A Beacon of Hope for East Harlem

[Ann Marie Vazquez Assisting East Harlem Residents at Boriken Health Center]
Ann Marie Vazquez Assisting East Harlem Residents at Boriken Health Center

East Harlem, New York - Ann Marie Vazquez grew up at Taino Towers, home of HUD's first Bilingual EnVision Center, a HUD multifamily housing property located at the heart of East Harlem, New York. The Taino Towers EnVision Center located in the joint-epicenter of the pandemic has teamed up with a multitude of community partners to tackle COVID-19.

Throughout her life, Ann Marie's family has received assistance through Section 8 and HUD's public housing program. Despite previously leaving her community to take on other career pursuits, Ann Marie's upbringing has drawn her back to serve her community. The East Harlem community is a part of her, and she wants to be an agent of positive change.

During the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ann Marie has been a beacon of hope for East Harlem. She resides at AK Houses, a HUD multifamily housing property, and serves as the Tenant Association President. Ann Marie has been collaborating with elected officials, organizations, building management, and other tenant associations to get resources such as meals, masks, and hand sanitizers for residents.

Ann Marie's call to serve doesn't just extend to her own apartment community. She lives and breathes a sense of East Harlem pride by working as a marketing outreach coordinator at the Boriken Neighborhood Health Center, a Taino Towers EnVision Center partner. In her position, she reaches out to patients, staff, organizations, schools, elected officials, community leaders, and members to provide them information regarding available telehealth resources for the pandemic. She is also currently putting together instructional videos on reducing stress and anxiety during these times for patients, staff, and the community at large. She has been doing all of this while homeschooling her children and adapting to the new normal.

Thank you, Ann Marie!


Content Archived: January 31, 2022