South Carolina SAHMA Conference - Theme: PEACE (Preserving, Excellent, Affordable, Communities, Everywhere)

Larry Knightner, Director, Columbia Field Office

The Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association (SAHMA) recently held its annual state meeting in Columbia, South Carolina. More than 450 state members attended the event, which offered participants a host of educational and networking opportunities and provided a forum for recognizing outstanding achievements in the fields of management and maintenance. Staff from HUD’s South Carolina Multifamily Program Center, South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority, and Rural Housing Development participated in the event.

Larry Knightner, Director, Columbia Field Office, welcomed participants and commended SAHMA members, the HUD Multifamily Housing Division, and the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority (Contract Administrator) for their outstanding contributions in helping the Department provide clean, safe and affordable housing for all Americans. Following the welcome, Mattie and the Choicettes, performed a 60’s/70’s skit. They took songs from that time period and changed the lyrics to match subjects on the agenda.  SAHMA was in the tune of YMCA and lyrics of ABC by the Jackson Five were changed to EIV.  Everyone was dressed in tie dye, black power, or hippie type costumes.  The opening session concluded with a panel consisting of regulatory agencies, contract administrators and management agents.

Mattie and the Choicette

The awards luncheon provides an opportunity for SAHMA to recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrated professional excellence in 2011. More than 150 property managers received certificates recognizing their properties’ outstanding performance in 2011. The property managers whose properties received above average were also recognized.


The 2011 Drug Free Poster Contest Winners by category (grade) were as follows:

  • K-3, Najee Clark, (1st), Woodstream Apartments, Greenville, SC,  Mary Jean Johnson, Contest Coordinator
  • 2-3, Vonnu Elias, (3rd), Ashley Oaks,  Charleston, SC, Nick Geary, Contest Coordinator 
  • 4-6, Shydeja Young, ( 6th)Crescent Hill Apartments, Spartanburg, SC, Denise Tepley, Contest Coordinator
  • 7-9, Tina Kelly, (7th), Crescent Hill Apartments, Spartanburg, SC, Denise Tepley, Contest Coordinator
  • 10-12, Danielle Griffin, (10th)  Crestwood Forest Apartments, Greenville, SC, Melissa Evans, Contest Coordinator
  • Elderly/Disabled or Special Needs, Charles Busha, Towers East Apartments, Greenville, SC, Angela Satterfield, Contest Coordinator

Tina Kelly, Overall Winner

Charles Busha, Elderly/Disabled

Several of the management companies partnered together to donate a laptop computer to Tina Kelly, the Overall Winner of the contest. She also received an award of $300.00; all other winners received $100.00. Eleven management companies submitted drug free posters from their properties in South Carolina for an overall total of 186 posters.

Educational opportunities included breakout sessions in Enterprise Income Verification (EIV), Neighborhood Networks, and Maintenance for Managers, Tax Credit, R-410A Refrigerant Certification, Property Enhancement Rural Development, Contract Renewal/RCS, Tenant Landlord Law, Management Occupancy Reviews (MOR), Bed Bugs, Drugs and Gangs, and Disabilities File Review. 

The meeting featured a trade show with a host of vendors and suppliers ready to solve maintenance and management challenges. Keynote Speaker Greg Bennick awed the group juggling small rocks and a sword while eating an apple. His talked about risk taking, interacting with other people, and communication. The event concluded with a Regulatory Q&A session with representatives from Rural Development, State Housing Finance and Development Authority, and HUD, closing remarks and door prizes.


Content Archived: December 4, 2013