Regional Administrator Patton Visits Shinnecock Nation Pow Wow on Long Island

[A Shinnecock Tribe Member in traditional attire.]
A Shinnecock Tribe Member in traditional attire.

Regional Administrator Lynne Patton Took Part in the 71st Annual Shinnecock Nation Powwow on Long Island. The Shinnecock Tribe was federally recognized in 2010, bringing the total number of recognized tribes to 585 nationwide. The tribal name means alludes to their location on the eastern edge of Long Island, meaning The People of the Stony Shore. Thousands of visitors participate in the Pow Wow and the money earned that week helps sustain the tribe of 1400 members throughout the year. The reservation includes a tribal community center, church, health and dental center, family preservation and Indian education center, museum, and playgrounds. Federal recognition qualifies the Shinnecock Tribe for annual funding under HUD's Indian Housing Block Grant Program, most recently receiving a $230,000 grant in February 2013. The funding will help construct and maintain affordable housing for eligible households of the tribe. Learn more about HUD's work with tribal entities by visiting our Office of Native American Programs.


Content Archived: January 11, 2019