Christmas Smiles

[Photo: Michael Thrower, CEO and founder of Community Connections]
Michael Thrower, CEO and founder of Community Connections.

The Las Vegas Field Office helped another nonprofit bring smiles to the faces of families of incarcerated parents. Phyllis Hargrove, HUD Sr. Management Analysis connected Michael Thrower founder and CEO of Community Connect, Inc., with the Hispanic and American Partnership Initiative and Arizona Charlie's Casino who helped to sponsor and host an Angel Tree Christmas event on December 18th, 2014. Community Connect is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit mentoring and family unification organization that has been mentoring offenders and their families since 2011.

Community Connect works with at-risk youth and their parent(s) who are or have been incarcerated. The group provides life skills training, community service opportunities, encourages education, assist families through one-on-one and group mentoring.

The nonprofit organization works with community businesses to assist ex-offenders with finding jobs, giving back to the community and to successfully re-enter society without re-offend. They also, conduct community-focused activities that includes; community beautification, recreational activities, educational workshops, and life recycling programs (reentry assistance programs).

The Angel Tree Prison Fellowship program provides the families in need during the Christmas season and Community Connect, Inc. provides the gifts for the families and loved ones of an inmate complete with a personal message from the incarcerated parent. The parent receives a picture of the gift presentation and a request to build an ongoing relationship. Michael Thrower is also a Chaplain for Messages of Faith Ministry and works throughout the year to provide spiritual guidance to the parents and their families, in hopes of a brighter future.

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Content Archived: August 20, 2016