Pahrump Real Estate Professionals
Learn about FHA Single Family Financing

[Photo 1: Open spaces in Pahrump, Nevada]
There is still room to grow in Pahrump, Nevada

[Photo 2: Real estate professionals sit and learn]
Real estate professionals learn about FHA single family financing

With property prices within FHA mortgage limits, Pahrump represents opportunity for growth in FHA single family mortgages. Pahrump, Nevada is located approximately 70 miles from the Las Vegas metropolitan area. It is known for its rural atmosphere, cotton farms and miles of manufactured homes on one or more acre parcels. That is changing as house prices skyrocket in Las Vegas. Pahrump has now become a popular destination for families seeking more affordable housing. Its real estate market is booming.

Pahrump real estate professionals gave HUD/FHA a warm welcome. On January 25, 2005, Lorraine Griscavage-Frisbee, Single Family Housing Program Specialist, and Bernard Yergeau, Operations Analyst visited the community. Ms. Griscavage-Frisbee instructed a Basic FHA Mortgage Programs class for real estate professionals at the Pahrump Library. Over 55 local agents and lenders attended the three hour session. Licensed agents for the state of Nevada earned three credits of continuing education. Ms. Griscavage-Frisbee discussed FHA borrower and property eligibility, Mortgage Insurance Premium requirements, and types of FHA loan programs. Bernard Yergeau discussed increasing FHA mortgage limits and marketing literature.

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