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July 2014

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Responding to "state, local and tribal leaders who are working to increase the safety and security of their communities," on June 14th announced the National Disaster Resilience Competition that, under HUD's direction, will award "nearly $1 billion" to communities that experienced "Presidentially-declared major disaster in 2011, 2012, and 2013" to "help them rebuild and increase their resilience to future disasters." $820 million will be available for applications from all such communities with the balance - some $180 million - will be made available to states affected by Hurricane Sandy to "address critical housing needs, building on the successful model set forth by HUD's Rebuild by Design competition." HUD is expected shortly to publish a Notice of Funding Availability that will insure the funds support innovative resilience projects at the local level while encouraging communities to adopt policy changes and activities that plan for the impacts of extreme weather and climate change." It appears that up to 50 areas in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington might qualify for the assistance. For more on the National Disaster Resilience Competition, visit


Though "the economy continues to expand," Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has told a National Urban league audience that the Obama Administration does not intend "to lose our resolve" but instead to "provide more affordable options for renters, assist homeowners facing foreclosure or juggling bills to pay their mortgages and expand access to credit for prospective borrowers." Specifically, he said the Making Homes Affordable initiative which has already helped more than 1.3 million underwater or at-risk borrowers lower monthly mortgage payments will be extended "at least until December 31, 2016." On the rental side, Secretary Lew announced a new partnership with HUD through which the Federal Financing Bank "will use its authority to finance FHA-insured mortgages that support the construction and preservation of rental housing." For more, see the Secretary's remarks at


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has added two new sections to its single-family Handbook and is seeking your views on how to make them better. The two sections –Doing Business with FHA - FHA Lenders and Mortgagees and Quality Control, Oversight and Compliance - are part of FHA's new Blueprint for Access to expand the access of credit-worthy, ready-and-able- to-buy who don't have platinum credit ratings to FHA mortgage products. The two new sections are intended to make it easier for FHA lenders to comply with FHA requirements. Comments are due by July 29th.


Do you work with or have a HUD Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or "reverse mortgage"? Well, hot off the presses are two new Mortgagee Letters that may be worth your time. Mortgagee Letter 14-10 deals with Prohibition on Misleading or Deceptive Program Descriptions or Advertising and Prohibition on Restriction of Mortgagor's Freedom of Choice. And Letter 14-11 addresses Limit on Insurabilityof Fixed Interest Rate Products under the HECM Program. If you're in the business, they're worth your time.


The Portland Housing Bureau certainly knew how to celebrate National Homeownership Month in June, awarding some $3.85 million to promoting and maintains homeownership including $2.4 million to create opportunities for first time homebuyers, and $1.45 million to help homeowners, primarily elderly, to retain their homes." Funds are allocated to home repair assistance, homebuyer education, homeownership assistance and home retention assistance. Partners with the Bureau include Rebuilding Together, REACH CDC, Portland Community Reinvestment, Community Energy Project, Unlimited Choices, NAYA Cully 2.0, Portland Housing Center, Minority Homeownership Assistance Collaborative, Proud Ground, Habitat for Humanity, Hacienda CDC and Rose CDC. "As housing prices increase in Portland these programs become even more important," City Commissioner Dan Saltzman told The Business Journal, "combatting gentrification, keeping families in their homes, helping seniors age-in-place, and providing opportunities for more low and moderate income families to become homeowners."


HUD awards an additional $4.5 million to 51 more new and renewed homeless projects in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, over and above $68 million in renewal funding awarded in April to 382 projects in the four states. . .Alaska Housing Finance awards $5.9 million in state funds to 28 projects serving 12,500 homeless Alaskans in 13 communities statewide. . .Governor Kitzhaber signs HB 4038 which, effective January 1st, 2015, will allow residents of manufactured home parks "a short window of opportunity" to compete to purchase the park as a resident cooperative when the owner indicates intent to sell. . .Idaho Department of Commerce awards more than $500,000 Gem grants for economic development and job creation projects in 13 communities with under 10,000 residents. . .News-Miner says NeighborhWorks has bought seven lots in Muldoon neighborhood on east side of Anchorage to house "veterans, especially those who are currently homeless. . .Telling The Olympian "as long as shelter is needed," her First Christian Church is "committed to sheltering people," Pastor Amy Walters joins Mayor Buxbaum for grand opening of Family Support Center of South Sound's new Pear Blossom Place shelter for homeless families in renovated building sold by City for just $1. . .Demolition of 17-space manufactured housing park in Albany almost completed and, says Democrat Herald, Innovative Housing and redevelopment agency soon to break ground on 54-units of affordable housing. . .ARCH Community Housing's Michelle Griffith, says Idaho Mountain Express, is confident it will prevail in lawsuit against its proposed Quail Creek affordable housing development in Ketchum. . .Catholic Sentinel says Gregory Baker named director of Blanchet House in Portland. . .Jayne Auld, executive director of Spokane Housing Ventures for past 22 years announces retirement. . .Dale Burden, co-founder of Walkable & Livable Communities Institute in Port Townsend, honored by Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox as "champion of change". . .Oregon Housing & Community Services' Margaret Van Vliet says 2014 Low Income Housing Tax Credit funds should be available for three complexes that sought them unsuccessfully in 2013 - the 42-unit Village East in Springfield, 40-unit East Lake Village in Bend and –unit NAYA Generation in Portland. . .Washington Department of Commerce awards nearly $400,000 in CDBG-funded planning grants to 17 rural communities for studies on water and wastewater system upgrades, community center. food bank feasibility & development of local affordable housing strategy. . .Latest round of Meyer Memorial Trust grants include $875,000 to 10 chapters of Habitat for Humanity and $150,000 to CASA of Oregon to "continue support for the conversion of manufactured home communities into resident-owned cooperatives. . .49 Attorneys General, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Justice Department file mortgage servicing settlement directing SunTrust to provide $500 million in loss-mitigation relief to underwater borrowers, pay $40 million to 48,000 consumers who lost their homes to foreclosure, $10 million to the federal government and a $418 million penalty. . .Oregon Opportunity Network's Resident Services Opportunity Project highlighted in HUD study, How HUD Can Support Place-Based Service Interventions for Families, at


Over the years, FHA has endorsed over 1.6 million single-family mortgages in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state. The vast majority are Section 304b acquisition mortgage. They're exactly what they say they are - buyers use the mortgage to, plain and simple, acquire the house. Over the same period in the same area, FHA has endorsed just over 10,000 - yes, just 10,000 - Section 203k acquisition and rehabilitation mortgages. They too are what they say they are. You not only acquire the house, but also finance a lot of the fix-up costs. Since a lot of people buy existing homes, you probably wonder why the Section 203k "fixer-upper" isn't more. Answer's pretty simple - to protect the interests of all parties - the buyer, the lender and, yes, FHA - sets a high bar to jump to get its okay. "Since the loan is based on what the home will be worth after the project is completed," wrote Kyle Green recently in The Idaho Statesman, the project plan " has to be inked in, contractors on board, and bids and estimates accepted before the loan can even be approved by FHA." But when 203k works, it really works. Just ask Michele and Jeff Gallegos of Boise. See


Way back in the 1830's the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville visited America to study its prisons. He made it to Sing Sing but mostly focused on other things. Like the tendency of Americans to be joiners. "Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions constantly form associations." He even argued the tendency as one of the young republic's greatest strengths. He'd be pleased, then, 180 years later, to see what's happening every day in New Columbia, a mixed-income community of 2,500 residents from 22 countries owned and operated by Home Forward, the housing authority of Portland. There, reports Casey Parks in The Oregonian, the joiners - like members of the Biggest Loser Club - are helping "a community that is not fearful, that does not shrink back but really comes together and uses it as an opportunity to move forward." See how at


The Housing Consortium of Everett & Snohomish County estimates that between now and 2035 the County will need at least 22,000 more units of housing affordable to families at or below 50 percent of the county's area  median income. That's ambitious with a capital A. But there are early, encouraging signs. In June civic, business and local government leaders gathered a day-long conversation to get their heads around the goal and start thinking the how-to's of getting there. Even more encouraging is news out of Monroe  A 2.36 acre site on Main Street, reports The Monitor, has been cleared and Housing Hope has begun building the $1.27 million, 47-unit Monroe Family Village, its largest project to date. The site also will include a playground and house one of Housing Hope's social enterprises to offer employment opportunities and skills training to residents and neighbors. Ten units will go to income-eligible, recently-homeless families with children and 13 for families at 30 percent or less of area median income. Later this year, Housing Hope will begin construction on 11 town homes further down Main Street, with sweat equity insuring affordability. But it's not about "cheap rent," says Nate Greenland. "It's to see families thrive, and where there are kids in the picture, we want them to succeed in school and in life." More at


What's the best way to deal with falling vacancy rates and rising rents? Homeownership, says Gerald Hunter, CEO and executive director of the Idaho Housing & Finance Association. So much so that the Association is promoting "renter-ventions" in TV ads, encouraging renters to consider taking advantage of low interest rates and making use of Association tools like down-payment assistance and tax credits to stop renting and start buying. It is, Hunter told The Idaho Press Tribune in Caldwell, "a good time." To see the very, very, VERY clever IHFA ad, visit


For some reason you don't think of Seattle as a city of hills. San Francisco? Of course. But Seattle? No way. Unit, that is, you live and work here. And then you think of those hills every single day. Hills like the "steep bramble-choked" hillside that has long separated the Seattle Housing Authority public housing in Yesler Terrace - currently being revitalized with a HUD Choice Neighborhoods grant - and the City's Little Saigon and International District. Not anymore. On June 23rd, , Authority director Andrew Lofton, Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim, Council Members Sally Clark and Tom Rasmussen and area residents celebrated the formal ground-breaking for the 10th Avenue HillClimb.  By next summer the bramble will be gone and, thanks to funding from JP Morgan Chase, the City and HUD, in its place will be replaced with a pedestrian staircase, access ramps, 24-hour lighting, artwork and places to sit for a bit, enjoy the sight of Mt. Rainier to the south and, across Puget Sound, The Olympics to the west. The climb might leave you winded, but the view is guaranteed to take your breath away.   


HUD reaches agreement with owner, builder, architect and manager of a Seattle "micro-housing" apartment complex to resolve accessibility issues. . .Citing improved educational performance as a result of Tacoma Housing Authority's use of rental vouchers to promote residential and enrollment stability among formerly-homeless children at McCarver Elementary, News Tribune says Tacoma schools chief seeking funds to expand to more schools. . .Spokesman Review says City of Spokane considering "limited" use of HUD's Section 108 Loan Guarantee program to help "a private developer start transform "derelict" Ridpath Hotel into affordable housing. . .NeighborWorks and Catholic Social Services move first family into Patriot Square, recently-acquired and rehabilitated units that provide "safe, stable and affordable housing" to veterans in Anchorage. . .Though still "gathering input," Lake City Development Corporation and Idaho's Housing Company unveil plans for mixed-use project with 38 units of affordable housing that will, says Coeur d'Alene Press, "improve, modernize and develop a unique live-work district in the midtown area". . .REACH CDC & Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey break ground for first phase of The Orchards at Orenco, a transit-oriented development abutting the MAX light-rail that, upon completion, will be the largest "passive" multifamily complex in the U.S.. . .Victor latest Idaho city to enact ordinance prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment & accommodations on basis of sexual orientation or gender identification. . .Sami Jo Difuntorum of Siletz Tribal Housing Department named chairwoman of National American Indian Housing Council. . .Seattle/King County among four communities tapped to join Living Cities Integration Initiative. . .NEDCO working with city to bring "5 to 10" food carts to downtown Springfield. . ..LIHI's Ernestine Anderson Place for formerly-homeless elderly in Seattle named a finalist in Affordable Housing Finance magazine's 2014 Readers Choice Awards competition. . .Kathy Covey selected, reports Union Bulletin, to succeed Steve Moss who, come July 31st, is retiring after "almost four decades," as CEO of Blue Mountain Action Council in Walla Walla. . .Four's a charm as Housing Works learns, says Bend Bulletin, that Oregon Housing & Community Services is awarding, after three previous unsuccessful tries, funding to build 40-unit Eastlake Village on Bend's east side. . .St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County finalizes purchase, says Register Guard, of Oakridge Mobile Home Park - the fourth park it has acquired. . .After repairing or rebuilding 116 severely flood-damaged houses last summer, volunteers from Disciples of Christ, Lutheran Ministries, Mennonite Disaster Service, Samaritan's Purse and United Methodist Volunteers in Mission start work this summer on an additional 48 houses in Alakanuk, Circle, Emmonak and Galena in the Yukon River valley. 


HUD has set July 29th as the deadline for Native American tribal organizations, Federally-recognized Tribes and Alaska Native Villages to apply for $70 million in Indian Community Development Block Grants funds "to the creation of decent housing, suitable living environments, and economic opportunities primarily." Some $56 million is available for all ICDBG-eligible activities while and additional $10 million is available for " mold remediation

and prevention in and on housing units owned or operated by tribes and tribally designated housing entities TDHE) or previously assisted with HUD funding." See FR-5800-N-10 at


HUD has set August 12th as the deadline for local governments, Tribes, housing authorities and non-profits to apply for some $5 million in Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants. The grants - of up to $500,000 each - help "transform distressed, high-poverty neighborhoods into viable, mixed-income neighborhoods with access to well-functioning services, high quality public schools and education programs, high quality early learning programs and services, public assets, public transportation, and improved access to jobs.  See FR-5800-N-13 at HUD sets August 12 deadline to apply for Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants up to $600k each. FR-5800-N-13@


HUD has set August 18th as the deadline for public housing authorities, Tribes and tribally-designated housing entities, resident associations and non-profits to apply for a total of $36 million in HUD Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency Service Coordinator. ROSS funds allow for the hiring of staff to help residents "to increase earned income, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing.". The grant floor is $46,000 and the ceiling is $738,000.  


USDA has set July 24th as the deadline to apply for grants of up to $50,000 under its Section 533 Housing Preservation Program. Local governments, housing authorities, Tribes and their entities and are eligible for this year's $3.9 million competition. The program assists very low and low income homeowners and owners of rural rental properties to repair and rehabilitate their properties. For more, see USDA-RD-HCFP-HPG-2014 at


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's has set August 1st as the deadline for non-profits, government entities and Tribes to respond to a request-for-proposals for up to $75,000 over two years to support collaborations to close opportunity gaps for low-income communities and communities of color in Washington State and metropolitan Portland. The projects should focus on early childhood, K-12 and post-secondary education, improved responses to providing permanent housing to homeless and near-homeless families, capacity building, leadership development, strengthening action partnerships and increased diversity in community dialogues and decision-making. For more, visit


Six King County agencies - the City of Seattle, King County, ARCH-A Regional Coalition for Housing, United Way of King County, the Seattle Housing Authority & the King County Housing Authority - have announced the 2014 combined Notice of Funding Availability for some $43.9 million in capital and operating funds to provide housing for homeless families, individuals and young adults. The funders generally value "projects that emphasize recovery, employment, connections and through-put/graduation so that our system may increase capacity to end homelessness for more persons/households and may help more individuals and families to build upon their strengths to be self-reliant." Deadlines and requirements for each competition vary, so please visit


Most Reverend Joseph Tyson, Bishop of Yakima, confers the blessing on Catholic Charities Housing Services brand-new, self-help units at Vineyard Estates in Granger. . .Expected purchase of 95-year-old Winthrop Hotel by Redwood Housing Partners of California should, says News Tribune, result in more affordable housing in downtown Tacoma. . .U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski says FEMA will provide almost $2.7 million to "elevate" 16 to 17 houses to "safer heights" in Galena, a town severely damaged by Yukon River flooding last spring. . .RurALCAP names Connie O'Neill as director of supportive housing. . .King County Committee to End Homelessness 2013 annual report says King County's Continuum of Care now has " third highest homeless housing stock in the country" - behind only New York City & Los Angeles - including "5,686 units of permanent housing with supports funded since 2004, for a total of 7,709 units of permanent housing". . .The job done, four Portland construction firms - Fish Construction NW, Neil Kelly with PARR Lumber, Noyes Development & Schumacher Custom Homes - hand over keys for four new Habitat for Humanity Portland/East Metro homeowners units just 2 weeks after construction began. . .Capitol Hill Housing now accepting applications for 88-unit 12th Avenue Arts Building affordable housing. . .Clearwater Economic Development of Lewiston one of 48 organizations in 26 states to win USDA Rural Community Development Initiative grant to assist "sustainable" community development projects. . ..Melanie Corey named to succeed Gustav Ramos as executive director of Skagit County Housing Authority. . .Rockwood Retirement Communities celebrates opening of 24-unit Appleby Court II in Spokane Valley. . .Catholic Charities' says its free tax clinic in Gresham filed 1,064 IRS returns & generated more than $2 million in returns filed. . .Since October, says Spokesman Review, Goodwill Industries, Volunteers of America and Transitions have used HUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers to help "more than 180 homeless veterans" achieve housing stability and expect to help 325 more between now and 2015 in Spokane and neighboring communities. . .HUD okays City of Federal Way's request to create economic development loan fund under Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program. . .Working with NEDCO, architecture students at Lane Community College and University of Oregon build 1,285 square-foot, 3-bedroom "sustainable" house they'll sell for about $160,000 using the proceeds, says KMTR-TV, to support future "green" efforts. . .Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/King County to sell its first Seattle ReStore as part of plan to open "5 to 7 new stores" in as many years". . .To mark its 75th anniversary Seattle Housing Authority launches Website at www.SeattleHousing75.orgtnelling story of the challenges it's faced, successes it's enjoyed. 


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued a guide for staff at nursing home and assisted living facilities to help them "better protect the people in their care by preventing and addressing financial abuse and scams," including "financial mistreatment by "family members or other trusted people handling the finances of an incapacitated adult." The guide can be found at


EPA has set September 5th as the deadline to apply for the National Smart Growth Achievement Award recognizing "communities that use innovative policies and strategies to strengthen their economies, provide housing and transportation choices, develop in ways that bring benefits to a wide range of residents, and protect the environment." The competition is open to public-sector, private-sector and non-profit organizations, but must include a public-sector partner. Award categories include Built Projects, Corridor or Neighborhood Revitalization

 Plazas, Parks, and Public Places, Policies, Programs, and Plans and Overall Excellence in Smart Growth. For more, visit


Home Forward, the housing authority of Portland, says that March, 2014 study by the Providence Portland Health Center of formerly homeless residents of Bud Clark Commons found "significant reductions" in their health care costs and "improvements in physical and mental health" after they moved-in. The study says the cost savings - "total Medicaid cost reductions topped $500,000 in the first year following resident move-in" - resulted from residents "avoiding acute health crises and more expensive medical services." To read the full report, visit


The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has released a "statewide, regional and community look at major factors affecting Alaska's housing stock" that, says CEO &executive director Bryan Butcher, reveals that rural Alaskans "face aging infrastructure; high energy costs; and transportation and accessibility concerns" while urban Alaskans suffer from high costs, overcrowding and energy inefficient housing." Particularly notable, he adds, are findings that more than 15,000 homes in Alaska are overcrowded, more than 75,000 households spend more than 30 percent of their incomes on housing and nearly 20,000 homes have only a 1-star energy rating. For more, visit


"I appear before you today with more than just professional experience in dealing with housing and urban development. I also bring my own personal experience. I grew up on the West Side of San Antonio in a neighborhood of hardworking families of very modest means. My father—at two different times in his life—lived in public housing. My mother worked for the San Antonio Housing Authority. I've seen with my own eyes how talented and driven Americans who just want a fair shot are weighed down by the conditions in which they live, and this simply isn't right. All Americans deserve the same opportunities that I had, and I've dedicated my career to giving back to the country that has given so much to me. . .During my recent visits with Committee members, many of you asked about my priorities if I am confirmed. Allow me to share two of them with you. First, I am a strong believer in cross-agency collaboration. . .Similarly, I would like HUD to focus on outcomes, not only inputs. We shouldn't just track projects and dollars spent. We must measure those investments by the impact they make. . .The 21st century is shaping up to be the century of cities. And I believe there's a reason for that: In America's local communities, partnerships and pragmatism are the key drivers to success. That perspective has guided my efforts. If confirmed, I look forward to working with you to strengthen opportunity for Americans through HUD's efforts." -- Testimony of Secretary-designate Julian Castro, June 17, 2014, before U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs.


"The programs for which you advocate represent a lifeline for members of our communities—our neighbors or friends in need. That lifeline was there for a woman named Rebecca, a single mom, raising two kids. After falling on hard times, she said she wasn't sure how she would keep a roof over their heads. But thankfully, she was able to access housing services. And because of those critical support systems, she was able to re-establish a stable home life for her kids and herself. She says that today, her kids are happy, healthy, and thriving all because those services were there for her family when they needed them most. And now, she's become a great advocate for the Housing Alliance. Often times, it's not just one event that causes a family to lose a home. It's the culmination of little things that build up. Maybe it's losing a job. Maybe it's an injury, or an unexpected medical bill - or a combination of those things that force a family into homelessness. But what gives me hope is knowing that the culmination of small, positive things can tip the scales in the other direction, too." - U.S. Senator Patty Murray in remarks to the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, May 27. For more, see


The Yukon 's a mighty river. But so far Galena - where 130 homes were obliterated by flooding last spring - still prevails. And, says Alaska Public Radio, it's coming back higher and, hopefully, a lot drier. See


USDA sets July 8th deadline to apply for total of $13 million in Community Connect grants. . .USDA sets July 14th deadline to apply for grants of up to $20 million to support development of Regional Conservation Partnerships in rural areas. . .Veterans Affairs sets July 16th deadline for the 25 currently-operational Grant & Per Diem Special Needs Programs to apply for total of $5 million in renewal funds. . .HHS' Administration for Children & Families sets July 21st deadline for community development corporations to apply for community economic development grants of up to $800,000. . .USDA sets July 24th deadline to apply for grants of up to $50,000 to assist homeowners and owners of rental properties in rural areas rehabilitate their properties. . .FHA sets July 29th deadline to submit comments on two new sections proposed for its Single Family Programs Handbook. . .HUD sets July 29th deadline to for Tribes, Native Villages and tribal organizations to apply for $70 million under the Indian Community Development Block Grant program. . .Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle sets August 1st deadline to apply for some $4.9 million in Affordable Housing Program funds. . .Housing Washington sets August 1st deadline to submit nominations for 2014 Friend of Housing awards. . .Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sets August 1st deadline to respond to request-for-proposals to provide $75,000 to collaborations closing opportunity gaps in Washington state and metropolitan Portland. . .HUD sets August 12th deadline to apply Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants of up to $500,000 each. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services sets August 15th as deadline to apply for funding under its 2014 HOME & LIHTC NOFA. . .HUD sets August 18th for housing authorities, Tribes, resident associations and non-profits to apply for total of $36 million in Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency Service Coordinator grants to assist residents of subsidized achieving economic independence. . .EPA sets September 5th deadline to submit nominations for National Smart Growth Achievement Award. . .USDA sets December 31st deadline to apply for "up to" $150 million in Section 538 loan guarantees for construction or rehabilitation of rural rental housing.


HUD Seattle hosts "live" workshop on 2014 ICDBG - Indian Community Development Block Grant - notice of funding availability, July 1st, Seattle. RSVP to

HUD Seattle's Office of Residential Care Facilities offers a workshop for lenders and underwriters involved in FHA Section 232 mortgage financing, July 8th & 9th, Seattle.

Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy & Bonneville Power Administration hosts Tribal Leaders Energy Forum- Biomass Renewable Energy Opportunities & Strategies, July 9th, Portland. Visit

HUD hosts workshop for CHDOS on Understanding 2013 Final HOME Rule, July 8th to 10th, Salt Lake City. Visit

Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority hosting workshop on CDBG Grant Administration & Uniform Relocation Act, July 9th Roseburg.

Washington AHMA offers training on utility allowances, contract renewals and TRACS as well as keynote address by HUD Inspector General for Region X, Lana Monfort, July 15th & 16th, Spokane. Visit

HUD Oregon hosts Basics of Fair Housing Workshop, July 16th, Portland.

King County Office of Civil Rights offers Introductory & Advanced Fair Housing Workshops, July 16th, Seattle. Visit

Northwest Community Development Institute host Advanced - July 21st to 23red - and Years One-to-Three - July 21st to 25th - in Boise. Visit

HUD offers workshop for CHDOS on Understanding 2013 Final Home Rule, July 22nd to 24th, Denver. Visit

HUD Portland hosts Basics of Fair Housing workshop, July 23rd, Portland.

Hacienda CDC to "de-pave" former car dealership to redevelop as site of its new Mercado, July 26th, Portland. .Visit

Idaho Housing & Finance, USDA Rural Development & HUD hold Lender Update for Real Estate Professionals, July 24th, Idaho Falls.

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Basic Occupancy for Farm Labor Housing Managers, July 29th, Salem. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, July 29th, Salem. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, July 31st, Redmond. Visit

HUD offers workshop for CHDOS on Understanding the 2013 Final HOME Rule, August 12th to 14th, Phoenix. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Maintenance Medley workshop, August 13th, Grants Pass. Visit

Alaska Association of Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska host Housing Quality Standards workshop, August 13th ^ 14th, Anchorage. Dates tentative so visit

HUD Seattle & FHA's Santa Ana Homeownership Center offer FHA Lender Workshop, August 18th & 19th, Seattle.

King County Office of Civil Rights offers Introductory & Advanced Fair Housing Workshops, August 19th, Seattle. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts on-line Basics of Fair Housing Webinar, August 20th, on-line.

HUD Seattle & FHA's Santa Ana Homeownership Center host workshop on Completing Today's FHA Appraisal, August 20th, Seattle. Contact or at (800) 225-5342.

HUD offers workshop for CHDOS on Understanding the 2013 HOME Final Rule, August 26th to 28th, Portland. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, August 26th, Grants Pass. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, August 27th, La Grande. Visit

Alaska Association of Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska host Indian Housing Plan/Annual Performance Report, August 27th & 28th, Anchorage. Visit


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