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August 2017

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Remarks to the National Conference on Ending Homelessness
"As I watched the sun go down the other day, and set the sky afire, it occurred to me that each evening in America brings two sunsets. One is that wonderful splash of color-for most of us, a reminder that we are returning home from work, to eat, rest, and be at peace in the comfort of family. And the other is a symbol of uncertainty, of darkened doorways and steam grates. Of bitter cold or sweltering heat. It is the coming of another night to be braved alone. I call them two sunsets, for we measure the public tragedy of homelessness as estimated on one winter night-and on a single night last year, there were about 550,000 homeless men, women, and children living in America. A third of them had no shelter. . .We must continue the fight, because half a million of our countrymen cry out for shelter. They ask for the same nights of safety and rest as their fellow Americans." - Remarks prepared for delivery by HUD Secretary Ben Carson to the National Conference on Ending Homelessness, July 18th, 2017.

HUD opens annual $2 billion Continuum of Care funding competition
HUD has set a September 28th deadline for Continuums of Care across the United States to submit applications for a total of approximately $2 billion in fiscal year 2017 funds to support thousands of homeless service local projects from street outreach and assessment programs to transitional and permanent housing for individuals, including, veterans, youth, families, and persons experiencing long-term or chronic homelessness. Within statutory & regulatory frameworks, projects receiving funds are based on recommendations made by Continuums, a group of local government, social service agencies & housing providers that have direct experience with the needs of & challenges faced by the homeless in the communities they serve. HUD continues to place a major emphasis on, creating a systematic response to homelessness and improving how resources are used to end homelessness. These priorities will make it much more competitive and increase incentives for communities to improve their performance. As part of these priorities, HUD is continuing incentives to adopt best practices for rapid-rehousing and Housing First, an approach that has proven effective in helping communities to make progress on their goal of ending homelessness. "We know these grants can make a huge difference in ending homelessness" said HUD Secretary Carson. "HUD continues to forge deep relationships with our local partners to invest in proven programs that are working to reduce the scale of homelessness in their communities." For more, see the 2017 Continuum of Fare Notice of Funding Availability.

Off the streets & on the way to housing
This year's HUD Continuum of Care funding competition includes a new tool Continuums can choose to use - and HUD will fund - in their efforts to prevent and, ultimately, end homelessness - a joint component project that "combines the activities of a transitional housing project with those of a rapid re-housing project." At the outset, it should be noted that joint component project is not intended to replace transitional housing projects that have been reallocated or lost funding in recent years but, instead, to "provide a safe place for people to stay - crisis housing - with financial assistance and wrap around supportive services determined by program participants to help them move to permanent housing as quickly as possible." It's not a solution, just a potentially important, effective step in getting to a solution. For more, see or consult our 2017 Continuum of Care Notice of Funding Availability.

"Congratulations to Idaho Housing & Finance Association of Boise, Idaho, Open Door Counseling of Hillsboro, Community Connections of Northeast Oregon in La Grande, the Housing Authority of Yamhill County in McMinnville & the Native American Youth & Family Center in Portland and the Washington State Housing Finance Commission for "bringing home" more than $820,000 in HUD Housing Counseling grants to help homeowners, homebuyers & renters make informed & smart housing decisions. . .City of Tacoma votes to prohibit camping on public property except where expressly allowed from July 11th through 11:59:59 p.m., October 9th. . .Ketchikan, Alaska Indian Community Housing Authority celebrates completion of 7-plex apartment complex that, reports Daily News, is a 25 percent increase in the Authority's affordable rental inventory. . .City of Hailey, Idaho planning & zoning commission okays 8-unit apartment complex to be built by ARCH Community Housing Trust says Boise State Public Radio. . .The 92-unit SAMM Apartments - including 18 affordable units -to open in Sammamish, Washington Town Square, says Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter, the first new multi-family building built in the city in "more than 15 years". . .Alaska Housing Finance Corporation okays $8.2 million in financing for 45-unit second phase of Cook Inlet Housing Authority's Grass Creek North affordable complex in east Anchorage, Alaska which also is receiving funding from Federal low-income housing & energy tax credits & the Rasmuson Foundation says Alaska Dispatch. . .City of Seattle, Washington & Downtown Emergency Service Center celebrate opening of city's first 24/7 low-barrier, enhanced services navigation center in Little Saigon neighborhood says Seattle Times. . .St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County celebrates the beginning of the transformation of the former Cascade Presbyterian Church in Eugene, Oregon into a Youth House to provide housing & supportive services to homeless girls ages 16 to 18 says Register Guard. . .Bridgeview & Vancouver, Washington Housing Authority break ground for $3.9 million Bridgevew Education & Employment Resource Center as, reports The Columbian, as "one-stop" center so that low-income families don't have to " zigzag across the county to access" services. . .With the City of Spokane, Washington recently issuing permits for the last 76 of the 316 affordable housing units to be or being built by Catholic Charities of Spokane & Empire Health Foundation at Holy Names Haven on 31 acres that were once home to city's oldest convent, Catholic Charities executive director Rob McCann tells Spokesman Review "I'm willing to bet that there's no homeless housing like this anywhere else in the United States," on now public land just a short walk from the "moose and deer and turkeys down by the river."

A new community offering a new start for at-risk families
July 12th was a very good day for the 6,500 people who make their homes on the Lummi Reservation just west of Bellingham, Washington & 20 miles south of the Canadian border on the shores of the Salish Sea. Many gathered to celebrate the completion & grand opening of Sche'Lang'-en Village, a new 45-home community built with HUD assistance by the Lummi Nation Housing Authority. Its 45 new and affordable housing, obviously, will help address the housing shortage the Lummi, like so many other communities across the country. More importantly, however, the Village is intended & was designed to be "transformational," enlisting the wisdom of Tribal elders & the experience of Tribal social service to provide "wrap-around" housing, educational, social & health assistance at the neighborhood level to two dozen families "making transformational life changes" from "homelessness to simply having a home," from "domestic violence to safety," from "addiction to sobriety" & from institutionalized separation to the "reunification of parents with their children."

Delivering the goods in Spokane Valley
With construction completed earlier this summer, Catholic Charities of Spokane needed only one thing to open its Pope Francis Haven for homeless families in Spokane Valley, Washington. Bed frames. Thanks to the efforts of a local Mormon, Catholic & Seventh Day Adventist churches, Pope Francis Haven had its bed frames - all 200 of them - paid for, delivered & set-up in a matter of days. "It was an opportunity to work across faith boundaries," Cheloye Penwell of the Spokane Valley Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told The Spokesman Review. "That was what I really wanted to do." Given the results, no wonder.

Clearing the air
Congratulations to the Tribal Healthy Homes Network based in Bellevue, Washington, one of four winners of the 2017 HUD Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes. Selected annually in collaboration with the National Environmental Health Association, the Award recognizes excellence in making indoor environments healthier through healthy homes. Formed as a tribal consortium in 2008, the Tribal Healthy Homes Network has focused much of its work on rising rates of asthma in Native communities, often caused by mold contamination & poor indoor air quality that result in recurrent infection, frequent hospitalizations & long absences from work or school. In response & with input from 28 Alaska Native Villages, it's developed a Healthy Homes Toolkit more than 500 of which have rural communities; weatherization programs; Women, Infants and Children (WIC) clients; and many others. The three other 2017 HUD Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes are Vermont's Weatherization One Touch program, the Denver, Colorado Housing Authority & Rutgers University which, with a HUD grant, developed a Model Bed Bug Management Program. Last year's winners included the Seattle Housing Authority and, the year before that, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. "The recipients of this award understand the strong connection between where we live and how healthy we are," said HUD Secretary Carson. "They demonstrate innovative approaches to making homes healthier, and exemplify the outstanding work that's taking place throughout the nation."

Offering the formerly-incarcerated a good start on a second chance
"I've seen the need for this for years. Ninety percent of the women I work with want to change but they don't know how. What I hear from women most is they don't have anywhere else to go but where they came from, and that's never good." -- Marcy Bruderer who, with her husband Dallas has purchased a three-bedroom house in Burley, Idaho that will provide women recently-released from prison "to get on their feet," The Times-News, July 19th 2017.

Getting it right - with your help
In late 2014 Congress passed legislation requiring HUD to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs "to establish and oversee a pilot program to award grants to qualified organizations to rehabilitate and modify the primary residences of disabled and/or low-income veterans." HUD has now set a September 11th deadline to submit comments on the design it proposes for an anticipated Disabled & Low-Income Veterans Housing Rehabilitation & Modification Pilot funding competition to award an estimate $5.7 million nationally in grants of up to $1 million each. Your ideas & insights can help make sure HUD gets it right.

Setting the rules of engagement
The Federal Emergency Management Agency's has set August 29th as the deadline for comments on its Tribal Consultation Policy which guides how the agency consults with Tribes on policy and actions that impact them. For instructions on the options for submitting comments, Visit.

Calling it "stepping stone to a higher goal," A Way Home Washington & Spokane, Washington Mayor David Condon celebrate exceeding goal of housing 100 homeless young people in 100 days says Spokesman Review. . .First residents of Juneau's new housing first project for highly-vulnerable homeless, says KTOO, expected to move-in beginning September 15th. City Councilmember Alishia topper & Yakima Housing Authority executive director Lowel Kreuger named by Governor Jay Inslee to Washington State Housing Finance Commission. .Seattle-King County Habitat for Humanity break ground on 10 homes in Sammamish, Washington .Rasmuson Foundation's award of $8.6 million to 18 Alaska organizations includes $3 million loan to Anchorage's Cook Inlet Housing to develop workforce housing & $400,000 to build community center in Gustavus. . . Bienestar names Nathan Teske as its news executive director. . .Olympia, Washington City Council places increase in sales tax on February, 2018 ballot to raise $2.1 million annually to support housing, says Olympian. . .Stanford University study finds that new affordable housing in a neighborhood may, contrary to the widely-held view, increase property values , reports Washington Post. . .Jefferson County, Washington Commission votes to place $13 million, 7-year affordable housing tax levy before voters this November says Peninsula Daily News. . .Teton County and the cities of Driggs, Tetonia and Victor have created a technical advisory group (TAG) to advise the cities and county on actions that may be taken by the cities and county as well as other entities to increase opportunities for affordable housing, with consideration given to the legal authority and respective budgets of the Cities and County. reports Teton Valley News. . .Yakima, Washington City Council votes unanimously to allocate HOME Investment Partnership funds to Yakima Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity to build four more homes for low-income families, its first homes in the city says The Herald. . . City of Anchorage, Alaska mulling conversion of former halfway house in downtown into housing for "more than 59 homeless seniors," says Alaska Dispatch. . .King County Housing Authority launching $3 million Creating Moves To Opportunity pilot "to improve long-term outcomes of children" by determining best ways to help Housing Choice Voucher families move to higher-opportunity neighborhoods. . .Muldoon Town Square Park in Anchorage, Alaska, Skyway Park in King County, Washington & Swan Creek Park Trail Network in Tacoma, Washington among 22 nationwide to win U.S. Department of Interior Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership grants. . .Conde Nast Traveler names Sitka, Alaska & Friday Harbor, Washington among "20 most beautiful towns in America."

Seattle & King County step up - again - to address affordable housing
King County, the City of Seattle, A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) the King County Housing Authority, the Seattle Housing Authority have done it again, announcing for the 12th year their Combined Notice of Funding Availability for Homeless Housing. As usual, it's an impressive commitment of resources providing a smidgeon under $87.9 million in capital, operating support, rental assistance, and service funding. The guiding principles - developed collaboratively by All Home, the Continuum of Care in Seattle & King County by - include implementing projects that promote the All Home Strategic Plan; building upon successful programs that are innovative and cost-effective; aligning funding to match the needs and strengths of people experiencing homelessness; distributing funds countywide to address regional and racial disparities; leveraging other resources; promoting opportunities for systems change and Housing First principles; and reducing screening criteria to improve access. As outlined in the 29-page document, each participating funder has set its own deadlines - most of them in September - and established the parameters for the funding it will award. Each has also provided points-of-contact to answer any questions you may have. Let the competition begin!

Serving those who've served
Oregon Housing & Community Services has set October 20th as the deadline to apply for a total of $8 million in state funds generated by document recording fees under its Affordable Housing Projects for Veterans program. Half of this funding - $4 million - will be for projects in urban areas to a maximum of $125,000 of assistance per unit while the balance will go to projects in rural areas with a maximum per unit assistance of $200,000. The program, says director Margaret Salazar, helps "orts develop new rental housing units to serve veterans through either new construction or acquisition/ rehabilitation activities." An additional $4.2 million in mental health housing funds will be available where the targeted veteran has "serious mental illness" & and an additional $5 million in Oregon housing tax credit funds will be available to reduce the rent for eligible residents. Projects winning funds from this competition will not be allowed to seek additional Oregon Housing & Community Services for a period of five years commencing on the date the project is put into service.

Revitalizing schools, revitalizing communities
The U.S. Department of Education has set a September 5th deadline for local governments, Tribes, higher education institutions, nonprofit or local education agency that is working or plans to work with at least one public elementary or secondary school in a low-income, distressed neighborhood to seek designation as 7 new Promise Neighborhoods to provide "comprehensive support and improvement activities or targeted support and improvement activities. Up to $30 million in funding is available to support the work of these Promise Neighborhoods. Services must be fully-accessible to children with disabilities & English learners.

Putting the "ready" in disaster response
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has set a November 14th deadline for Federally-recognized Tribal communities & states to apply for a total of $90 million in Pre-Disaster Mitigation funding to "implement and sustain cost-effective measures designed to reduce the risk to individuals and property from natural hazards, while also reducing reliance on Federal funding from future disasters." Under the Stafford Act, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and other Territories will receive set-asides of $575,000 each & and $10 million will be set-aside for Federally-recognized Tribes. The balance of funds will be awarded competitively to eligible applicants. No application may receive more than $15 million. Please note that local governments including cities & counties as well as Tribal organizations are considered sub-applicants and must apply to their state/territory. In 2017, FEMA's "highest priority" for sub-applicants is "multi-state/tribal mitigation initiatives." For more, visit a FEMA Fact Sheet or DHS-17-MT-047-000-99 at

The best time to prepare for floods is before the waters rise
FEMA also has set a November 14th for states & Federally-recognized Tribal governments to apply for $160 million in Flood Mitigation Assistance to "reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings and structures insured under the National Flood Insurance Program." Local governments, the District of Columbia & Territories must apply through the states. Of this amount, $70 million will be set-aside $70 million for this purpose with priority given to "advance assistance for flood mitigation design & development of community flood mitigation projects & mitigation projects that address community flood risk for reducing NFIP flood claim payments." The balance of funds - $90 million - will be used for "FFMA technical assistance, mitigation planning, and mitigation projects reducing risk to severe repetitive loss & repetitive loss properties." For more, visit the FEMA Fact Sheet or DHS-17-MT-029-000-99 at

The Treasury Department has set an August 31st deadline for certified Community Development Financial Institutions non-profit organization operating with a principal purpose of developing or managing affordable housing solutions to apply for approximately $119.5 million in Capital Magnet Funds to "finance affordable housing activities, as well as related economic development activities & community service facilities.". Capital Magnet Funds in 2017 are targeted to "support or finance activities that attract private capital for and increase investment in the development, preservation, rehabilitation or purchase of affordable housing for primarily low-, very low- & extremely low-income families" & "applications that leverage a higher amount of private capital to finance" the affordable housing & related activities. For more, see the June 30th Federal Register.

City of Walla Willa, Washington & Walla Walla Housing Authority conduct on-line Fair Housing Survey to determine extent of housing discrimination in Columbia & Willa Walla counties says Union-Bulletin. . .Meyer Memorial Trust announces almost $1 million in June awards, including grants to support 12 through its affordable housing initiative to Oregon Opportunity Network, RE: Neighborhood Partnership, Access Inc., Catholic Community Services of the Mid-Willamette Valley, Community Action Partnership of Oregon, Klamath Lake Community Action Services, Columbia Gorge Health Services, the Housing Development Center, Enterprise Community Partners, United Way of Lane County & Worksystems Inc. . .King County, Washington Council places 6-year, $342 million Veterans, Seniors & Human Services property tax levy on this November's ballot says Kent Reporter. . .Klamath, Housing Authority advises City Council of plans to break ground on three new developments this summer in Klamath Falls, Oregon, says Herald & News. . ."Several hundred people crowd" into lobby of vacant Ridpath Hotel in downtown Spokane, Washington to celebrate, says Spokesman Review, its transformation into workforce housing. . .Stevens County, Washington & cities of Ashland, Baker City & Garibaldi, Oregon win EPA WATERS project for safe water drinking projects. . .Skagit County, Washington Commission okays use of $207,000 in HOME Investment Partnership funds from HUD to provide rental assistance to up to 27 low-income families in coming year says Skagit Valley Herald. . .With rental vacancy rate of just 1 percent, City of Springfield, Oregon "has embarked on a program to spur development of accessory dwelling units," says Eugene Register Guard, including possible temporary waiver of system development fees that "add about $5,000 to $6,000 to the cost of creating" such units. . . Washington County, Oregon commissioners okay transfer of just over one acre of county property to Luke Dorf Inc. for construction of Clover Court, six units of housing for residents with mental illnesses reports Portland Tribune . . .Seattle, Washington City Council, says The Stranger, launches city-funded pilot program to provide legal aid for incarcerated people accused of crimes, with the goal of helping them avoid eviction and homelessness.

Place-basing the complaints of American consumers
Turns out that consumers in Federal Region X - Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington - don't appear to complain as folks in other states. That's the message, at least, offered by The Consumer Sentinel for 2016 released by the Federal Trade Commission in March, 2017. Floridians, for example, led the way in complaints about fraud filed with the FTC at 1,305.6 per 100,00 population. In our Region, Washington state registered the most gripes with 554.7 per 100,000. That was 29th among the 50 states with Oregon coming in at 31st, Idaho at 39th & Alaska at 47th with 358.9 complaints per 100,000. We were a bit touchier about identity theft with Washington ranked 14th, Oregon at 20th, Alaska at 25th & Idaho at 37th. Closer to home, Spokane ranked 6th among the top 50 "complaining" metro areas while Coeur d'Alene ranked 44th in fraud complaints. Only one Region X metro - Seattle-Tacoma - was the list on the top 50 for identity theft complaints, coming in 41st. All in all, Northwest consumers are either a. very well-mannered or b. suffer in silence or c. know a very good lawyer. Seriously, if you like to fooling with numbers, the FTC's Consumer Sentinel is as good a place as any to bring our your inner statistician. Enjoy.

Long distance(s) education
People-wise, our densest state - New Jersey - has 12,180 times more people per square mile than our least dense state - Alaska. Which sort of suggests, of course, the real challenges the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's homeownership education program - HomeChoice - faces in helping potential homebuyers know what they need to know to buy and own smart. Which, in turn, makes all the more remarkable the success th3ey've had at doing precisely that. Since its establishment, HomeChoice has conducted 3,412 classes in 129 communities & has seen 59,376 Alaskans graduate from the program which, at $250 each, has earned those homebuyers almost $15 million in discounts on the Corporation's loans. Great numbers!

Where Eagles fly
Cooper Carvelli, is a Life Scout in Spokane, Washington. Though just 13 he's already learned a lot about, well, life. So far this summer, reports The Spokesman Review, he "has collected 562 pieces of furniture for the Catholic Charities Furniture Bank." & "has worked over 132 hours and made countless trips with his dad in the family's black pickup truck to deliver furniture to the furniture bank. He's already earned 37 merit badges & the furniture drive is "his final project to become an Eagle Scout." If a commitment to helping those less fortunate is one of the requirements, we'd expect he'll be inducted this fall.

Cops, camps & kids
"It is by far the hardest and most physically and mentally exhausting thing I do all year, but is also the most exciting thing I do in a year." When camp is over "there are a lot of tears and kids who were, strangers exchanging phone numbers so they can stay in touch. There are hundreds of hugs given and tears wiped from their faces and ours."- Beaverton Police Officer Mike Rowe who, for the 9th year, headed this July down to the Oregon coast to volunteer at Camp Rosenbaum that, with support from, among others, Home Forward pf Portland & the Salem, Vancouver & West Valley housing authorities, has since 1970 hosted 175 kids ages 9 to 11 & all of whom live in low-income housing for a week at the beach, "Cops at Camp," The Beaverton Valley Times, July 19, 2017.

Bigger numbers but smaller shares
"Census data released last month show that after years of stagnation, construction of smaller homes grew appreciably in 2016. New completions for homes under 1,800 square feet increased nearly 20 percent in 2016 to 163,000 units, the first significant growth since 2004 and the largest rise since the data series began in 1999. . . Even with the uptick in 2016, though, small-home construction remains 65 percent below the 464,000 units completed annually between 1999 and 2006, and comprises a much smaller share of newly-built housing than in the past." -- Alexander Hermann in "We're Finally Building More Small Homes, but Construction Remains at Historically Low Levels," Housing Perspectives, The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, July 24, 2017.

Even as bike-share "systems have matured and expanded, the vast majority of users have remained wealthier and whiter than the cities these programs serve," says The Atlantic Monthly's City Lab. "One of the previous expectations or assumptions about bike share was that the reason that lower-income communities of color were not using it was due to a lack of interest," explains Portland State University's Nathan McNeil. But recent research he & his colleagues have conducted in majority-minority low-income Philadelphia, Chicago & Brooklyn neighborhoods found, to the contrary, an "overwhelmingly favorable" view - "73 percent of the total respondents and 74 percent of low-income people of color agreed that "bike share is useful for people like me." Ninety-three percent of all respondents said bike share is good for the city, and 89 percent said it was good for the neighborhood. Low-income people of color agreed with these statements at a rate of 89 percent and 86 percent, respectively." -- "What Keeps Bike Share White," CityLab, July 14, 2017.

Seattle launches pilot to preserve the stock and, with it, the roots
"We know that people do best when they're in neighborhoods where they're rooted. They have neighbors, they have access to jobs and services. We know that when people have to leave the neighborhoods that they've formed roots, the neighborhood can suffer as well as the person. So, we really want to be able to help people stay where they are." -- Jennifer LeBrecque, "Why Seattle wants people who can't pay their mortgages to stay in town," on Housing Tax Levy-funded pilot to offer loans of up to $30,000 eligible homeowners at risk of foreclosure to maintain their ownership, KUOW, July 26, 2017.

Growing a rural-urban partnership
"We're sort of at that point in Western Washington. Where do we go from here. . .I can see just building some neat CLT buildings in Seattle and having folks from Forks drive over and say well; those panels came from us. We were part of that," -- Mayor Byron Monohon of Forks, Washington on how timber-rich Forks area may, thanks to Cross-Laminated Timber, experience an economic revival due to expected increase in wooden skyscrapers, "Timber Town 911: Could wooden skyscrapers spark a revival?" KING5-TV, July 13, 2017.

Northwest Fair Housing Alliance in Spokane Washington publishes Fair Housing Rights for Renters, Women and Fair Housing & LGBT Fair Housing Rights brochures in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Laotian, Russian & Vietnamese. HUD launches Web site on the what's & how's of become a HUD-certified housing counselor. . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finalizes updates to "Know Before You Owe" mortgage disclosure rule. . .HUD Multifamily Housing publishes Section 8 Renewal Policy Guidebook. . .Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies publishes The State of the Nation's Housing 2017. . .HUD launches no-cost, downloadable GIS mapping toolkit & software to Continuums of Care. . .FEMA sets November 14th deadlines to apply for states & Tribal governments (and local governments as sub-applicants) for $160 million in Flood Mitigation Assistance & $90 million in Pre-Disaster Mitigation. . . Alaska Housing Finance Corporation launches new e-letter Home Delivery. . .Redfin says Seattle with 62.3 percent of homes selling above list price &Tacoma with 52,6 percent selling above list were, respectively, 4th & 5th "most competitive" markets in U.S. in June.

Oregon Housing & Community Services sets August 1st deadline to apply for $1.5 million in Veterans Home Improvement Program funds. . .HUD sets August 5th deadline to apply for position of Southwest Regional Administrator for the Office of Native American Programs in Phoenix, Arizona. . .Registration is now open for HUD's August 9th to 11th HOPWA Summit in Tampa, Florida. . .King County, Washington Department of Community & Human Services sets August 14tj deadline to respond to request-for-information anticipated request-for-proposals for $3 to $6 million for site, capital & operating costs for a proposed modular shelter facility capable of housing 60 to 100 people at a at a time. . .National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials - NAHRO - sets August 15th deadline to submit nominations for a host of awards & recognitions "who have made outstanding contributions to the housing and community development field". . . HUD sets August 28th deadline for local governments, Tribal entities, public housing authorities & non-profits to apply for Choice Neighborhood Planning grants at FR-6100-N-38 at . .FEMA sets August 29th deadline to submit comments on its Tribal Consultation Policy. . .Puget Sound Regional Council sets August 30th deadline to submit your comments & suggestions on the region's transit needs over next 30 years. . .International Living Future Institute sets August 31st deadline to submit nominations for the 2017 Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award. . .U.S. Department of the Treasury sets August 31st deadline to apply for CDFI Capital Magnet Funds to support affordable housing activities. . .U.S. Department of Education sets September 5th deadline to apply for designation as one of seven new Promise Neighborhoods to utilize up to $30 million to improve public elementary or secondary schools in low-income, distressed neighborhoods. . .City of Seattle sets September 5th deadline to respond to $30 million Homeless Investment RFP. . .HUD sets September 11th to submit comments on proposed design of anticipated $5.7 million Disabled & Low-Income Veterans Housing Rehabilitation & Modification Pilot funding competition. . .HUD sets September 28th for Continuums of Care to apply for approximately $2 billion to support thousands of local homeless service & prevention projects across the country.


RurALCAP hosts 34th annual Alaska Rural Providers Conference, July 31st through August 4th, Tanacross, Alaska. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 1st, Seattle, Washington. Visit

HUD Oregon hosts Basics of Fair Housing Workshop, August 2nd, Portland, Oregon. Visit

U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness hosts Webinar on HUD FY 2017 Continuum of Care Program Competition: Strategies for Success, August 2nd, on-line. Visit

Alaska Legal Services Corporation hosts landlord-tenant clinic, August 3rd, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 2nd, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians host Changing Currents 2017 Tribal Water Summit, August 2nd & 3rd, Eugene, Oregon. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 3rd, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Tacoma Housing Authority, U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Congressman Derek Kilmer & Hilltop residents celebrate grand opening of 144-unit Bay Terrace, August 7th, Tacoma, Washington. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 8th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts All About Service Animals Workshop, August 9th, Seattle. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 9th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Network for Oregon Affordable Housing (NOAH) hosts Oregon Manufactured Housing Convening: Policy &Best Practices, August 9th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 10th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

FHA's Santa Ana Homeownership Center host FHA Lender Training, August 15th & 16th, Phoenix, Arizona. Visit

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs host NAHASDA Essentials Workshop, August 15th to 17th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 15th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Washington AHMA hosts Understanding HUD's HOME Program, Part II, Webinar, August 16th, on-line. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 16th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 17th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Trends & Hot Topics in Fair Housing Workshop, August 18th, La Grande, Oregon. Visit

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs host Audit Preparation Workshop, August 21st & 22nd, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Low Income Housing Tax Credit Fundamentals Workshop, August 22nd, Vancouver, Washington. Visit

City of Seattle hosts pre-application meeting for $49.5 million Rental housing Program funding competition, August 22nd, Seattle, Washington. Visit

National American Indian Housing Council & HUD's Northwest Office of Native American Programs host Self-Sufficiency Workshop, August 23rd to 24th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Business Oregon hosts CDBG Applicant Workshop, August 24th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

Rural Community Assistance Corporation hosts HUD Requirements for Housing Counselors Workshop, August 29th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Rural Community Assistance Corporation hosts Fair Lending & Document Loan Review Workshop, August 30th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development hosts Northwest Enterprise Development Conference, September 5th through 7th, Tulalip, Washington. Visit

Idaho Non-Profit Center hosts 14th annual Statewide Conference, September 7th & 8th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

National Association for Community & Economic Development hosts annual education conference, September 10th to 13th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Portland State University's Institute for Sustainability hosts Transportation & Communities Summit, September 11th & 12th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Northwest Indian Housing Association hosts quarterly meeting, September 12th through 14th, Suquamish, Washington. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Tax Credit Fundamentals workshop, September 12th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Washington AHMA hosts Webinar on Documenting Resident Violations, September 13th, on-line. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Advanced Tax Credit Compliance workshop, September 13th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians hosts 2017 annual convention, September 18th through 21st, Spokane, Washington. Visit

Oregon Opportunity hosts 2017 Fall Industry Conference, September 19th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Conquering Compliance with Multiple Housing Programs, September 19th, Grants Pass, Oregon. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts workshop on First Steps-Best Practices to Promote Fair Housing, September 20th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Trends & Hot Topics in Fair Housing, September 20th, Lincoln City, Oregon. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Advanced Fair Housing Seminar, September 20th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Washington State Human Rights Commission hosts 2017 annual conference of International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies, September 24th to 28th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Conquering Compliance with Multiple Housing Programs, September 21st, La Grande, Oregon. Visit

Washington chapter of American Planning Association hosts 2017 convention, September 28th & 29th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Trends & Hot Topics in Fair Housing, September 29th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

League of Oregon Cities hosts 92nd Annual Conference, September 29th & 30th, Portland, Oregon. Visit


Content Archived: February 25, 2021