Let it Rain!

HUD Funds for Sturdy Homes

When it comes to tropical storms and hurricanes, Puerto Ricans are ready. With sturdy spirit, and plenty of experience, they know what to do before and after a storm. And for a large percentage of the low income population there is a lot to do after, because their homes are not storm resistant.

Side-by-side comparison of the Rodriguez's wooden home before demolition and the modern concrete structure after construction to make the home storm-resistant

This is why when Puerto Rico's Housing Finance Authority decided to use HOME funds to build concrete homes with modern designs, the idea was welcome. Six homes have been built in different areas of the island. The Quintana and the Rodriguez families are some of the beneficiaries ready for this upcoming hurricane season.

Fernando Quintana, his wife and two teenage kids live in Guánica in their brand new 3 bed, one bath home at a cost of $74,175, including demolition and new construction. Gladys Rodriguez, along with her son, his wife and their three kids, also recently replaced their wooden repair-intensive cottage.

Instead they got the occupancy permit and keys to their strong four bed one bath home in Salinas. The cost was $94,085 (all HOME funds.) Right on time for the beginning of Caribbean storm season.


Content Archived: August 24, 2016