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Fair Housing Month 2006

[Photo: Fair housing class]

The 38th annual Fair Housing Month celebration takes place during the month of April. This years theme is: "Fair Housing: It's Not An Option, It's the Law." To celebrate and bring awareness to Fair Housing issues, free informative Fair Housing workshops will be held in Watertown and Sioux Falls during the month of April. The workshops are for tenants, users of housing services, non-profit organizations and housing providers. The workshops are free but registration is required.

The Fair Housing of the Dakotas (formerly the North Dakota Fair Housing Council) is a non-profit organization serving North and South Dakota. The Fair Housing of the Dakotas (FHD) was originally founded in 1995 as the North Dakota Fair Housing Council to serve the State of North Dakota. In 2003 FHD applied for and was awarded additional HUD funding to serve the eastern half of South Dakota. In 2004 FHD expanded their services in South Dakota to include the whole state.

FHD works to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunities for all. The FHD provides assistance to individuals pursuing legal rights and remedies related to fair housing, offers housing assistance and counseling, provides community education, promotes community involvement and performs research in the area of housing.

Housing discrimination can come in a variety of forms. What are a few of the signs that there may be discrimination?

  • The rent or deposit cited is higher than advertised.
  • The manager says the unit has already been rented but the sign or ad is still posted.
  • Rules are enforced or repairs are performed for some tenants and not others.
  • Limiting the number of children in a complex or confining them to a specific location or floor.
  • Charging a higher deposit to people of different national origins.
  • Refusing to rent to a person using a wheelchair for fear a unit might be damaged.

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