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With times still tough for plenty of Americans, on June 27th FHA issued Mortgagee Letter 2013-22 that extends, until further notice, the earlier Letter 2011-23 that established a Special Forbearance Program for unemployed FHA-insured borrowers that required servicers to extend the forbearance period for FHA borrowers who qualify for the program from four to 12 months and remove upfront hurdles to make it easier for unemployed borrowers to qualify.


On June 25th President Obama issued a declaration of disaster in parts of Alaska as a result of flooding from May 17th to June 11th and, according to The White House, "ordered Federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts." Affected areas include the Alaska Gateway, Lower Yukon, Yukon Flats and Yukon-Koyukuk education attendance areas.Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster. Assistance is coordinated by FEMA and may be sought on-line at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA(3362). Presidential disaster declarations trigger certain temporary changes in how HUD resources may be used in the affected areas to assist with recovery. For more information about resources available to Alaska residents and communities in areas affected by the President's declaration, view the press release.


Elliot Njus of The Oregonian reports that underwater Multnomah County homeowners will conduct a "test run" of an idea first proposed by U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley that's being funded as a pilot by Oregon Housing and Community Services using $10 million in "hardest hit" funds it received from the U.S. Treasury Department. The Rebuilding American Homeownership Plan allows "about50" County homeowners who are underwater - i.e., their mortgage debt exceeds the value of their home - who haven't missed a payment and are current in their existing mortgages to refinance into a 30-year loan at a fixed 5 percent or a 15-year at 4 percent. The former lowers monthly payment, the latter accelerate equity. Both reduce foreclosure risk. Better still, the program is expected to be self-financing with payments made by the first 50 ultimately able to help fund similar refinances for other borrowers. For more, see here (


Recently, reports Rob Carson of the News Tribune the Tacoma Housing Authority opens its waiting list for HUD-funded rental vouchers. It was looking for 1,000 more eligible households to add. In just one, though, it received 7,244 eligible applicants. One thousand of the applicants were randomly elected and added to the list. The other 6,000? Well, they're out of luck and, under the current system, will never get on even a waiting list, much less into subsidized housing. Which makes it all the more interesting that the Tacoma authority is changing its system. Right now those who live in subsidized housing in Tacoma and virtually every other American city can live there and continue receiving a subsidy their entire lives - as long as they remain income eligible. No more, says the Tacoma authority. It's now placed a time limit of 5 years and 5 years only on those of its subsidized residents who are able to work - 54 percent of the Authority's 3,800 voucher holders . And after 5 years? Well, hopefully they'll be self-sufficient. In any event, they'll be on their own and another eligible household will receive the subsidy. "Currently we see a relatively small group of lucky households who receive our assistance," executive director Michael Mirra said,, "and then there are tens of thousands of people looking in from the outside who get nothing from us We want to help people prosper," he said. "We want them to have a transforming experience — and then leave."


In assembling this e-letter you learn something - actually, a bunch of things - every day. For example, a thing brought to our attention by the Portland Housing Bureau, NAYA Family Center and Christen Goodknight, 30, a veteran of the Army National Guard. She'd never, expected to own her own home. Now she does, thanks to a NAYA homeownership class and something called a Mortgage Credit Certificate which, says the Bureau, gives her an income tax credit and has lowered her mortgage "roughly $80" a month, And now she's a homeowner. If you, like I, don't know about MCC, see here (


HUD awards $135,473,734 to 96 tribes and native villages in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state to support affordable housing under HUD's Indian Housing Block Grant. . .Pocatello and Coeur d'Alene latest Idaho cities to pass ordinance against LGBT discrimination in housing, employment and accommodations. . .Betty Tamm of Umpqua NeighborWorks win Oregon chapter of American Planning Association's Niven Award for Distinguished Leadership in Affordable Housing Advocacy. . .Ground ceremonially broken for Camp Quixote, reports Olympian, 30 one-room cottages for homeless in Olympia. . ."Most of us don't do this in our daily lives," Habitat for Humanity of North Idaho board chair Marci Spotanski tells Coeur d'Alene Press, excited that 60 women signed up as volunteers in affiliate's first ever Women Build that's constructing two-bedroom house in the city. . .Washington Department of Commerce awards $9 million in CDBG funds for infrastructure upgrades in Colville, Coulee City, Creston, Forks, Goldendale, LaCrosse, Lind, Port Angeles, Tekoa, Toledo, Vader and Klickitat and Whatcom counties Community Partners for Affordable Housing begins $4.1 million overhaul - "from new roofing and draining to thermal insulation and interior upgrades," says Oregonian - of 6-building, 48-unit Spencer House Apartments in Beaverton. . .Spokane Neighborhood Action Program tells Spokesman Review its "roughly 300 units" in 15 SNAP properties will go smoke-free August 1st. . .City & Chamber of Commerce of Cottage Grove launch smart phone app allowing allows residents to report "dead deer on the road," a pothole or graffiti. . .USDA awards $6.8 million community facilities grant for new school on Warm springs reservation. . .With new round of USDA funding,, says Daily News, Peninsula Housing Authority expanding mutual self-help housing program to Jefferson County. . .Executive director Gerald Hunter tells Idaho Statesman that Idaho Housing & Finance counseled 2,732 Idahoans in 2012 and is "on pace" to match that in 2013. . .Walla Walla Housing Authority burns down three 4-plexes as "first step," says Union-Bulletin, in second and last phase of replacing deteriorated Farm Labor Homes. . .KVUR-TV says Kodiak Island Housing Authority now at work on 32-unit elderly hoousing on Near Island. . .Pocatello Neighborhood Housing Services wins, says KPVI-TV, Portland Health Foundation grant to upgrade lead-paint testing capacity. 


HUD's HOME Investment Partnership new Rent Limits - effective June 1st, 2013, are now on-line here (


Housing Search NW - the affordable housing search engine created by the Rental Housing Association of Washington, the Tenants Union, United Way of King County, City of Seattle, King County and the Seattle and King County housing authorities - has now gone statewide.  Find it at


If you were to go back and take a look at any of the reports HUD annually submits to the Congress on its activities under and enforcement of the Fair Housing Act, it's likely that in virtually every year discrimination on in housing on the basis of race or ethnicity - both protected classes under the Act - were among the types of discrimination most frequently reported. A study conducted by The Urban Institute and released in June by HUD suggests a significant change in the nature of that discrimination, reporting that while "blatant acts of housing discrimination faced by minority home seekers continue to decline," real estate agents and rental housing providers "Real estate agents and rental housing providers recommend and show fewer available homes and apartments to minority families, thereby increasing their costs and restricting their housing options.". Black renters who contact agents learn about 11 percent fewer available units and are shown roughly 4 percent fewer units while black homeowners learn about 17 percent fewer available homes and are shown about 18 percent fewer units. Asian renters and homebuyers and Hispanic renters received similar treatment. "Fewer minorities today may be getting the door slammed in their faces, but we continue to see evidence of housing discrimination that can limit a family's housing, economic and educational opportunities," said HUD Secretary Donovan. "It's clear we still have work to do." For more, visit here.


So, you may wonder, what happens to same-sex couples when they go looking for a place to live. A "first-ever" study conducted by the University of Albany in New York and recently issued by HUD sent 7,000 e-mails to housing providers in 50 markets inquiring about advertised rental markets. One e-mail to each provider came from a same-sex couple and a second from a heterosexual couple. In every market, researchers found, that same sex couples received "fewer responses to the email inquiry than heterosexual couples." Sexual orientation and gender identification are not protected classes under the Fair Housing Act, but HUD prohibits discrimination against either in housing that it assists and numerous states and local governments have adopted laws banning such discrimination. But, as Secretary Donovan notes, "we need to continue our efforts to ensure that everyone is treated the same when it comes to finding a home to call their own, regardless of their sexual orientation." For more, read the press release


Idaho Attorney General Wasden's staff holds foreclosure "scams" in Spirit Lake, Hayden, Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint and Bonner County. . .Executive director Steve Rudman of Home Forward, Portland's housing authority, tells Oregon Public Broadcasting that, beginning next year, it will launch $80 million initiative to "renovate roughly half of its public housing stock". . .Tacoma Housing Authority, says News Tribune, completes sale of 143 lots at Salishan revitalization area to D.R. Horton, "the nation's largest home builder". . .Washington Housing Finance sets August 16th deadline to nominate 2013 Friends of Housing. . . Washington Department of Commerce awards $300,000 in Recovery Act Broadband Technology Opportunities grants to Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, Lincoln County, Walla Walla Chamber of Commerce, Community Accelerator Program, Klickitat-Skamania Local Technology Planning Team and Washington State University for work in Clallam and Jefferson counties. . .Jackson County Housing Authority begins construction of 50-unit Cherry Creek apartments in east Medford. . .Capital City Development Corporation buys fire-ravaged Ash Creek apartments in Boise to demolish and replace with other housing. . .National Cooperative Bank & ROC partner to provide $5.4 million loan to Clackamas River Community Cooperative to enable residents to, develop and convert 76-lot mobile home park into cooperative. . .Spokane Low Income Housing Coalition says doors are set to open August 1st for Inland Empire Residential Resources' new Sprague Union Terrace. . .REACH CDC begins "touch up" of its Grand Oak, Wilshire & Rex Arms apartment buildings including says Daily Journal of Commerce, "new carpet, lighting, security upgrades, roof patching, installation of guard rails over light wells on the buildings' roofs, and removal of outdated fire escapes and downspouts". . .With City help, says Register Guard, Veterans Resource Center moves house to empty parcel to be its 4th rehab of house for vet. . .Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance names Bellingham's Greg Winter as its individual advocate of the year, State Senator of Lake Stevens as its legislator of the year, Community Action of Skagit County its organization advocate of the year and Imagine Housing its leadership board advocate of the year. . .Tlingit Haida Housing Authority "heats up," says Juneau Empire, to weatherize 230 homes in Angoon, Hoonah, Kake, Juneau, Petersburg, Prince of Wales, Saxman and Yakutat with "nearly $3 million" in state funds. . .FDIC & Consumer Financial Protection Board launch Money Smart for Older Americans train-the-trainer guide to protect elderly from scams here (


USDA Rural Development has set an August 2nd deadline for state and local governments, tribal governments and entities and public housing authorities to apply for up to 63 grants totaling $3.8 million under its Rural Housing Preservation Program "to assist very low- and low-income homeowners in repairing and rehabilitating their homes in rural areas." For more, visit here (;jsessionid=MprpRMth1qFQyvRRpJwh4Hyjmjzrkv98pr8tBQ1s5xTxyR9JQ1VW!-1329833229?oppId=236593&mode=VIEW).


HUD has set a July 24th deadline for state and local governments, housing authorities, tribes, nonprofits and others to apply to $16.5 million in OneCPD Plus: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building grants under its Transformation Initiative. The funds are intended as a collaborative effort between HUD and its partners to build "on building the kind of management systems and functional capacity necessary to successfully carry out comprehensive and sustainable "place-based" development and revitalization strategies" and, "just as important," to "showcase accomplishments by measuring not only the outputs of this technical and capacity building assistance but the outcomes and the impact on communities as well." The grant ceiling is $750,000. For more, visit here (;jsessionid=L3RLRMTGnyZ7JTbbML2FSxjVRJPXYGH3CvwXmqL5hMTmTq81vGnM!-1329833229?oppId=236744&mode=VIEW).


HUD has set a July 25th deadline to apply for up to 8 grants totaling more than $4.5 million under the Office of Native American Programs Training & Technical Assistance program. The grants fund technical assistance to tribes and tribally-designated housing entities that receive or are eligible to receive HUD Indian Housing Block Grant funding. For more, read here (;jsessionid=C8VfRM2fByPv6CKMpGG02n32ym9Ww2TxLsBbpLRJnBjYGRKm4XLK!-1329833229?oppId=236726&mode=VIEW).


HUD has set an August 7th deadline to apply for Capacity Building for Sustainable Communities grants under which intermediary organizations will provide assistance in capacity building in "communities engaged in planning efforts that support community involvement and integrate economic and workforce development, housing, land use, land cleanup and preparation for reuse, transportation, and infrastructure investments." Non-profits, state and local public agencies, universities and colleges and, with restriction, for-profit organizations are eligible to apply. One to two awards are anticipated. For more, read here (;jsessionid=L3RLRMTGnyZ7JTbbML2FSxjVRJPXYGH3CvwXmqL5hMTmTq81vGnM!-1329833229?oppId=236800&mode=VIEW).


The Department of Veterans Affairs has extended its application deadline for the $10 million Rural Veterans Coordination Pilot program to September 19th. For more, read here (;jsessionid=MprpRMth1qFQyvRRpJwh4Hyjmjzrkv98pr8tBQ1s5xTxyR9JQ1VW!-1329833229?oppId=236274&mode=VIEW).


Yakama Nation Housing Authority celebrate 50th anniversary, says KNDO-TV, with grand opening of 68 new homes near Toppenish. . .HUD renews Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS, or HOPWA, funding to Our House of Portland, Oregon Department of Human Resources and Seattle's Downtown Emergency Service Center. . .LIHI's Ernestine Anderson Place wins honorable mention for senior housing in Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition's 19th annual Charles L. Edson Tax Credit Excellence Awards. . .King County Housing Authority is first authority in country to install electric-vehicle charging station. . .HUD economists update Market-at-a-Glance reports for Bellingham-Whatcom County and Medford-Jackson County. . .Idaho Housing & Finance Association, MAYA Family Center of Portland, Solid Ground of Seattle and Washington State Housing Finance Commission win HUD Housing Counseling grants. . .Housing Resources Board, says Inside Bainbridge, sells the last of 24 houses it built just blocks from ferry terminal. . .Project Network and Portland Housing Bureau celebrate groundbreaking for 64-unit Center for Hope & Recovery in northwest Portland. . .ARC of Anchorage, Cook Inlet Housing Authority and Ketchikan's Women in Safe Homes group win Rasmuson Foundation Tier 1 capital funds grants. . .Metropolitan Development Council buys 94-year-old Baywatch Apartments in Tacoma's theater district for conversion to transitional housing for the homeless. . .Washington Department of Commerce & Northwest Energy Efficient Alliance say Washington homebuilders "lead the nation in energy code compliance". . .Idaho Smart Growth names Scott Oliver as new executive director. . .Battle Ground, Everett, Ridgefield, Renton, Normandy Park, Wilkeson and Kennewick and Clark, Jefferson and King counties win 2013 Smart Communities for, says Governor Inslee, creating "thriving economies" and strengthening Washington's "ability to lead in the global economy". . .Catholic Community Services breaks ground for $16 million facility for homeless in Tacoma which will consolidate Nativity House, Hospitality Kitchen and Tacoma in one location and provide 50 units of housing for homeless. . .REACH CDC & Affordable Community Environments form operational partnership to . . Community Frameworks begins transforming South Hill nursing home, says Spokesman Review, into 29 units of affordable housing. . .City of Twin Falls wins CDFA Excellence I Tax Credit Financing Award for financing construction of 1 million square foot Chobani Yogurt.plant. . .Thanks to anonymous $1.5 million gift, Portland State's School of Architecture launches Center for Public Interest Design where "where sustainability and the needs of communities intersect". . .Washington State Housing Finance Commission okays financing for District Apartments, a 122-unit of affordable housing in Mill Creek. . .Aleutian Housing Authority one of four winners of $100,000 HUD Sustainable Construction in Indian Country grants.


"Ninety percent of the families who came to live in our housing were technically homeless before they came to live there. So we're stabilizing families, and it's all graduated from there on up. The point is, once they're stabilized in housing, chances are they're eating better. Chances are their children are attending and learning in school, not just sitting there. About 20 percent of our families move beyond our housing annually. What happens is: Schools are in close proximity, groceries are in close proximity. Somebody doesn't have to spend all day trying to figure out how to get a meal to the family, and that person is freed up to work part time or full time. Family income increases, and they can move on. We want them to move on because there's such a large percentage of really needy families behind them wanting to come in." -- Roberto Jimenez, executive director of non-profit Farmworker Housing Development Corporation, of Woodburn, interviewed by Joanne Zuhl, Street Roots, June 5, 2013. See here (


"It combines sustainable aspects, social agendas, and aesthetic issues," said one juror. "They had a very complicated series of things to solve and combine in a very successful project. If I didn't know it was an SRO, I'd still think it was an amazing building." - A member of the jury that chose Bud Clark Commons - a multi-purpose facility serving the homeless in Portland built by Home Forward on behalf of the City using, in part, Recovery Act funds from HUD - that selected it from among 60 entries as Residential Architect magazine's 2013 Project of the Year. For more, visit here (


When Seattle's Central Link light-rail line opened here four years ago, city officials were hoping it would spur economic development in the working-class neighborhood of Rainier Valley.

The trains have lived up to expectations. Property values have risen, stores have opened, and ridership in the area has nearly tripled since the year after the service began. But there also are signs that rising housing costs near rail stops are starting to push out lower-income residents. Now, Seattle and other cities are trying to find ways to foster affordable housing near train stations. In the past couple of years, several have organized multimillion-dollar funds to provide low-interest loans to developers seeking to buy or build affordable housing near the stops. These cities, having spent billions to build light-rail systems, are loath to see those systems price out the residents who are most likely to use public transportation. - From "Rail Lines Bring Housing Clashes" by Kris Hudson, The Wall Street Journal, June 11, 2013. See the article here (


After five years and $29 million in affordable housing and housing-related investments, the Meyer Memorial Trust is now, blogs Candy Solovjovs, "taking time to look back and assess the impact of our strategies to date and to look forward to refresh our strategy within the current economic and policy landscape." For either the "high level view" or a "deeper dive" of the Trust's assessment so far,   


Portland's Coordinating Committee to End Homelessness sets July 1st to submit nominations for 2013 Achievement Awards. . .USDA sets $July 5th deadline to apply for revolving loan fund support from Rural Utilities Service. . .Home Forward of Portland opens on-line waiting list application for under-construction Stephens Creek Crossing development from July 9th to 13th. . .USDA sets July 11th deadline to apply for $21 million in Community Connect funds to "finance broadband deployment in remote, rural areas". . .Department of Treasury sets July 12th deadline to apply for $17.1 million in Bank Enterprise Award Program funds that encourage FDIC-insured financial institutions to expand investments in Community Development Financial Institutions. . .HUD extends application deadline for Self Help Opportunity Homeownership Program grants to July 15th. . .USDA sets July 15th deadline to apply for National Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program. . .HHS sets July 15th to apply for Native Asset Building Initiative funds to assist organizations to establish and administer asset building projects with a focus on the Assets for Independence projects in Native American communities. . .EPA sets July 19th deadline to for Federally-recognized tribes to apply for Hazardous Waste Management Grants. . .HUD sets July 22nd deadline to apply for a $500,000 HOPE VI Main Street grant. . .HUD sets July 25th deadline to apply for almost $4.6 million in Office of Native American Training &Technical Assistance grants. . .USDA Rural Utilities Service sets July 26th deadline for nonprofits to apply for close to $1 million to provide loans of up to $11,000 for construction or repair of household well-water systems. . .Spokane County sets July 27th deadline to apply for some $1 million in Affordable Housing Program funds. . .HUD sets July 31st deadline to apply for $16.5 million in OneCPD Plus: Technical Assistance &Capacity Building under the Transformation Initiative. . .Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle sets August 1st deadline to apply for $5.9 million in Affordable Housing Program funds "on or around" May 15th with applications due August 1st. . .HUD sets August 7th deadline to apply for $4.5 million in Capacity Building for Sustainable Communities. . .Washington State Housing Finance sets August 16th deadline to submit nominations for 2013 Friend of Housing Awards. . .USDA sets August 2nd deadline to apply for Rural Housing Preservation Grants. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services sets August 23rd deadline to apply for $3 million "balance-of-state" HOME Investment Partnership, 9% Low Income Tax Credit and other funds for affordable housing projects. . .National Endowment for the Humanities sets August 27th deadline to apply for Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges funds. . .HUD sets September 10th deadline to apply for Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grants of up to $30 million each. . .Veterans Affairs extends deadline to apply for 5 grants totaling $2 million under Rural Veterans Coordination Pilot grants to September 19th.


Portland's Coordinating Committee to End Homelessness sets July 1st to submit nominations for 2013 Achievement Awards.

HUD's offices nationwide expected to be closed on July 5th due to sequestration.

Idaho Department of Commerce hosts Northwest Community Development Institute, July 8th to 12th, Boise. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts workshop on Federal Labor Standards for Public & Tribal Housing Authorities, July 9th, Seattle. Visit here.

Seattle Indian Health Board hosts 8th annual National Urban Indian Health Conference, July 9th & 10th, Seattle. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts workshop on Federal Labor Standards for Contractors, July 10th, Seattle.

Washington AHMA hosts Managers Roundtable: Practical Fair Housing for Site Personnel, July 10th, Spokane. Visit

Washington AHMA hosts Managers Roundtable: Practical Fair Housing for Site Personnel, July 11th, Bremerton. Visit

HUD's Santa Ana Homeownership Center hosts Webinar on FHA's Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, July 11th, on-line.

HUD Seattle hosts workshop on Federal Labor Standards for CDBG & HOME grantees, July 16th, Seattle.

HUD Portland hosts Basics of Fair Housing workshop, July 17th, Portland.

HUD Spokane hosts a Webinar on the Basics of Fair Housing, July 18th.

Oregon AHMA hosts Comprehensive Reasonable Accommodations Workshop, July 19th, Lincoln City. Visit

HUD's Santa Ana Homeownership Center hosts Webinar on FHA Rehabilitation Mortgages & Energy Efficiency, July 25th, on-line.

HUD's offices nationwide expected to be closed on July 22nd due to sequestration.

Oregon AHMA hosts Tax Credit Move-Ins from A to Z Workshop, July 25th, Salem. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts two workshops -Introduction to Fair Housing & Advanced Fair Housing Seminar: Hypothetical Scenarios- July 31st, Seattle. Visit

HUD's offices nationwide expected to be closed on August 2nd due to sequestration.

HUD Boise & Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco host workshop on Working Effectively with Tribal Governments, August 6th, Boise. Visit

HUD's Santa Ana Homeownership Center hosts Webinar on Recent Changes & Initiatives at FHA, August 8th, on-line.

Oregon AHMA hosts Comprehensive Reasonable Accommodations Workshop, August 15th, Grants Pass. Visit

HUD's offices nationwide expected to be closed on August 16th due to sequestration.

Deadline to submit nominations for 2013 Friends of Housing awards to Washington Housing Finance Commission, August 16th. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Comprehensive Reasonable Accommodations Workshop, August 21st, LaGrande. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Comprehensive Reasonable Accommodations Workshop, August 22nd, Redmond. Visit

HUD'soffices nationwide expected to be closed on August 30th due to sequestration.


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