agencies that coordinate their area's response to homelessness. They prioritize their area's needs and submit funding applications to HUD on behalf of the
    housing and service projects in their area.

  • Emergency Shelter Grants provide funds for the operation of local shelters and fund-related social service
    and homeless prevention programs. Emergency Shelter Grants are allocated to State and local governments,
    based on a formula, to create, improve and operate emergency shelters for homeless persons. These funds
    may also support essential services including job training, health care, drug/alcohol treatment, childcare and
    homelessness prevention activities. By helping to support emergency shelter, transitional housing and needed
    support services, Emergency Shelter Grants are designed to move homeless persons away from a life on the
    street toward permanent housing.

The New Mexico grantees, and amounts are:

NM-500 - Albuquerque Continuum of Care
ACCESS - SSO $241,154
Bridges Supportive Housing $23,780
Casa Milagro Transitional Housing $97,447
Downtown @ 700-2nd $225,172
Dual Diagnosis Outreach $115,500
Hudson House $276,300
Mesa House $105,000
Partners in Housing $223,055
Pathways $42,096
Pathways Supported Housing Program $114,866
Proyecto La Luz - TH $202,692
Proyecto La Luz SSO $51,371
Sevagram Supportive Housing $171,226
Shelter Plus Care $340,680
Shelter Plus Care $1,074,636
Social Transition and Resource Services $135,267
Supportive Housing Program $895,822
Supportive HousingProgram $223,709
The Crossroads $191,940
The Crossroads Chronic $112,834
Total: $4,864,547
NM-501 - New Mexico Balance of State Continuum of Care
Life Link-La Luz/PRA $214,056
S + C New $430,680
S + C Renewal $212,184
Shelter Plus Care $122,760
Shelter Plus Care $128,124
Shelter Plus Care (S+C) $330,720
Shelter Plus Care (S+C) $98,424
Sonrisa Family Transitional Living Program $189,598
Stepping Stones $164,241
Supportive Housing Program $234,410
Supportive Housing Program $246,750
Supportive Housing Program (SHP) $311,353
The Life Link/TRA $214,848
Transitional Housing Program $198,450
Total: $3,412,438
Emergency Shelter Grants
Albuquerque $193,745
NM State Program $726,698
Total ESG $920,443
Total of all Grants to NM $9,197,428


Content Archived: March 23, 2011