Region II OGC staff recognized for their work in turning an FHA liability into a community asset in Buffalo, New York

[Orchard Park Nursing Home, NY]
Orchard Park Nursing Home, NY

An 80-bed nursing home facility in Buffalo, New York, was in danger of foreclosure and an FHA insurance claim was reopened as a COVID-19 treatment facility. Thanks to OGC's quick and adept handling of this matter with the Office of Residential Care Facilities, the reopening of the facility will bring much-needed hospital beds to New York state while avoiding impact on the FHA fund. The facility reopened Tuesday, April 14, and is accepting patients.

HUD's General Counsel, J. Paul Compton, Jr., recognized Chris Trovato, Associate Regional Counsel in New York City, and Jim Brylinski, Chief Counsel in Buffalo, New York, for their work in bringing this complex process to completion. Thanks to Chris and Jim and the efforts of their staff, the State of New York has additional bed space to fight the pandemic and the Department's interests remain secure. This is a fantastic win-win scenario, and it underscores how our attorneys continue to deliver for the Department and the nation in times of need.


Content Archived: January 1, 2022