Las Vegas Field Office Celebrates Black History Month

The Las Vegas HUD office staff and invited guests celebrated Black History Month on February 25, 2015 with a luncheon. There was a presentation from Dr. Robert L Green, noted Dean and Professor Emeritus Michigan State University.

[Photo 1: Dr. Green speaking at table with his arms raised]
Dr. Green speaking

He is also the Las Vegas Chairman for the Presidential Initiative My Brother's Keeper (MBK). Dr. Green spoke about the activities of the My Brother's Keeper Initiative in the Las Vegas area.

Dr. Green leads a group of over 25 nonprofit organizations that work together to assist young men of color succeed in every aspect of life from education to employment.

[Photo 2: Brian Sagert, Las Vegas Field Office Director and Dr. Robert L. Green standing]
Brian Sagert, Las Vegas Field Office Director and Dr. Robert L. Green

A major accomplishment of the Las Vegas MBK program is the production of a short film called "Two Roads" that deals with the responsibilities of men of color to vote and serving on juries. The film executive producers were Carmen H. Miller, COO of Studio 11 Films, Dr. Tiffany Tyler and Monica Ford of Nevada Partners who work with Dr. Green on the My Brother's Keeper Initiative.

[Photo 3: Dr. Robert L. Green (left) walking wiht Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (center) various FBI agents, all wearing trench coats and hats]
Dr. Robert L. Green (left) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (center) various FBI agents

Dr. Green shared pictures and information on his time working with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the Education Director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

He and his wife Lettie shared intimate stories of their family trips with the King family as well as the dangers they faced marching for voting rights in Selma Alabama and other parts of the south during the 1960's.

[Photo 4: Group posing with Dr. Green]
Front Row Left to Right: Dr. Robert L. Green; Shareece Bates, Representative for Congressman Hardy; Kristine Douglas, HUD Single Family Division; David Ewing, Retired HUD Multifamily Division; Brian Sagert, Field Office Director, Field Policy and Management (FPM) Division; Back Row Left to Right Andrew Lingenfelter, Regional Representative for Senator Heller; Robbie Bradford, Administrative Division; Mary Cain, Multifamily Division; Nancy McCloskey, Fair Housing Equal Opportunity Division; Phyllis Hargrove, FPM. Not pictured but present Asha Jones - Regional Representative for Senator Reid Hunter Cain - District Representative Congresswoman Titus

Dr. Green is a nationally known scholar, author and educator. He has received numerous awards including the Living Legends award from the National Alliance of Black School Educators. Dr. Green has authored several books and national articles and is currently working on his autobiography.


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