[Dunkirk Grantee]
Dunkirk Grantee

[Dunkirk Paving - Water Line]
Dunkirk Paving - Water Line

[Elegant Edibles - Before]
Elegant Edibles - Before

[Elegant Edibles - After]
Elegant Edibles - After

HUD Region II Regional Administrator Lynne Patton was invited by Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23) to tour Chautauqua County Community Development Block Grant Program grantees in Jamestown and Dunkirk. They were joined by Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello, Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi, Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas, and their respective community development staff.

The group visited multiple locations to see how HUD's Community Development Block Grant funding had improved the County's infrastructure but came away witnessing how CDBG funding changed resident's lives.

In Jamestown, 18-year old family-owned business Elegant Edibles received $20,000 to improve its location's façade on a house in dire need of updating. Owner Vicky McGraw, who couldn't pay for the renovations on her own, shed tears while she expressed her gratitude. The new façade not only improved customer experience; her charming storefront has become a landmark in the community.

Spring Street in the City of Jamestown is starting to turn a corner from deteriorated to the pride of the neighborhood. The CDBG program provided a local homeowner half of the cost of replacing the home's siding, enhancing the exterior. The assistance is only the start of a City initiative that includes curb and sidewalk repair to restore it to the elegant street it once was.

In Dunkirk, $147,300 in CDBG funding went towards repairing water lines and paving of Hoyt Street; and $3000 made a Mother of two's dream come true. Charlene Wilson was able to buy her dream home through the First Time Homebuyer Program, that screened her and provided money for her down payment.

The tour ended with a press conference at City Hall and a roundtable with housing and community development stakeholders to solidify ties in Chautauqua County and the commitment to continue to work together to benefit Western New Yorkers.

Also on the tour were Jamestown Director of Development Vince DeJoy; Dunkirk Director of Planning and Development Rebecca Yanus; Rep. Reed District Director Alison Hunt; Rep Reed Regional Director Jaqueline Chairot; and Rep Reed Representative Molly Safreed. HUD staff on the tour included HUD Region II Deputy Regional Administrator Stephen Murphy; HUD Buffalo Acting Field Office Director James Brylinski; HUD Senior Management Analyst Jake Dale; HUD Buffalo CPD Director Bill O'Connell; HUD Senior CPD Representative Alex Vilardo; and HUD CPD Buffalo Program Manager Kenneth Naples.


Content Archived: January 22, 2020