HUD Buffalo Staff Cares

[Photo: Buffalo Field Office Volunteers]
Buffalo Field Office Volunteers

On Wednesday, August 21, the Buffalo Field Office staff joined with The United Way in volunteering for Buffalo's Day of Caring. The Day of Caring is organized annually by The United Way of Buffalo and Erie County to provide non-profit organizations with needed resources and manpower to work on projects and services that would otherwise cost them millions of dollars to complete. This year was the twenty-first annual Day of Caring, and the Buffalo HUD Office has participated consistently with The United Way since the beginning.

The Buffalo staff was assigned to the non-profit day care center run by Westside Neighborhood Housing Services, and, boy, did they work hard. Their mission was to get rid of an entire playground that was old, rusty, and out-of-date. It was a huge one day task, but their mettle, grit and determination were on display for everyone to see. They removed an entire playground - the first step in clearing the way for a newer, safer playground. The old playground was built to last, but was unsafe for the children. Many hands make light work, and before the Buffalo staff knew it, the equipment, including a carousel, benches, surrounding timbers and concrete posts were hauled away to the curb. The entire crew was proud of their accomplishment and knew for certain that the daycare center was thrilled. The Buffalo volunteers included: Lisa Mrzygut, Andrea Mujahid-Moore, Claudette Holinaty, Joan Spilman, Wayne Willard, Bridget Martin, Jill Smolen, Doug Glichowski, Ken Rozler, Chevelle McCray, and HUD retiree Wayne Dubrawsky.


Content Archived: November 25, 2014