Northwest HUD Lines
June 2016

HUD e-Briefs from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington

Leland Jones, Editor

Yep. It's June again which means we're celebrating Homeownership Month again. What's to celebrate?, some might ask since, as you'll see in the WORTH A THOUGHT item below, some argue that the U.S.A. is in transition from a nation of homeowners to one of renters. That's a provocative idea. But the raw numbers consider to strongly suggest that just like apple pie and the 4th of July, homeownership remains a fundamental part of the American Dream. Consider, for example, what's been happening with mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration - FHA - in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. In the just over 80 years since the New Deal gave us FHA, it's endorsed over 1.7 million mortgages in those four states with a total dollar value of $198.1 billion - yep, that's BILLION. That's a lot of mortgages, a lot of homeownership capital, more than half of the dollar value and a third of the mortgages insured in the last 10 years alone. As of April 28th, 2016, there were 304,713 active mortgages in the four states. Put all those houses with all those FHA mortgages in one place and assume a household size of just 2 people and you'll have yourself an instant FHA-only that's with a population that, according to the U.S. Census' 2014 estimates, equal to the 28th largest city in the U.S. & second-largest city in our Region - Portland, Oregon. Now that's worth celebrating!

Serving our Tribes & Native Villages
HUD Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public & Indian Housing Lourdes Castro Ramirez has named Heidi Frechette to succeed Roger Boyd as Deputy Assistant Secretary for HUD's Office of Native American Programs effective May 31st. She will direct a staff of 140 people in Headquarters and regional offices in Anchorage, Seattle, Albuquerque, Chicago, Denver, Oklahoma City & Phoenix who administer some $700 million in community, housing & economic development programs for the nation's 567 Federally-recognized tribes. She currently serves in HUD's budget office and began her career at HUD in the Office of Native American Programs. Previously, she served as senior counsel to the Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs during which time she helped draft the Native American Housing & Self Determination Act of 2008. A Menominee/Brothertown, she received her bachelors and law degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. "Her leadership, coupled with the commitment and dedication of the ONAP team, will result in continued successes in our important work throughout Indian Country," said Castro Ramirez.

Are the Twin Cities setting a precedent?
No surprise, a lot of us are still trying to get their brains around HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule and the nuts-and-bolts of what it will mean - and won't mean - on-the-ground in their communities. Maybe a good place to start would be a recent agreement between HUD and the cities of St. Paul & Minneapolis Under the agreement the cities will move forward on plans to revise a regional fair housing analysis within a year, taking advantage of new tools provided through HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule. The agreement, says HUD Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Gustavo Velasquez, places the Twin Cities "at the forefront of city and regional planning that incorporates fair housing as one of its stated goals."

HOME posts 2016 limits
HUD publishes fiscal year 2016 HOME Investment Partnership income & rent limits effective June 6th, 2016.

FHA affirms policy on down payment assistance
In letter to partner, Ed Golding, HUD Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing & the head of FHA, says that that "loans that include down payment assistance provided by state and local housing finance agencies continue to be eligible for FHA insurance." After conducting a "thorough and deliberative" review of concerns raised by the Inspector General of the risks in such loans, Golding said FHA believes "down payment assistance programs are some-times coupled with neighborhood revitalization initiatives, funded through federal and other public sources. When combined in this manner, these sources of funds play a critical role in expanding affordable homeownership and creating vibrant neighborhoods."

HUD Secretary Castro announces first-ever Housing Trust Fund allocations including $3 million each to Alaska, Idaho & Oregon and $3.2 million to Washington State saying it is "tool to help states confront a growing affordable rental housing crisis in this country". . .King County Executive Constantine proposes that King County Housing Authority receive access to County's AAA credit rating to help finance 2,200 more units of new & preserved affordable housing. . .The Glory Hole & Juneau Housing First break ground, says Juneau Empire, for 32 Housing First units for the chronically homeless on site owned by Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority. . .Seattle City Council votes unanimously to place 7-year, $200 million Housing Tax Levy on August, 2016 budget that, says The Times, "would raise twice as much" for affordable housing "as the existing housing levy, which expires this year". . .Lisa Byers honored for her 20 years as executive director of Opal Community Land Trust in Eastsound, Washington which, since 1990, has created 108 permanent affordable homeownership & 29 permanently affordable rental units in eight neighborhoods. . .Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack & U.S. Forest Service's Tidwell talk about preparations and forecast for "worrisome" 2016 wildfire season. . .NeighborImpact, Housing Works; YouthBuild crew from HeartsofOregon, reports KBND-AM, complete first of six homes to be built for farmworker families in Madras, Oregon. . .Longview, Washington Housing Authority, reports KLOG-AM, changes name to Housing Opportunities of Southwest Washington to "better reflect the diverse needs" of communities it serves. . .EPA awards $1.4 million in Brownfields grants to Tigard, Clackamas County & Portland and $750,000 to Cook Inlet Housing Authority and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. . .With funding from Oregon Housing & Community Services, says KOBI-TV, Klamath Housing Authority begins construction begins on Victory Commons, 10, one-bedroom affordable units for veterans in Klamath Falls, Oregon. . .City pf Fairbanks, Alaska, Fairbanks Native Association, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital & Tanana Chiefs Association urging creation, says News-Miner, of "sobering station" "as a safe place where incapacitated public inebriates can sleep it off" instead of transporting them to emergency rooms or jail. . .Idaho Falls, Idaho Redevelopment Agency launches plan, says LocalNews8, to get "more people living downtown who can be spending and contributing to a vibrant downtown Idaho Falls. . .After committing at its opening as a temporary homeless shelter to close it in six months, reports The Tribune, Portland, Oregon Mayor Charlie Hales keeps promise ordering Sears Armory in Multnomah Village be shut effective May 31s. . .Catholic Charities Walla Walla celebrates grand opening of St. Michael the Archangel Haven, says Union Bulletin, 40 units of affordable housing for homeless veterans on campus of VA medical center in Walla Walla, Washington.

Facing the future in Alaska
It's pretty likely you've never heard of Newtok, Alaska, That's probably about to change because its 560 predominantly-Yup'ik residents have a problem. Thanks to climate change, the permafrost on which it site is warming, its 60 or so houses are sinking and its riverbanks are being eaten alive by the Ninglia River. Within just a couple of years, the Army Corps of Engineers believes, will be underwater, the former home of those The Guardian calls "America's first climate refugees." Learn more about what HUD, the State of Alaska and our other Federal partners are doing to help the community move to safer ground.

A kid to keep an eye on
Tessa Salazar of Ketchikan is one of 12 Alaskans named recently by First Lady Donna Walker as 2016 Alaska Volunteers of the Year. All 12 are remarkable people who've remarkable things. But Teresa's especially remarkable, telling her Mom at age 7 that she wanted to raise money for a local homeless shelter reports, SitNews. She launched Kids' Cookies for a Cause and that Christmas holiday season sold cookies she and her extended family had baked at the local mall, raising "more than $1,000." She hasn't stopped and now, at the ripe old age of 12, her cookies have raised "almost $40,000" with the funds going to support five charities in the area. Wow! Some cookies, some kid.

Building builds community support
How do you get folks in Medford, Oregon who don't need tiny houses to see how sensible they are for folks in their community who do? Hope Village, an organization hoping to buy a parcel in Medford to construct up to 15 tiny homes has a unique idea - give folks who are skeptical a chance to spend the night in one. That way, they explained to Oregon Public Broadcasting's Liam Moriarty, they may realize it's not a permanent, long-term solution, but may be "the fastest, cheapest way to get safe secure housing available to people immediately," says Jackson County Homeless Task Force. Better still, it would mean Medford police officers wouldn't have to spend all that time and resources conducting homeless sweeps up to a dozen times a year along the Bear Creek Greenway. Visit

We tend to celebrate the good things that happen in the communities we call home but sometimes try to run away or forget the bad. The bad like what happened at 10:37 on a Saturday morning in March, 2014 near Oso in rural Snohomish County, Washington when in what seemed barely an instant a mudslide slid across the Stillaguamish River and devoured a one-square mile area, destroying homes and leaving 43 people homeless. Scott Morris, a former Everett Herald reporter who is president of the Darrington Historical Society wants to make sure that we don't forget, that those who survived that terrible day pass the story along to future generations. He explained why recently with Jeanie Yandel of KUOW-FM.

Why coordinated entry "works"
There have been reports that some folks have lost hair, a couple of nights' sleep & even a significant other or two as they've tried to figure out HUD's Coordinated Entry system to quickly and appropriately serving the homeless. "I'd rather wrestle a hungry bear," one person said. Not so, says social worker Stephanie Bloom of Boise. Read why.

Happy 80th birthday to the Rural Electrification Act (and thanks for lighting-up America's countryside). . .ACCESS Inc. unveils plans for Victory Place, reports Mail Tribune, 17 units of affordable housing for veterans in Medford, Oregon. . .Washington State Housing Finance Commission approves $57.1 million in financing for 540 units of new and substantially-rehabilitated housing to be developed by Vancouver, Peninsula, Colville Indian l& Renton housing as well as Mercy Housing, Second Step & Catholic Charities Housing Services in Bellingham, Prosser, Renton, Vancouver & northwest Washington. . .Boise, Idaho City Council considering use of 2.5 acres of city-owned land for proposed 120 units of affordable housing says KTVB-TV. . .Alaska Forum, Pt. Gamble S'Klallam & City of Tacoma awarded total of $900,000 in EPA environmental workforce development grants. . .Saying it will "cut utility bills in half for financially strapped residents," Seattle Mayor Murray & Seattle Housing Authority agree, says The Times, to automatically enroll residents in utility discount programs. . .Housing Works unveils plans, says Bulletin, to build 55 affordable townhomes in Bend, Oregon starting this July. . .King County, Washington Council unanimously approves first family & youth homelessness prevention project funded by Best Star for Kids tax levy passed by voters last year. . .City of Everett, says Herald, picks site to be developed as up t0 70 units for low-threshold, Housing First project. . .Caldwell, Idaho housing authority, says Press-Tribune, is revitalizing blighted neighborhoods by constructing new homes "built to last". . .Toledo, Washington one of first five communities nationwide selected by USDA & EPA under Cool & Connected initiative to revitalize their downtowns. . .Kenai, Alaska City Council considers donating 2 acres of city land, says Clarion, as site for elderly & low-income housing developed by Kenai Peninsula Housing Initiative. . ."For the first time," reports The Gazette, Cannon Beach, Oregon housing task force see concept designs of potential housing developments for those who work "and need an affordable place to live" in beach resort. . .With health benefits "the biggest driver for us," Housing Kitsap plans to begin moving to smoke-free complexes beginning June 1st, says Bremerton Patriot. . .Asked by KBSX-FM why City of Boise contributed to development of 30-unit Vineyard at Eagle Promenade which recently celebrated its grand opening, city's Dianna Lachiondo explains "the more of these efforts that we get under our belt, the more likely we are to be able to do it again". . .City of Vancouver, Washington seeking on-line responses from residents on their view, says The Columbian, of proposal to seek voter approval for local affordable housing tax levy.

On May 31st, The Federal Register published a proposed rule to revise and improve the Indian Housing Block Grant program authorized under the Native American Housing & Self Determination Act. The IHBG program "provides federal housing assistance for Indian tribes in a manner that recognizes the right of Indian self-determination and tribal self-government." The proposed rule was the result of a negotiated rulemaking procedure with HUD and active tribal participation and reflects "consensus decisions reached by HUD and the tribal representatives on ways to improve and clarify the current regulations governing the IHBG Program formula." Public comments are due by August 1st. 

HUD Secretary Castro has announced that HUD is proposing a rule that would proposed a rule to require the installation of broadband infrastructure into most HUD-financed multifamily housing developments during their construction or substantial rehabilitation. It's hoped that the rule, along with other HUD Initiatives like ConnectHome, will greatly expand access to the Internet for families and their children living in Federally-assisted housing. Since broad band installation generally is "easier and cheaper" in the construction phase of a project, the Secretary urged developers to include the work as part of their multifamily development plans. The Secretary characterized the rule as representing a "long-term investment in a 21st century global economy" that will give "our residents and their children" a way to "bridge the digital divide." Comments on the proposed rule are due July 18th.

Helping HUD's partners use HUD funds well
HUD has set a July 19th deadline to apply for grants of up to $58 million in HUD Community Compass Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program funds. HUD expects to award some 20 awards of between $500,000 & $20 million to provide technical assistance that will help HUD partners "navigate complex housing and community development challenges by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, tools, capacity, and systems to implement HUD programs and policies successfully." Eligible applicants for Community Compass funds include local, state & tribal governments, housing authorities, institutions of higher education, tribal organizations and non-profit and for-profit businesses. Visit FR-6000-N-06

Fostering opportunity in rural America
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service has set a July 22nd deadline to apply for a total of $4 million under its Rural Community Development Initiative. Eligible applicants include state, local & tribal governments, public housing authorities, special & independent school districts, institutions of higher education & small businesses. The winners will serve as intermediaries to "provide a program of financial and technical assistance to recipients to develop their capacity and ability to undertake projects related to housing, community facilities, or community and economic development that will support the community." The Initiative expects to fund up to 21 grants this year of between $50,000 & $250,000. Visit USDA-RD-HCFP-RCDI-2016 .

Giving the at-risk a way to get ahead
The U.S. Department of Labor has set July 6th as the deadline to apply for grants of up to $1.1 million to establish or continue YouthBuild programs which provide young people ages 16 to 24 who are high school drop-outs, adjudicated, leaving foster care, homeless or with disabilities to acquire skills in the construction trades & to complete their high school educations. The occupational focus of their YouthBuildi activities will be projects which preserve or expand the supply of affordable, energy-efficient housing or, in the YouthBuild Plus component, other in-demand occupations. The labor Department expects to award up to 80 YouthBuild grants this year. Visit FOA-ETA-16-10

Renewing the commitment to homeless veterans
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has set a June 26th deadline to submit applications for one-year renewal funding for the for the 21 currently operational fiscal year 2015 VA Homeless Providers Grant & Per Diem (GPD) Special Need Grant Recipients & their collaborative partners to continue providing services to homeless veterans with special needs. The VA expects to award some $4.1 million to renewals. Visit.

Using authority provided by 2016 Oregon legislature, Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman proposes construction excise tax of 1 percent of permit valuation the proceeds of which will be dedicated to preserving & building affordable housing. . .Low Income Housing Institute breaks ground for Billy Frank Jr. Place, 43 units of affordable housing in downtown Olympia, Washington for very low-income Olympians with a special focus on the formerly homeless, veterans, homeless youth & the disabled. . .Business Oregon names projects in Astoria, Coos Bay, Hillsboro Grants Pass as winners of 2016 Oregon Brownfields Awards. . .University of Idaho & Washington State University win USDA Agriculture &Food Research Initiative grants to promote prosperity in rural communities. . .City of Spokane, Washington pledges $200,000 to House of Charity's plans to begin round-the-clock shelter services in 2017, says Spokesman Review. . .Anchorage Mayor Berkowitz announces plans, says Alaska Dispatch, to launch summer "work van" to link "people who are homeless or panhandling" with day labor opportunities. . .Portland, Oregon's new Homeward Bound program, says Associated Press, buys first bus tickets for homeless to leave city for another destination where "will have a family or friend help them in their new destination" with follow-up with the individual once they've arrived. . .Peninsula Housing Authority dedicates 9 more USDA mutual self-help homes & has now completed 78 in Pendley Court neighborhood of Port Angeles, Washington says Peninsula Daily News. . .REACH CDC tells Oregonian it hopes to honor Woody Guthrie who wrote his Columbia song cycle while a resident of Portland's Lents neighborhood by naming a new affordable housing complex after him when completed next year. . ."Since 2009," North Idaho Housing Coalition tells Coeur d'Alene Press, "it's purchased, rehabbed and resold close to 90 homes in North Idaho, with about 90 percent of them being former foreclosed properties or short sales". . .Housing Works tells Bend Bulletin it hopes to start this July on construction of 48-unit Cook Crossing housing for the elderly in Redmond, Oregon. . .City of Tacoma announces winners of 2016 Historic Preservation Awards. . .Deschutes County, Oregon donates two homes foreclosed because, says The Bend Bulletin, of unpaid property taxes to Redmond Habitat for Humanity for affordable homes for "qualified low-income applicants."

It takes a home to succeed in school
"Aware of the traumatic effects that homelessness can have on children - physically, emotionally, and academically - the King County Housing Authority, Highline Public Schools (where 1,027 students were homeless at some point during the 2014-15 school year) and Neighborhood House have partnered on an innovative program to rapidly rehouse families with children identified as homeless by school staff. While many families require ongoing rental support to remain stably housed in this increasingly expensive rental market, others just need temporary assistance to tide them over a rough patch and get them back on their feet. The Student and Family Stability Initiative (SFSI) offers these households short-term help with housing expenses such as rent, security deposits and moving costs, combined with case management focused on eliminating barriers to housing stability and employment. The program is showing promise. Since its inception in late 2013, a total of 115 homeless families, with 294 children, have been rehoused' of these families -- 82 percent remain stable in their housing post assistance.; 65 percent of the assisted families show a monthly income gain, with median monthly incomes increasing from $1,234 at entry to $2,040 at exit; 89 percent of the students housed through the program remain at their original school. Using its flexibility under the Moving to Work program, KCHA is investing $800,000 to rapidly rehouse another 100 families with an estimated 250 children in the Highline school district in 2016. . .A stronger school system is not enough. If we truly want children who live in poverty to succeed, and break the cycle of poverty in our communities, we need to assure that every student has a safe and secure place to go at night." -- . An op-ed by Stephen Norman of King County Housing Authority, Dr. Susan Enfield of Highline School District & Mark Okazak of Neighborhood House, The Seattle Times, May 23, 2016.

The affordable housing gap widens
Where in the United States can a worker earning the prevailing minimum wage for a 40-hour work week afford a modest, two-bedroom apartment? Nowhere, "in no state, metropolitan area or county in the United States," says the National Low Income Housing Coalition's 2016 report, Out of Reach - No Refuge for Low Income Renters which looks at the disparity between rental housing costs and renter income in every jurisdiction across the country. "A worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour would need to work 2.8 full time jobs, or approximately 112 hours per week for all 52 weeks of the year, in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment at HUD's Fair Market Rent (FMR). If this worker slept for eight hours per night, he or she would have no remaining time during the week for anything other than working and sleeping." The reports, writes HUD Secretary Castro in its preface, shows that "Tackling our affordability crisis isn't just the right thing to do — it's also one of the best ways we can invest in our nation's long term growth and competitiveness." HUD's "annual housing support for nearly 5.5 million households is one of the most important steps we can take to help people succeed today, and live healthier lives long into the future."

Is the American Dream morphing?
Was the Great Recession the beginning of the end of the United States as a nation of homeowners? "Could be," argues a team from the University of Southern California, The Urban Institute and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in a piece published recently by HUDUser.

Fare well, friend
Cindy Algeo is the director of the Spokane Low Income Housing Coalition (SLIHC), and recently announced her retirement after 12 years of leadership. When I called to ask whom we should speak with in Spokane about why homelessness is increasing, she gave me several connections—and then said, "I'll tell you my view." She points out that we've been focusing our resources on the most vulnerable, chronically homeless and mentally ill, as well as veterans. "That's one reason why veterans homelessness has decreased so rapidly." However, there's a flip side. "I get a lot of calls from people who are at risk of homelessness—but they can't get even short-term assistance because there is little or no funding. I know they're not going to score high on the assessment [for level of need], and I know they're not going to be served, although local agencies offer some case management to help them at least a little bit. I think it's important to offer some service, or hope, to people who call. But the resources in the community for them are really scarce. This isn't a dilemma unique to tackling homelessness, but whenever you focus on a population, another population is going to get shortchanged." - - From My View, a publication of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, May, 2016.

A job well done
"I've loved being part of OHCS," - Oregon Housing & Community Services - "and have very much appreciated working with the many community partners who share our passion for creating housing opportunity for those in need. But I also know that one responsibility leaders carry is recognizing when it's time to pass the torch. For me it's time because I did what I set out to do almost five years ago. When I got here in 2011 then-Governor Kitzhaber asked me to improve performance and credibility of the agency. With the help of our employees and many of you, I worked hard to transition OHCS to a stronger place, and today I feel confident that OHCS is poised to make a significant impact on the housing crisis plaguing our state." - Margaret Van Vliet in a May 10th, 2016 Director's Message explaining why, effective May 31st, she plans to "take some time personally to regenerate and spend time with my family while I contemplate what my next professional endeavor could entail."

Documents & data drops of interest
HUD publishes modification to Notice of Funding Availability for Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grants due on June 28th at FR-6000-N-34-TC. . .HUD launches "one-stop" Web site for all your questions about HUD's Tribal VASH - Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing - program. . .HUD posts 2014 Special Tabulations of Households by Income, Tenure, Age of Householder, and Conditions from American Community Survey. . .Washington State Housing Finance Commission posts the May issue of Kim Herman's My View focused on why homelessness is rising in Washington State with contributions from Ted Kelleher of the Washington Department of Commerce, Rachael Myers of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Whitney Summers of Snohomish County, Sharon Stadelman of Catholic Charities Spokane. . .New York Times posts interactive graphs of where middle class is shrinking and where it's not. . .HUD posts recap of 2016 Continuum of Care funding competition. . .USDA posts Urban Agriculture Toolkit for those who want to start a farm or garden in their cities.

Meyer Memorial Trust sets June 6th deadline to apply for $2.5 million through its Healthy Environment portfolio. . .HUD sets June 13th deadline to apply for $15 million in Jobs Plus Initiative Grants. . .HUD sets June 14th deadline to apply for Native American tribal governments & organizations to apply for $56 million in  Indian Community Development Block Grant funds. . .USDA sets June 17th deadline to apply for Community Connect grants of up to $3 million each to expand & upgrade broadband services in rural communities. . .HUD sets June 23rd to apply for more than $37 million in fair housing private enforcement, education & outreach and organizations grants under Fair Housing Initiatives Program. . .FHA sets June 26th deadline for stakeholder comments on the draft Title I section of its Single Family Housing Policy Handbook HUD 4000.1. . .HUD sets June 28th deadline to apply for an anticipated 4 grants of $30 million each under the HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Program. . .Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines sets June 30th deadline for sponsors & members to apply for competitive Affordable Housing Program grants of up to $500,000 for "quality projects". . .Foraker Group sets July 1st deadline to apply for its 2016 Certificate in Non-Profit Management course. . .The U.S. Department of Labor sets July 6th deadline to apply for YouthBuild grants of up to $1.1 million each. . .The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System sets July 11th deadline to apply to serve on its Community Advisory Council. . .HUD sets July 18th deadline to submit comments on proposed rule requiring installation of broadband technology in HUD-assisted housing at the time of construction or rehabilitation. . .HUD sets July 19th deadline to apply for Community Compass Technical Assistance & Capacity Building funds. . .USDA Rural Utilities Service sets July 22nd deadline to apply for total of $4 million through Rural Community Development Initiative. . .HUD sets August 1st deadline to submit comments on a proposed rule improving and clarifying current regulations governing the allocation formula for its Indian Housing Block Grant program.

All Home hosts 2016 annual conference, June 1st, Seattle, Washington. Visit

USDA's Tribal Supportive Housing Webinar Series hosts Webinar on Permanent Supportive Housing: A Comprehensive Approach to Tribal Housing, June 3rd, on-line. Visit

Oregon Community Trees hosts 2016 Urban & Community Forestry Conference, June 2nd, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation holds public hearing on an amendment to its Consolidated Plan of a proposed allocation plan for recently-received National Housing Trust Fund resources, June 10th, Anchorage. Contact

HUD Washington hosts Fair Labor Standards/Davis-Bacon Workshop for Contractors, June 13th, Yakima, Washington. Visit

National Conference of State Housing Agencies hosts annual national convention, June 13th to 16th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

HUD Washington hosts Federal Labor Standards/Davis-Bacon Workshop for HOME & CDBG Grantees, June 14th, Pasco, Washington. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts virtual "live meeting" workshop on Environmental Assessment Factor training, June 14th, on-line "live meeting. Visit

Spokane City & County Continuum of Care hosts stakeholder forum, June 14th, Spokane, Washington. RSVP

HUD Washington hosts Federal Labor Standards/Davis-Bacon Workshop for contractors in Washington State's Tri Cities area June 15th, Pasco, Washington. Visit

HUD Santa Ana Homeownership Center holds one-day "live" Lender Training, June 15th, Santa Ana, California. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts First Steps - Best Practices to Promote Fair Housing workshop, June 15th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

USDA's Tribal Supportive Housing Webinar Series hosts Webinar on Promising Practice in Permanent Supportive Housing: Principles in Action, June 15th, on-line. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Advanced Fair Housing seminar, June 15th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

City of Tacoma to host public hearing on its 2017-2022 Capital Facilities Program, June 15th, Tacoma, Washington. Visit

Association of Washington Cities hosts annual conference, June 21st to 24th, Everett, Washington. Visit

USDA's Tribal Supportive Housing Webinar Series hosts Webinar on Federal Financial Resources to Build Tribal Supportive Housing, June 21st, On-line. Visit

Association of Idaho Cities hosts annual conference, June 22nd to 24th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

HUD Alaska & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities Host Contract Administration & Procurement Training, June 24th to 26th, Anchorage. Visit

FHA hosts Appraisal Workshop, June 23rd, Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit

HUD Alaska & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities host workshop on Indian Housing Plans & Annual Report Planning, June 21st & 22nd, Anchorage. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts Federal Labor Standards/Davis-Bacon workshop for CDBG & HOME grantees, public & tribal housing authorities & other HUD partners, June 21st, Seattle. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts 2016 Affordable Housing Conference, June 22nd to 24th, Salem, Oregon Visit

HUD Seattle hosts Fair Labor Standards/Davis-Bacon workshop for contractors, June 23rd, Seattle. Visit

FHA hosts Underwriter Training Workshop, June 24th, Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit

Hacienda CDC hosts 18th annual Latino Home Fair, June 25th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

HUD Idaho hosts Federal Labor Standards Workshop, June 28th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

HUD Idaho hosts Federal Labor Standards Workshop for CDBG grantees & public housing authorities, June 29th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

HUD Washington hosts Federal Labor Standards/Davis-Bacon Workshop for HOME & CDBG grantees, June 30th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

HUD Washington hosts Federal Labor Standards & Davis-Bacon workshop, July 1st, Spokane, Oregon. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications for Residents with Disabilities workshop, July 6th, Seattle. Visit

HUD Oregon hosts Project-Based Voucher Workshop, July 14th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Northwest Community Development Institute, July 18th to 22nd, Boise, Idaho. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Trends & Hot Topics in Fair Housing workshop, July 19th, Redmond, Oregon. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Qualifying Households - A HUD Occupancy workshop, July 26th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

CASA of Oregon hosts Farmworkers Housing Conference, July 27th to 29th, Hood River, Oregon. Visit

HUD Oregon hosts Basics of Fair Housing workshop, July 27th, Portland, Oregon. Visit


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