Yerington Manor Green Retrofit with Energy Efficient Upgrades

[Photo 1: Two men placing new energy efficient window into building]
Recovery Act funds, paired with NRHA's own capital funds, were used to rehabilitate NRHA's Yerington Manor senior apartment building. The funds will help reduce energy demand, improve the residents' quality of life, and reduce the building's impact on the environment

HUD's Reno Field Office oversees investments in green and gives new life to senior housing.

Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) completed a HUD-sponsored Green Retrofit of its 52-unit senior housing complex, Yerington Manor, located in Yerington, Nevada. Building improvements totaling $840,000 began in August 2010 and were completed February 2011. Funding for the project came from building reserves supplemented by a generous HUD Green Retrofit grant.

The primary focus of the Green Retrofit Program is the preservation of existing affordable housing. HUD oversight was provided to analyze the project and identify projects that would extend the building life and/or reduce energy consumption sufficiently to justify the investment.

Two major projects were identified as critical to preserving the buildings for another 30 years. Those were a total roof replacement and complete removal and replacement of all kitchen cabinets, countertops and sinks. Energy efficient upgrades included installation of 95% efficient furnaces, Energy Star rated water heaters and appliances, low flow toilets, faucets and shower heads and a total lighting retrofit. Additional measures to seal up the building envelope such as window replacement and attic insulation were employed to ensure that future energy dollars are not wasted.

[Photo 2: Tony Ramirez, congratulating Lisa Drayton]
Tony Ramirez, HUD Reno Field Office Director, congratulating Lisa Drayton, Project Manager, on the green, energy saving, retro fit of Yerington Manor.
[Photo 3: Nevada State Assemblyman Tom Grady's wife, Pat, is extending congratulations to Gary Longaker, at podium]
Nevada State Assemblyman Tom Grady's wife, Pat, is extending congratulations to Gary Longaker, Executive Director of the Nevada Rural Housing Authority at the completion of Yerington Manor's retrofit project.

NRHA staff applied for the funding and worked closely with Green Retrofit Project Administrators to adhere to program guidelines. Property management staff was critical in assisting residents through the remodel.  Assistance was provided to help tenants pack up and store kitchen essential and a meals program was initiated to ensure that tenants were delivered hot meals during their kitchen rehabs.


Content Archived: October 21, 2013