Las Vegas Office Presents Award Certificates to Employees

Three outstanding individuals: David Ewing, Lorraine-Griscavage-Frisbee and Bella G. Wood represent over 60 years of HUD experience. Here are their stories...

[Photo 1: David Ewing]
David F. Ewing - Las Vegas Multifamily Project Manager - Most Valuable Player Award 32 years

The Most Valuable Player Award Certificate was presented to David F. Ewing, Multifamily Project Manager. His supervisor, Frank Castro, highlighted David's commitment to the Las Vegas Local Crime prevention program that has been exceptional.

He continues to hold monthly meetings with Metro officers on properties within his inventory to insure Owners and Agents are in compliance with the local policies. Mr. Ewing's involvement with the most difficult properties continues to make a difference for the residents.

Prior to starting his career with HUD in 1977, David spent several years with Dunn & Bradstreet as a financial analyst. From 1977 to 1984 was an Asset Manager in the Multifamily Branch in the HUD St. Louis, Missouri office. In July 1984, he transferred to the Las Vegas Field Office in Nevada. There he started working in the Real Estate Owned (REO) Branch. For the past 23 years he has been in the Multifamily Branch as an Asset Manager.

[Photo 2: Lorraine Griscavage-Frisbee]
Lorraine Griscavage-Frisbee - Single Family Housing Program Specialist - Achievement Award 19 years

An Achievement Award Certificate was presented to Lorraine-Griscavage-Frisbee. Lorraine has performed admirably in the 1st half of this year. Above and beyond her normal duties she has participated in after hours volunteer activities, answered calls not directly related to her work and mentored others. She is always the first to raise her hand when assistance is needed.

Lorraine has been with HUD since 1990. She has spent her entire HUD career working with Single Family FHA programs including Asset Management, REO and Program Support. She transferred to the Las Vegas HUD office from the Denver Homeownership Center in 2000 to become a Single Family Housing Program Specialist with Santa Ana Homeownership Center‘s Program Support Division.

[Photo 3: Bella Wood]
Bella G. Wood - Contract Oversight Specialist/GRT for Housing - Achievement Award 10 years

An Achievement Award Certificate was presented to Bella G. Wood also. Bella works tirelessly to ensure her clients and customers receive the best service possible. She is in early in the morning and leaves late at night. When necessary she takes work home on the weekends. She does not have to do this but her spirit will not allow her to provide less. Ms. Wood is an extraordinary employee that always puts forth her best efforts.

Bella started her working career as a Secretary/Clerk-typist at several government installations including Okinawa, Japan, Arizona and Florida. She also worked with state agencies, such as University of Fairbanks, Alaska, University of Colorado/Denver and Park College, Arizona.

Some highlights of her career are that when she started working for NASA Ames Research Center, it was as an Administrative Assistant for eight (8) years. Then she worked as a Financial Assistant with the Department of Justice. Finally, she began her HUD career in 1999. She is currently a Contract Oversight Specialist/Government Technical Representative (GTR) for Housing. She now works out of the Las Vegas Field Office.

You can contact these outstanding HUD employees at the Las Vegas Field Office.


Content Archived: August 18, 2011