Exploring Solutions to Homelessness in New York

The Interagency Council on Homelessness (www.ich.gov) (ICH) held a technical assistance conference in Syracuse, NY on July 14, 2005 at the Sheraton Syracuse University. New York State's Office of Temporary Disability Assistance (OTDA), a lead agency in the state's interagency taskforce for people with special needs, had an important role in this all day conference that included over 170 participants from 20 New York Counties. Network 2, VA Healthcare Network Upstate New York and the partnership of Federal Region II ICH members - HUD, the Veterans Administration (VA), Health and Human Services (HHS), the Social Security Administration (SSA), and the Department of Labor (DOL) hosted the event.

The participants heard the conference keynote speaker Pete Dougherty talk about the VA's role in ICH and the need to include veterans in the 10-years plans developed around the country. Representatives participated in workshops on relevant topics including:

  • Exploring Supportive Housing Models
  • Focus on Continuum of Care
  • The 10-Year Planning Process
  • Working with Special Populations
  • Incarcerated Veterans Program

Participants also heard presentations on Maximizing Available Federal and State Resources, Housing the Chronically Homeless and the Consumers' Perspective a special presentation from a panel of formerly homeless veterans.

Exhibits from over 20 public and private organizations offered participants information on additional programs and funding opportunities.

Many who attended left with greater knowledge of the existing federal and state homeless and mainstream programs and ready access to a regional mechanism for sharing information, concerns and resources that will support community efforts to end chronic homelessness within the next ten years.

Content Archived: March 7, 2011