South Carolina ENERGY STAR ®
Change a Light, Change the World Campaign

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford presented HUD with a proclamation designating October as Energy Awareness Month.

Columbia Mayor Robert Coble, along with other city officials joined HUD in highlighting the energy saving and quality construction of an affordable home in Columbia. A proclamation was also presented to HUD, designating October 4, 2006 as EnergyStar Change a Light Day. Many partners will be on hand to promote awareness of energy conservation.

What can everyone do to partner with us?
Switching to more efficient lighting is an easy and significant step every one of us can take today to save both money and energy, while helping to prevent greenhouse gas emissions. ENERGY STAR ® qualified light bulbs and fixtures use two-thirds less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to ten times longer. If every household in South Carolina changed just one light to an ENERGY STAR ® qualified one, the combined individual actions would prevent 134 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and save enough energy to light all the households in Columbia for 1,200 days (3.3 years).

What can mayors/cities do to partner with us?

  1. Pledge to change at least one incandescent light bulb to a compact fluorescent bulb in a city building between October 4, 2006, and September 30, 2007. You can take the pledge on line at
  2. Issue a proclamation designating October Change a Light, Change the World Month in your city.
  3. Incorporate Energy Star ® rated materials into your HUD-assisted projects (rehabilitation or new construction, single family homes, rental units, homeless facilities, et cetera).
  4. Promote the energy awareness campaign to city staff, sub-recipients, and partners. Encourage them to take the pledge and to change a light.

For more information, please contact William D. Gregorie, Field Office Director, at (803) 253-3878.

Content Archived: July 6, 2011