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Apartments in Hot Springs, South Dakota Renovated With Help From Recovery Act

Louise Helm in her new apartment.

When Louise Helm retired from the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Hot Springs, SD, her rented home and its yard awaited her. For a number of years she handled it all very well. But, when medical problems started becoming more noticeable and frequent, Louise knew she couldn't keep up with home maintenance and accepted the offer for a one bedroom apartment through the Hot Springs Housing Authority.

Hot Springs Housing Authority utilized $132,000 of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding to totally remodel six apartments - five one bedroom and one two bedroom unit. The apartments were stripped and remodeled making the units handicap accessibility.

When Louise heard about the large renovation project and the handicap accessibility modifications, she started thinking about the future and her growing medical issues.

"My health problems will lead to more and more challenges for me, such as reaching up to higher shelves and room to move about when I'm cooking, something I absolutely love to do," Louise said. The studio apartment just across the hall from her was one of the units chosen to be modified and Louise checked each day on the progress of the work. And she quickly saw that the kitchen would have more counter space which would keep items of daily use more convenient, as well as giving her more open space in which to maneuver.

"And there's less to take care of," Louise responded when asked about some of the reasons why she asked to transfer from a larger unit to the modified studio apartment. "This is a real positive for me; I don't have to worry now about moving when the day comes that I can't take care of a bigger home. And I can make my own plans for where I spend my time, with friends in the Lobby downstairs or right here watching the world from up here in my own home."


Content Archived: October 16, 2013

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