Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education Class

The Las Vegas and Reno HUD Offices provide a Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education Class at various times throughout the year. A class was recently conducted in August 2002.

Attend one of our classes to learn how FHA's Single Family mortgage programs can help your buyers achieve the dream homeownership. Topics include: advantages of FHA financing, FHA mortgage loan programs (including energy efficient and rehabilitation mortgages), underwriting criteria (compensating factors, income, and self-employment), appraisal value condition and homebuyer summary sheets, pre-foreclosure sales program, and HUD Homes.

The class is approved by the Nevada Real Estate Commission - CE #2890.

[Photo 1: Lorraine Griscavage-Frisbee conducting class.]   [Photo 2: Las Vegas real estate class.]
Your instructors for these classes are Lorraine Griscavage-Frisbee in Las Vegas and Lorelie Keltie in Reno.

This class has received great reviews and those in attendance receive valuable information as to why a buyer should use FHA products.


Content Archived: August 16, 2011