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From Homeless to Homeowner in Rural South Dakota

Clint has had a challenging life, but with hard work and a little help, he has become a homeowner and a productive community member.  Life hasn't been easy for Clint.  Drugs, alcohol and an unstable home life found him on the streets and homeless at a young age.  After several years of homelessness he ended up in Mobridge, South Dakota.  There he applied for and received rental assistance and enrolled in the Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) at the Mobridge Housing Authority.

Housing authority staff worked with Clint, and through job training and education taught him how to become financially independent.  Over the course of two years he went from being homeless, reserved, cynical and untrusting to a person who believes in himself, and has a positive outlook on life.  After two years in the FSS Program Clint moved to a smaller community in South Dakota and has become an active member of the community.  He is working on his Emergency Medical Technician certification and has hopes of becoming a police officer.

Recently, Clint bought his first home, he's now a homeowner.  He was so excited that he called the Housing Authority FSS coordinator at home.  "Now nobody can make me move."  What an achievement for someone who spent so much of his life homeless and on the streets!

Content Archived: April 5, 2011

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