Community Food Bank Building
of Clark County

Dedication Ceremony

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 20, 2003

March 20, 2003 was a big day in Southern Nevada, as it was on that date Clark County and the larger community came together to officially dedicate the new 50,000 square foot warehouse for the Community Food Bank of Clark County. This facility cost $3.1 million. Clark County provided $400,000 in General Fund monies to pay for the real estate options on the structure and $2.7 million in HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds was used to pay for the facility once it was completed.

[Photo 1: Ribbon Cutting]


Left: Mr. Roy Porter - Las Vegas HUD Senior Community Development Representative
Center: Ms. Bessie Braggs, Executive Director for the Community Food Bank of Clark County
Right: Commissioner Yvonne Atkinson Gates from Clark County.

This new facility is located on Pecos Road and East Craig Road, almost adjacent to Interstate 15 and the Craig Road exit. The tilt-up concrete structure is located in an industrial zoned area and consists of 3,500 square feet of office and the balance is rack and warehouse space. The building has eight loading docks for big trucks and two drive in ramps for other non-profit agencies to pick up the food.

[Photo 2:  Food Bank Exterior]

Food Bank Exterior

[Photo 3:  Warehouse]


Mr. Douglas R. Bell, Manager, Community Resources Management, Clark County stated he appreciates HUD�s approval of the five year Community Development Block Grant Capital Improvement Plan and the financing approach by Ms. Jade Banks, HUD Davis-Bacon Officer, who helped made this wonderful project possible.

Clark County is extremely grateful for the Community Development Block Grant program, authorized and appropriated by the United States Congress and administered by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To commemorate the positive federal/local partnerships, Clark County has installed a plaque on the building entrance that notifies visitors: �THIS COMMUNITY FOOD BANK BUILDING WAS FUNDED BY THE CLARK COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS USING COUNTY GENERAL FUNDS AND FEDERAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT FUNDS FROM HUD."

[Photo 4:  Plaque]


The Community Development Block Grant program is an anti-poverty program designed to improve the living conditions of low and moderate income people. Developing this Community Food Bank warehouse is definitely in line with this mission, as feeding people is critical if we are to help them achieve their full potential. Commissioner Gates put this succinctly at the dedication when she said: �Providing food to hungry people is the first step in any anti-poverty program. Hungry children do not do well in school. They get sick more often, and generally are focused on survival instead of higher-level pursuits. Feeding people first is thus good public policy and creates the possibility of success for all other initiatives.�

Food banks are �win-win� arrangements that represent a positive partnership between the private and the nonprofit sectors. In making a donation of food or surplus items, the private sector donor can get a tax write-off and the nonprofit food bank receives the donated items. The food bank in turn temporarily stores and then sells the donated food at cents on the dollar to another nonprofit agency that directly provides the food to the hungry. The food bank uses these proceeds to cover their costs of operation (utilities, maintenance, staff costs, etc.) The larger society benefits as the hungry get fed and our landfills are not prematurely filled with cans of surplus food that still have nutritional value.

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