"Hollywood Stars" Appear in South Carolina

William Dudley Gregorie, HUD Columbia Field Office Director, rolled up his sleeves in support of National Homeownership Month by participating in "Building Dreams Work Day" in Hollywood, South Carolina, on June 18, 2002. The first USDA Rural Development Mutual Self-Help homes approved in SC began at Hollywood Manor Subdivision on Raven Road. Federal, state and county government employees, as well as United Methodist Relief Center representatives, were there to help with construction of homes for the self-proclaimed "Hollywood Stars" - six low-income single mothers and their families.

The first participants would not be able to own a home due to the high cost of housing in the tri-county area if not for this self-help housing program and the partnership efforts of all the agencies involved. They have an intense desire to provide a safe, clean home for their children, and these mothers are playing a major role in the construction of their new homes with supervision and assistance from the Mt. Pleasant-based United Methodist Relief Center.

These families are achieving the American dream of homeownership through their initiative and the collaborative efforts of many sources. USDA Rural Development awarded a $250,000 self-help housing technical assistance grant to United Methodist Relief Center to operate the program. The participants provide a substantial portion of the labor involved in building their own homes. This "sweat Equity" contribution reduces the total cost of purchasing a home. USDA Rural Development housing loans and partnership grant funding provided through the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority, and Charleston County Grants Administration, all work together to finance the cost of these homes.

[Photo 1:  "Building Dreams Work Day" project in Hollywood, South Carolina]
William Dudley Gregorie, HUD Columbia Field Office Director, shaking hands with Charlie Sparks (wearing cap), State Director, Rural Development USDA. Rural Development Staff also shown.
[Photo 2:  William Dudley Gregorie  and Charlie Sparks]
HUD and Rural Development building together - William Dudley Gregorie and Charlie Sparks.


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