Northwest HUD Lines
April 2016

HUD e-Briefs from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington

Leland Jones, Editor

"Shared opportunity in every community."

Advancing religious liberty
HUD as well as a number of other Federal agencies including HHS & the VA, USDA & the Justice Department, the Departments of Labor & of Commerce, have issued a Final Rule with new religious liberty protections for beneficiaries of their programs & activities while insuring that faith-based providers can compete for government funds on the same basis as any other private organization. "As HUD seeks to help build ladders of opportunity for all Americans," said HUD Secretary Castro, "these new protections benefit both grantees and beneficiaries." It requires, for example, that all decisions about Federal financial assistance be based solely on merit, "without regard to an organization's religious character, affiliation or lack thereof." At the same time, it provides that a beneficiary of a HUD-funded program "cannot be discriminated against based on religion" and " cannot be required to attend or participate in any privately funded religious activities that are offered separate" from the HUD-funded activity. The regulations, says Melissa Rogers of The White House Office of Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships, "build on widespread agreement that we can and should do more to protect the religious liberty of beneficiaries and provide greater clarity and transparency about applicable church-state rules,"

Opening e-doors, crossing a divide in Seattle
Thanks to a partnership between Comcast & HUD's ConnectHome initiative, some 5,800 Seattle Housing Authority households now have the opportunity to "close the digital divide" through Comcast's Internet Essentials service. Residents can now sign-up for the service at a cost of $9.95 per month plus taxes. If they are in need of a computer, Comcast will provide those at a cost of $150. The Secretary said that ConnectHome partnerships in 28 cities are "leveling the playing field for public housing residents across the nation and opening doors to prosperity that otherwise would remain closed." Joined by Comcast's David L. Cohen, the Secretary announced that public housing households in Miami-Dade County, Philadelphia & Nashville would also be eligible for Comcast's Internet Essentials service.

RAD's efforts to generate private investment in public housing reaches milestone
HUD's Rental Assistance Demonstration initiative has passed a huge milestone – generating more than $2 billion in private investment capital to upgrade some 30,000 formerly public housing units. In a typical year the nation loses some 10,000 public housing units because of deterioration, creating a "supply side crisis" in a nation where many cities and towns are experiencing severe shortages of affordable housing. For at least a decade, HUD has told its partners that it will not have sufficient billions of public dollars to address public housing's backlogged and current capital needs. RAD was proposed by HUD and approved by Congress to permit housing authorities to convert some of their HUD-assisted units from the public housing to the project-based voucher funding stream, thereby making them eligible to seek private capital to meet their capital needs. "Crossing the $2 billion mark," said HUD Secretary Castro, "represents the critical need to maintain and expand affordable housing stock to expand opportunity for more Americans seeking a quality and affordable place to live."

HUD has posted fiscal year 2016 income limits on-line. Their effective date was March 28th, 2016.

HUD extends its deadline for public comments on its intent to pursue rulemaking on over-income housieholds living in public housing until April 11th. If you've got views, please don't hesitate to share them!

HUD awards almost $2.7 million to Alaska, $3 million to Idaho, $22.5 million to Oregon & $49 million in Tier 1 Continuum of Care funds to support more than 300 projects serving the homeless with Tier 2 grant awards expected "later this spring". . .In last day of 2016 session, Oregonian reports, state's Legislature passes bills to lift restrictions on use of inclusionary zoning & ban on use of construction fees to finance local affordable housing funds. . .Portland Mayor Charlie Hales urges creation of "homeless navigator" says Oregonian to "help homeless Portlanders find housing". . .Cowlitz, Mason & Thurston counties selected, says KLOG, by Washington Department of Commerce & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for 100-Day Challenge to End Family Homelessness. . .Data provided to Seattle Times by All Home – formerly the Seattle/King County Commission to End Homelessness – shows that "In 2014, about 86 percent of the people who answered that question listed a ZIP code inside King County, and about 6 percent more listed a ZIP code elsewhere in the state". . .HUD's The Edge takes an in-depth look at Innovative Housing Inc.'s transformation of old Erickson Saloon & Fritz Hotel into affordable housing in Portland Oregon's Old Town neighborhood. . .King County Housing Authority converts former 11,000 square-foot "big box" store into big green office space for Authority staff reports Daily Journal of Commerce. . .With some help from HUD's Self-Help Homeownership Program, the San Juan Community Home Trust & Community Frameworks have "set sail," using barges to transport old homes scheduled for demolition in Seattle, Victoria & Vancouver, B.C to expand the affordable housing inventory in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, one of the least affordable markets in Washington State.

Oregon expands uses to which IDA savings put to achieve financial security
In 3015 just under 5,000 Oregonians participated in the Oregon Individual Development Account program under which they develop a savings plan that, once their goal is reached is matched by an average of $3 from revenues generated by an Oregon state tax credit. The savers, traditionally, use their savings to buy a home, obtain an education or to open a small business. The program, says Margaret Van Vliet, executive director of Oregon Housing & Community Services that administers the program through a network of more than a dozen nonprofit organizations, enables low-income Oregonians "to access pathways out of poverty and to build financial security for themselves and their families." Even more pathways are sure to open with her announcement that an additional $9.35 million for the program in 2016.Maybe even better news is that the Legislature has expanded the range of activities to which the savings can be put has been expanded. Participants will now be able to pay down medical or student debt, to prepare for retirement, re-entry or transition out of foster care, even to buy a reliable vehicle to get to and from work or the kids to and from school. . .Washington State Housing Finance Commission okays $5 million loan fund to help Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Spokane & Tacoma build 25 homes each over next 5 years.

The secret to Seattle's success? The neighborhoods we call home.
Ted Clifton of Bellingham, Washington takes his solar seriously. Very seriously. Visit the2700 square-foot "power house" he's built and you won't find any envelopes with utility bills on the kitchen table. That's because, reports Dean Kahn of The Herald, he doesn't get any. His entire two-story house is powered by the sun. And, oh yeah, so are the two cars in his garage. And all at a cost of just about $150 a square-foot or, notes Kahn. "which puts it in the mainstream of residential construction costs." Net zero works just fine, Clifton adds. ""You don't have to give up all your luxury items to have a super-efficient energy house,"

There's a very good chance you've never heard of Alatna, Alaska, a village of 12 homes and 35 people on the north bank of the Koyukuk River about 190 miles northwest of Fairbanks. Northwest HUDLines hadn't heard of it either until HUD's Alaska Office of Native American Programs advised us that it had approved a February 2016 request from the Village for a $450,000 "imminent threat grant under HUD's Indian Community Development Block Grant program. A year earlier fire had swept through the heart of the community, badly damaging a building that included a laundromat, multi-purpose room and a water treatment system, the only source of potable water for residents. In the days that followed, residents could cross over the still-frozen Koyukuk to get water in the village of Allakaket 5 miles away, but it was clear that, come the spring ice break-up, the crossing would soon be too dangerous and the residents cut-off from potable water. Fortunately, Governor Bill Walker declared an emergency, freeing up funds to allow for a temporary repair of the treatment system. HUD's "imminent threat grant" combined with $850,000 from the state Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management will allow for a permanent fix, restoring the center and, in particular, the treatment system to good working order. It's a smart investment of $1.3 million. Sure, Alatna is small, very small. But the area has been settled for centuries, the place that generations of Athabascan, Kobuk, Selawik and Nunamiut people have had the privilege and pleasure to call home. With these modest public investments, hopefully generations future will have the same.

Can the new & the not-so-new get along?
KUOW's Kara McDermott & Jeanine Yandel recently paid a visit to a couple in Shoreline, Washington that invited 16 homeless people to pitch their tents in their back yard. "There are still a lot of good people around, you just have to get to know them to find out who they are," he said. "There's a lot of times where I go, man, the world stinks. It's not worth it anymore. And then something comes along like this and changes the whole outlook for me." It's worth a listen

Washington State Housing Finance okays $106 million in financing to produce or preserve 642 affordable housing units in Arlington, Auburn, Bellingham, Cashmere, Ellensburg, Leavenworth, Lynnwood, Seattle & Selah. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services Margaret Van Vliet says 2016 session of Oregon Legislature offered "plenty of news" for agency & affordable housing. . .Vancouver, Washington City Council directs City Manager to "set in motion" putting a property tax levy before voters to raise $8.4 million a year to address "growing problem: with housing instability and homelessness" as, The Columbian adds, cities of Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey &Tacoma consider doing the same. . .KID Radio says Pocatello, Idaho housing authority taking "fresh look" at 10-year strategy with a focus on helping residents "take next step" to "success". . .Fair Housing Council of Oregon now accepting registrations for June 24th Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST workshop in Portland. . .Lummi Nation Housing Authority near Bellingham, Washington one of 117 housing authorities nationwide to win $32 million in HUD Resident Opportunity & Self-sufficiency Service Coordinator grants. . .Halfway through its first year, City of Redmond & University of Oregon's Sustainable Cities Partnership tells Bend Bulletin it's "thinking outside the box" with 6 projects already well underway. . Seattle Times story on how developers are using "innovative strategies to deliver affordable housing" features 4 FHA-insured developments. . .Maybe surprising, but certainly true that, just like big metro areas, smaller ones like Douglas County, Oregon are facing affordable housing crises reports News Review Today. . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau publishes final interim rule to take effect March 31st to broaden Qualified Mortgage coverage by small lenders in rural//underserved areas. . .Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman proposes "temporary" rules change, reports Oregonian, to cut the time spent by the city to review" city-funded affordable housing project designs "while also trimming costs for those reviews. . .To the surprise of some, KUOW-FM discovers that, when all is said & done, it appears older bungalows & newer "big box" houses can co-exist in established Seattle neighborhoods.

The USDA state office in Oregon has advised us that interest rates on a number of their loan programs are "are the lowest they have been in three decades." Applications filed between April 1st & June 30th, 2016 for Water & Waste System Loans are running between 1.75 to 2.875 percent while rates for the Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program for health care, public, public safety, utility & education facilities are at 2.875 percent. Public bodies, community-based non-profits & Federally-recognized Tribes are eligible and loan terms can be up to 40 years. For more information, call your state's USDA office.

HUD Choice Neighborhoods funding competition opens
HUD has set a June 28th deadline to apply for $120 million in Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grants. The Department anticipates making four awards at no more than $30 million each. The funds are intended to support "implementation of comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans that. . .replace distressed public and assisted housing with high-quality mixed-income housing that is well-managed and responsive to the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. . .Improve educational outcomes and intergenerational mobility for youth with services and supports delivered directly to youth and their families; and create the conditions necessary for public and private reinvestment in distressed neighborhoods to offer the kinds of amenities and assets, including safety, good schools, and commercial activity, that are important to families & groups." Eligible applicants are public housing authorities, local governments, tribal entities, nonprofits, and for-profit developers that apply jointly with a public entity For more, visit FR-6000-N-34 at

HUD lead hazard & lead paint reduction funding competition opens
HUD has set an April 28th deadline to apply for up to 20 Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grants totaling $43 million (see FR-6000-N-12) and for up to 15 Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grants totaling $45 million (see FR-6000-N-13). The funds are intended to help units of local government create and implement programs to address lead-based paint hazards and make homes lead safe

HUD Family Self Sufficiency funding competition opens
HUD has set an April 20th deadline for eligible public housing authorities to apply for $70 million in Family Self Sufficiency funds. To be eligible, authorities must administer such a program that has fulfilled its minimum service requirement and, due to funding limitations, has received this funding under HUD's fiscal years 2013, 2014 or 2015 Family Self Sufficiency notices of funding availability. HUD anticipates competitively awarding some 700 grants at no more than $69,000 each. A small number of authorities may be permitted to increase from a p0art- to a full-time program. Please note that HUD no longer offers separate Family Self Sufficiency funding competitions for public housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs. For more, see FR-6000-N-04 at

HUD Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency funding competition opens
HUD has set a May 16th deadline for public housing authorities, Tribes & tribally-designated housing entities & non-profits to apply for some $35 million in Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency. HUD expects to competitively award some 110 grants at no more than $738,000 each. The funding is intended to be used to hire Service Coordinators to assess the needs of public and Indian housing residents and link them to supportive services that enable participants to increase earned income, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, and make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing self-sufficiency. In the case of elderly/disabled residents, the Service Coordinator links participants to supportive services which enable them to age/remain in place thereby avoiding more costly forms of care. For more see FR-6000-N-05 at

Reintegrating homeless & incarcerated vets into the workforce
The U.S. Department of Labor has set an April 19th deadline to apply for grants of up to $4.5 million each under the Reentry Demonstration Projects for Young Adults program. The program is seeking projects that that will assist communities to plan and implement re-entry programs to "address the full-range of needs" of young adults between the ages of 18 to 24 who have been involved in the juvenile or adult justice system and reside in high-poverty, high-crime communities. Eligible applicants include non-profit intermediary organizations with a network of affiliate offices in at least three communities in at least two states and Native American organizations that have a presence in at least three communities in three states. Labor expects to award seven grants.

Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Fairbanks, Alaska seeking input from homebuilders & homeowners on kinds of workshops it could offer to help Arctic & sub-Arctic houses more efficient & sustainable. . .Portland selected as one of 7 finalists in U.S. Department of Transportation's $50 million Smart City Challenge to "fund technology-driven proposals that would improve mobility and reduce crashes" says Next City. . .Responding to consultant's criticism, Low Income Housing Institute's Sharon Lee tells Seattle Times its newly-opened homeless encampment in Othello neighborhood of Seattle isn't "dead end, but a way to help vulnerable people get housing, get jobs and develop self-sufficiency". . .Housing Washington issues a "call for topics" for its 2016 conference this fall. . .Based on models in places like Eugene, Oregon & Olympia, Washington, a pastor unveils plans to build Hope Village, a "tiny house" village in Medford, Oregon reports KOBI-TV. . ..U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington "kicking off" national campaign to extend & expand Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Founders of "tiny home" Opportunity Village in Eugene tell Register Guard of plans to open a village in Veneta, Oregon. . .$25 million Freddie Mac bridge loan, says Affordable Housing Finance, makes it possible for Security Properties to acquire & renovate 445-unit Heatherstone affordable housing project in Kennewick, Washington. . .Not exactly something you want to write home about (thought this item suggests you have plenty of time to do so), in 2015 Seattle ranked 6th among major American cities for hours the average driver was stuck in traffic jams – 66 hours a year., reports The Los Angeles Times. . .Olympia, Washington Master Builders & Thurston County Association of REALTORS hold housing summit says The Olympian. . .Contractor who wants to build "tiny houses" for homeless in Clark County, reports The Columbian, faces "big hurdles". . ."Big changes all around" were announced, reports The Advocate, at recent homelessness town hall hosted by City Club of Corvallis, Oregon, including word that City's working on "car camping."

Recyclables in, recycled out
The Washington Department of Ecology reports that Washingtonians have recycled more than one million fluorescent tubes, CFLs, HID lamps and other mercury-containing lights at more than 200 collection sites across the state since the new LightRecycle Washington program launched January 1st, 2015. Not to be outdone, the Department also reports that its E-Cycle Washington program has recycled more than 300 million pounds of electronics including 276 million pounds of TVs & computer monitors which, better still, kept 20 million pounds of toxic lead from making its way into the landfills.

"Affordability" as a synonym for near "impossibility"
In almost every American community, big or small, urban or rural affordable housing is hard to find. It's hardest-to-find, no surprise, for renters with the very lowest household incomes, those at 30 percent or less of an area's median income. Especially, it turns out, if you live in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington State. Nationwide, the National Low Income Housing Coalition recently reported, there are on average 31 affordable rental units on the market for every 100 extremely low income families. At the high end, there are 64 units per 100 in North Dakota and 63 in Vermont and 50 in West Virginia. Nevada's the leader at the low end with just 17 units per 100, followed closely by Alaska with 21 units, Oregon with 22, Idaho with 27 and Washington with 29. All told, the Coalition found, "there are only 3.2 million affordable and available rental units for the 10.4 million ELI renter households."

Seriously solar in Bellingham
"Poor families are stuck. Because they are already at the bottom of the market, they can't get cheaper housing unless they uproot their lives, quit their jobs and leave the city. Those with eviction records are pushed into substandard private housing in high-crime neighborhoods because many landlords and public housing authorities turn them away. When poor families finally find a new place to rent, they often start off owing their landlord because they simply can't pay the first and last month's rent and a security deposit. When tenants are behind, protections designed to keep housing safe and decent dissolve. Tenants in arrears tempt eviction if they report housing problems. It's not that low-income renters don't know their rights. They know that exercising those rights could cost them. So many go on paying most of what they have to live with lead paint, exposed wires and broken plumbing. Saving and stability become wishes, and some days children go hungry because the rent eats first." – "The Eviction Economy," The New York Times, March 5th, 2016, by Matthew Desmond, John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University.

Meagen Limes of Washington, D.C. is a case in point. She's the head of one of those extremely low-income households. At 28 she's already spent lots of years struggling with the shortage of affordable housing, the eviction process, the challenge of making the nut. And, since she's still only 1,000th on the housing authority's waiting list for subsidized housing it looks like she'll be doing it many more. NPR's Pam Fessler spent some time with her as she waited to see if this was the day she'd be evicted – again.

On time & affordable housing
"You can't find a way to stabilize a person who is living on the streets. You can't do anything else for them. So, we meet them where they're at. . .People on the streets don't get better by themselves." -- St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Oregon Terry McDonald at a March 4, 2016, Eugene City Club discussion with Jacob Fox, of Housing & Community Services on solving the puzzle of affordable housing in Lane County,

"The work we do here in Washington, D.C. is often informed by innovations in the field. Each one of us knew Bill (Hobson) not just as an innovator, but as a fearless leader and a giant in the quest to end homelessness. His work and energy to ensure that everyone experiencing homelessness is treated with dignity and that everyone have a safe place to live is the foundation of our work and of the work of all those across the country who have taken up the cause to end homelessness. Housing First – Bill's legacy in Seattle and across the country – is fundamental to our progress. From our perspective, perhaps the most important legacy he leaves us is the positive impact on the lives of all those served by DESC and by programs inspired by Bill's work. Any one of us would be proud to have a legacy such as his. Every one of us will work to make sure his legacy continues to light the way as we pursue ending homelessness." – Excerpted from a March 11, 2016 open letter on the passing of Bill Hobson,former executive director of Seattle's Downtown Emergency Center, signed by numerous colleagues – and friends – at HUD & the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Documents & data drops of interest
HUD & other Federal agencies like USDA, HHS & VA issue Final Rule on Fundamental Principles and Policymaking Criteria for Partnerships with Faith-Based and Other Neighborhood Organizations. . .Idaho Housing & Finance Association posts spring & summer schedule of Finally Home Homebuyer Education classes. . .Federal Reserve Bank's 5th District publishes by-the-numbers look at the nation's not-for-profit sector. . .HUD posts Frequently Asked Questions for HUD's FY 2016-2017 Housing Counseling NOFA. . .FHA issues a revised HUD 92900-A HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application that must be used on mortgages assigned a case number on or after August 1, 2016. . .HUD issues new or upgraded IDIS manuals for HOME Investment Partnership & Housing for People with AIDS/HIV grantees. . .Proud Ground publishes Solving the Affordable Homeownership Gap, a report "that details the critical importance of keeping homeownership affordable in Portland region". . .HUD posts on-line resource guide for LGBT individuals, their families & service providers. . .HUD publishes streamlined rent regulations to "ease regulatory requirements and provide greater flexibility for agencies administering HUD's rental assistance programs". . .FHA issues Mortgage Letter 2016-07 an optional extension when submitting a due and payable request where Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (i.e., "reverse mortgage") borrowers are behind on the payment of their property taxes and/or hazard insurance premium by less than $2,000.

HUD sets April 4th deadline for HUD-approved counseling agencies & State housing finance agencies to apply for $40 million in Comprehensive Housing Counseling grants. . .Meyer Memorial Trust will begin accepting inquiries on April 4th & has set a May 9th application deadline for some $3.5. million in Housing Opportunities, a May 23rd deadline to apply for $5 million in Building Community funds & a June 9th deadline to apply for $2.5 million in Healthy Environment funds. . .Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium sets April 10th to submit applications to succeed Cindy Algeo as its executive director. . .City of Tacoma sets April 10th deadline to volunteer to serve on Sustainable Tacoma Commission. . .HUD sets April 11th deadline to submit comments on proposed rule to revise the exemption for recreational vehicles that are not self-propelled from some HUD regulations. . .USDA Rural Housing Service sets April 12th deadline to submit pre-applications for Section 514 Farm Worker Housing loans & Section 515 Farm Worker Housing Grants to build new or to acquire & substantially rehabilitate off-farm housing. . .HUD sets April 12th deadline for eligible units of government to apply for HOPE VI Main Street Revitalization grant of $500,000. . .Alaska Legal Services Corporation sets April 15th deadline to submit entries to its first-ever Fair Housing Poster Contest for kids K to 8. . .Portland Housing Bureau releases Asset Management Policies & Guidelines to help its "borrowers and sponsors understand their roles and responsibilities as recipients of PHB funding". . .Treasury Department sets April 18th deadline for Community Development Financial Institutions to apply for $153 million in CDFI & $15.5 million in Native American CDFI Assistance funds. . .HUD sets April 18th deadline for eligible owners of HUD-assisted multi-family properties to apply for up to 80 grants totaling $15 million to help test a "promising" supportive services model to help low-income seniors to age in their own homes and delay or avoid nursing home care. . .U.S. Department of Labor sets April 19th to apply for up to 7 grants for $4.5 million each under Reentry Demonstration Projects for Young Adults program. . .HUD sets April 20th deadline to apply for up to 700 Family Self Sufficiency grants of up to $69,000 each. . .Homeland Security sets April 25th deadline to apply for more than $1 billion "to prevent terrorism & other catastrophic events". . .HUD sets April 28th deadline to apply for $88 million in Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration & Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control grants. . .US DOT sets April 29th to apply for a total of $500 million in TIGER discretionary grants. . .HUD sets May 16th deadline to apply for some 110 grants of up to $738,000 each under Resident Opportunities & Self Sufficiency program. . .HUD sets June 28th deadline to apply for an anticipated 4 grants of $30 million each under the HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Program. . .Foraker Group sets July 1st deadline to apply for its 2016 Certificate in Non-Profit Management course.


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Idaho Department of Finance Department & Partners for Prosperity host Idaho Financial Education Summit, April 5th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

2016 Basics of Fair Housing Workshop & Celebration, April 5th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

2016 WEBCAST-Basics of Fair Housing Workshop & Celebration, April 5th, on-line. Visit

2016 Advanced Fair Housing Workshop, April 6th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

2016 WEBCAST – Advanced Fair Housing Workshop, April 6th, on-line. Visit

Pacific Northwest Council of NAHRO hosts Commissionrs' Ethics Workshop, April 7th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Alaska Legal Services Corporation hosts The Fair Housing Act: A Practical Guide to Leasing & Operating Apartment Rentals, April 7th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

HUD Alaska & Alaska Association of Housing Authorities host Uniform Guidance- 2CFR Part 200 "Super Circular" workshop, April 11th & 12th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Northwest Fair Housing Alliance, City of Spokane & Spokane County host Inland Northwest Fair Housing Conference, April 14th, Spokane. Visit

HUD Alaska &Alaska Association of Housing Authorities host Uniform Guidance- 2CFR Part 200 "Super Circular" workshop, April 14th & 15th, Fairbanks, Alaska. Visit

FHA hosts semiannual Multifamily Industry Meeting. To attend the meeting in person in San Francisco, visit. To participate via the Web, visit on the day of the event.

Oregon AHMA hosts Compliance in HOME Properties workshop, April 15th, Salem. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Fair Housing 101 for Nonprofit Transitional & Shelter Housing Providers, April 19th, Seattle. Visit

Intermountain Fair Housing hosts Fair Housing 2016 Workshop, April 18th, Lewiston-Moscow, Idaho. Visit

Oregon Opportunity Network hosts annual Spring Industry Conference, April 19th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

Alaska Legal Services Corporation & NAACP host Basics of Fair Housing Presentation, April 18th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts workshop on Fair Housing 101 for Nonprofit Transitional &

Shelter Housing Providers, April 19th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts annual REAC Prep Refresher & Appraisal workshop, April 19th, Salem. Oregon Visit

Intermountain Fair Housing Council hosts Fair Housing 2016 workshop, April 21st, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Visit

Capitol Hill Housing hosts annual meeting & stakeholder briefing, April 26th, Seattle, Washington. For more, contact

Intermountain Fair Housing Council hosts Fair Housing 2016 workshop, April 26th, Pocatello. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Maintenance Trades workshops, April 27th, Grants Pass. Visit

HUD Alaska & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities hosts Admission & Occupancy Training Workshop, April 26th to 28th, Anchorage. Visit

Community Action hosts regional "from easing poverty to ending it" symposium on, April 27th & 28th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Washington AHMA hosts 2016 Affordable Housing Management Convention, April 26th & 27th, Tri-Cities, Washington. Visit

Alaska Legal Services Corporation hosts Basics of Fair Housing Presentation, April 29th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Alaska Legal Services Corporation hosts Fair Housing Tester Training, April 30th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance hosts annual conference, May 11th & 12th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

International Living Future Institute hosts 2016 Living Future unconference, May 11th to 13th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon Department of Parks & Recreation hosts 2016 Oregon Heritage Conference, May 4th to 7th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

City of Tacoma hosts Amazing Preservation Race, May 14th, Tacoma. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Income, Assets & Deductions, May 17th, La Grande, Oregon. Visit

Business Oregon hosts 2016 Oregon Brownfields Conference, May 16th & 17th, Sunriver, Oregon. Visit

HUD hosts HOME Investment Partnership Opportunities for Community Housing Development Organizations – CHDOs - workshop, May 18h & 19th, Seattle. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Income, Assets, Deductions & Allowances Occupancy Skillbuilding for HUD & RD Managers, May 19th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

Preservation Idaho hosts 39th annual Orchids & Onions Award Ceremony, May 21st, Boise, Idaho. Visit

NAHRO's Pacific Northwest Regional Council hosts annual convention, May 22nd to 24th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

EcoDistrict hosts Energy+Water Academy, May 24th to 26th, Vancouver, British Columbia. Visit

HUD Alaska & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities host Contract Administration & Procurement Training, May 24th to 26th, Anchorage. Visit


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