From HUD San Juan team to stakeholders: Tips for Healthy Homes and Awareness on Lead Hazards

[From HUD San Juan team to stakeholders: Tips for Healthy Homes and Awareness on Lead Hazards]

[National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 2020]
National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 2020, October 25-31, 2020

In San Juan, HUD's Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes (OLHCHH) and Field Policy and Management (FPM) teams worked in partnership with local organizations to bring awareness to the public on how to protect children and their families from health and safety hazards in the home.

A series of events took place during 2020, including National Asthma Awareness Month, in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Department of Health and their Asthma Program. On May 21st, HUD's presentation was focused on the efforts to prevent and control asthma, available funding, and developing partnerships. The Puerto Rico Department of Health presented their latest statistical data of asthma in Puerto Rico and factors that exacerbates it. The University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez Campus (Extension Services Program) presented on the best methods to protect, clean, and disinfect for these patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference was held in Spanish using the Microsoft Teams platform with an estimated 65 attendees from public housing agencies, residents, and local health workers.

To celebrate the National Healthy Homes Month, a combined event took place on July 17. The "Eight Principles of a Healthy Home” was the main topic, emphasizing those principles specifically important in Puerto Rico's tropical climate. The Environmental protection Agency (EPA presented on lead hazards and the Puerto Rico Department of Health presented on their Asthma Program that has at-home visits component for patients. The event was entirely held in Spanish with the attendance of 91 participants.

At the end of October the turn was for National Lead Poisoning Awareness Week. Two virtual events were held in Spanish on October 27 and 29. Invited panelists included the Center for Disease Control, EPA, Puerto Rico Department of Health, and the Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration. The events were possible with the cross-program collaboration of all HUD programs, including Public and Indian Housing and Multifamily Housing. For information on future activities related to healthy homes in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands contact Magaly Mendez (

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