Strategic Planning Workshop

On October 30, 2014 Phyllis Hargrove from the Las Vegas HUD Field Office conducted a Strategic Planning Workshop in the City of North Las Vegas. The workshop brought together 40 people from different non-profit organizations to help them better understand how they can work together to better the community.

The workshop was a partnership with the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) Nevada Partners and City of North Las Vegas. The City of North Las Vegas is the Las Vegas Field Office Community Assessment City. UNLV professor Dr. Tara Raines gave in depth instructions on how to use logic models. Logic models help non-profits prepare their programs and grants.

The participants formed groups to develop sample strategic plans with the hands-on assistance from Dr. Raines and Ms. Hargrove. The workshop helped to build the capacity of non-profits that are located in and or perform work within the City of North Las Vegas. At the end of the four hour workshop each group presented their strategic plan.

Nevada Partners is a North Las Vegas non profit. They hosted the event and will use the information gained to help in the formation of the My Brother's Keeper Initiative Action Plan. Three of the participants traveled to North Las Vegas from Pahrump, a small community more than 60 miles away, to attend the workshop.

Ms. Hargrove has been asked to perform a similar workshop in Pahrump. The Pahrump Strategic Planning Workshop is scheduled for December 2014.

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Content Archived: August 20, 2016