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November 2014

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. . .And, fortunately, the affordable housing community in our Region has plenty of them. Friends like Chris Venne of Community Frameworks, the Beacon Development Group, Jayne Auld of Spokane Housing Ventures, Adrienne Quinn of King County Community and Human Services, Mayor Stephen Buxbaum of the City of Olympia, Isabel Dickens of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association and the late Harry Hoffman of the Housing Development Corporation, each of whom were honored as Friends of Housing at the 2014 Housing Washington Conference in Tacoma. Or friends like Home Street Bank, winner of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle 2014 Community Spirit Award (and promptly donated the $5,000 that accompanied the Award to FUSIO, an all-volunteer community organization that owns 16 transitional homes for families in the greater Federal Way area. Or friends like Will White, senior advisor to U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, retired Home Forward executive director Steve Rudman, Oregon Representatives Carolyn Tomei, Nancy Nathanson, Gene Whisnant and Joe Gallegos, Home Forward's asset management team, CDC of Lincoln County's resident services staff, ROSE CDC's Caring Hearts, Helping Hands Garden Project!, Housing Works neighborhood stabilization program, Northwest Housing Alternatives, NeighborWorks Umpqua's Eagle Landing and Innovative Housing's The Magnolia and, last but not least, the 22 housing professionals named Star Players, all of whom were honored at the Oregon Opportunity Network's Fall Industry Support Conference. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

1st & 49th

So what's a Texan to do on his first visit to Alaska? They've got moose but you've got Longhorns. You've got the Rio Grande but they've got the Yukon. They've got salmon you've got barbecue. Best, we'd suppose, just to call it a draw. But you may want to head north with a little bit extra, just as HUD Secretary Julián Castro did when, following a meeting with the Alaska Association of Housing Authorities, he joined U.S. Senator Mark Begich for a walking tour of the Mountain View neighborhood of Anchorage, an area that began its comeback when the Senator was still the City's mayor. There Secretary Castro the award of more than $9.9 million in Indian Community Development Block Grant funds to improve housing, stimulate economic development and create jobs in 15 Native Alaskan communities and six Tribal communities in in Idaho, Oregon and Washington state. "ICDBG funds are an important investment in the remote and low-income tribal communities that need it most. "Through this work," the Secretary said in announcing a total of $70 million in ICDBG funds nationwide, "we're proud to help our tribal partners expand opportunity in their community by determining on their own, not from Washington, which local projects meet their needs and strengthen their future."


In the fall of every year HUD submits a national homeless assessment report to the Congress reporting information about the number of homeless people in the states and communities across the country based on the point-in-time counts done by continuums of care on a cold night in January. This year's report, Secretary Castro commented, showed that "as a nation, we are successfully reducing homelessness in this country." Alaska counts, for example, reported a 4.4 percent decline in total homeless between the 2010 and 2014 counts while Idaho reported a 10.3 percent reduction, Washington state a 19.4 percent drop and Oregon a 38.4 percent reduction. All told across the Region, in fact, there were almost 20,000 fewer homeless people in 2014 than 2010, a 40.3 percent reduction in the unsheltered homeless and a 40.4 percent decline in the number of individuals in homeless families. "The moral of the report is we know we can make a difference," Regional Administrator Bill Block told Oregon Public Broadcasting. "This report shows it, but we now have to put the resources to work to finish the job." For more, see here.


The same report on the Congress reports a 16.5 percent reduction in the number of unaccompanied homeless young people and children in the Seattle-King County continuum of care which could well be one of the reasons why the Raikes Foundation of Seattle was among 10 foundations nationwide to be selected by the Council on Foundations as the winner of a 2014 HUD-USDA Secretaries' Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships. Founded in 2002 by Tricia and Jeffrey Raikes, the Foundation's has provided more than $50 million to "innovative organizations" that "empower young people to transform their lives." It's been especially focused on eliminating youth homelessness in Seattle and King County. Working closely with King County Committee to End Homelessness it has developed and implemented a Comprehensive Plan to Prevent and End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness in King County by 2020. Seattle-King County's point-in-time data suggests the Plan is having very positive effects. Prior winners of Public-Philanthropic Partnership Awards include the Rasmuson Foundation in Anchorage, the Empire Health Foundation in Spokane and the Oregon Community Foundation in Portland.


HUD awards almost $1.8 million Fair Housing Initiatives Program renewal funds to Alaska Legal Services, Intermountain Fair Housing, Fair Housing Council of Oregon, the Northwest Fair Housing Alliance in Spokane and the Fair Housing Center of Washington in Tacoma. . .National Council of State Housing Finance Agencies honors Washington Housing Finance Commission for its successful efforts to preserve affordable manufactured housing communities in Moses Lake, Duvall, Rochester & Whidbey Island. . .Bridge Meadows community in Portland one of two complexes to win a $100,000 Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence"". . .Thanks to Meyer Memorial Trust for $4.5 million in grants to 33 Oregon arts, housing, social services and advocacy non-non-profits across state & southwest Oregon. . .After moving its services to a new building, Boise Rescue Mission demolishes "old, and a little decrepit" Lighthouse Mission in Nampa citing, says KTVB-TV, high upkeep costs. . .Community Partners for Affordable Housing breaks ground for The Barcelona, 47 units of affordable housing in old town Beaverton. . .King County Committee to End Homelessness launches drive to recruit 50 landlords to participate in test of new assessment tool that, says Seattle Times, matches homeless individuals "with rental-housing owners by offering various incentives to both the tenants and owners". . .Longview residents celebrate the end of the clean-up of salvage yard site where construction will soon begin on affordable housing units, says The Daily News. . .Lake City Community Development board unanimously supports plans by The Housing Company to seek Low Income Housing Tax Credits to build $9 million workforce housing complex in midtown Coeur d'Alene, The Press reports. . .VA awards St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Transition Projects of Portland, HopeSource of Ellensburg, the Community Psychiatric Center of Seattle, Goodwill Industries of Spokane, Catholic Community Services and the Metropolitan Development Council, both of Tacoma, Supportive Services for Veterans Families funds. . .Yakima City Council, says The Herald, approves resolution proposed by city manager to have "moratorium for any new homeless shelters in the city for the next six months" beginning in mid-November. . .Inlander says City of Spokane's share of cost of restoring Ridpath Hotel as 139 units of affordable "micro-housing" has gone down - from $4.1 million to $600,000 - and won't require use of HUD Section 108 loan guarantee to generate. . .ne Berrett of Northwest Indian College selected as EPA eco-Ambassador and plans to develop "to help build a model of food sovereignty for the Northwest Indian College and Lummi communities". . .In hopes of "confront the challenges facing Seattle's homeless," says Post-Intelligencer, during winter quarter Seattle Pacific University will host tent city of 100 people who "haven't been able to get into the city's packed shelters". . .By 5 to 2 vote, The Tribune reports, Lewiston becomes 9th Idaho city to ban LGBG discrimination in housing, employment & public accommodations. . .Seattle developer Vulcan buys three blocks in Seattle Housing Authority's Yesler Terrace revitalization area where it plans, says The Times, $200 million in building 650 housing units with "20 percent targeted to people earning less than 80 percent of the area median income."


Enjoy debating, dissecting, even drowning in data? Well, the newly-published 2013 American Housing Survey from HUD and the U.S. Census Bureau is made for you. This is the 40th edition of the Survey and its deepest data dive to date suggesting that the average American lives in a 1,900 square-foot house on a quarter-acre lot that uses an electric stove and a warm-air furnace with a monthly housing cost in 2012 that was $13 less than in 2009. There was about a 10 percent chance we saw a cockroach or a mouse at least once in 2013 and about half of us "strongly" look forward to seeing our neighbor and half of us would not. Data on of our houses have electric knives or Slip-n'-slides has not yet been released. Seriously, it's great stuff. Find it at


Speaking of numbers, in federal fiscal year 2014 which ended on September 30th, FHA - the Federal Housing Administration - celebrated its 80th since first established by the Congress at the request of FDR to promote homeownership. In terms of total numbers or dollar value of mortgages endorsed, 2014 wasn't a record year for FHA - that was 2010. But it was still a good - very good - with lots of milestones achieved in communities across the Region. FHA, for example, in insures its17,000th mortgage in Idaho Falls, its 85,000th mortgage in Boise area, its 22,000th in Bremerton and Olympia areas, its 37,000th mortgage in Tri-Cities, 104,000th mortgage in the Spokane area its 116,000th mortgage in the Tacoma area, its 250,000th mortgage in the Portland-Vancouver area and its 350,000th mortgage in Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area. FHA's total "bookings" topped $300 million in in mortgage endorsements in Corvallis, $7000 million in Fairbanks and Twin Falls, $800 million in Coeur d'Alene, $900 billion in Bend, $1.1 billion in the Salem and the Pocatello area, $1.6 billion in the Medford-Ashland area, $1.9 billion in the Yakima area and $3.5 billion in area, $1.6 billion in the Medford-Ashland area, $1,1 billion in the Pocatello area, $1.9 billion in the Yakima area, $800 million in Coeur d'Alene, $4.1 billion in Salem, $900 million in Bend, $700 million in Fairbanks and Twin Falls, $300 million in Corvallis. So what now for FHA? Well, how about 80 more years of offering American families the safe, smart, sound way to buy their piece of the American Dream.


A couple of years ago HUD realized that it was a virtual certainty that Congress would never be in the financial position to appropriate all the funds required to meet what was then a $40 billion maintenance, upkeep and upgrade backlog in the nation's public housing stock. Compounding the problem was the fact that, as publicly-owned assets, housing authorities were hard-pressed to go out to the private borrowing market to raise the capital necessary to erase the backlog. So, HUD came up with - and the Congress approved - a proposal known as the Rental Assistance Demonstration - or RAD - pilot to convert some 60,000 public housing units from public housing subsidy to Section 8 project-based vouchers that would allow for private investment - mostly in the form of low-income housing tax credits - to meet the need. Within a matter of months, even weeks, housing authorities flooded HUD with applications to "go RAD." In fact, it received so many applications, HUD's had to seek authority for even more RAD conversions. To date, though, the RAD pilot appears to have met its goal. Consider the testimony of Kurt Wiest, executive director of the Bremerton Housing Authority. In August, 2014, the Authority converted 21 units at its Tara Heights Apartments to RAD project-based units. Kurt Wiest is a very happy, if now RAD-icalized housing authority director ""We are extremely pleased with the RAD conversion at Tara Heights," he told HUD. "We now have the financial flexibility to address capital improvement needs for the future. At the same time, with project-based vouchers we can ensure affordability for current and future residents."


"Tacoma-area Lender Gets 5 Years in Jail for Mortgage Fraud" read the headline in the October 23rd edition of The Puget Sound Business Journal. Read more about how the case started and who broke it.


Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium's July, 2014 rental survey of 3,070 affordable rental units owned by 13 of its members reports extremely low vacancy rate of 1.8 percent, down significantly from January. . .BRIDGE breaks ground for its first project in Portland, The Abigail, to provide 127 units of affordable housing in the north end of The Pearl. . .In a speech before the Alaska Federation of Natives in Anchorage, Agriculture Secretary announced the award of just under $19.2 million in grants to $24 million in loans for water system upgrades by Buckland, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council and the State of Alaska, Island City, Veronica and the Crooked River Ranch Water Company in Oregon and Port Townsend in Washington. . .With help from Washington Housing Trust, Clackamas County HOME funds & Reach CDC subsidiary & Nike Employee Fund, says Camas Post Record, Affordable Community Environments purchases and begins renovation of 40-unit Town Square Apartments in Washougal. . .HUD reaches $5 million settlement with Wells Fargo after complaints alleging discrimination against women who were pregnant or on maternity leave. . .Mayor Jim Clinton, Housing Works & Oregon Housing & Community Services break ground, reports The Bulletin, for 40 more units of affordable housing at Eastlake Village in Bend. . .Snohomish County seeks state funds to help transform former Carnegie Library in downtown Everett so it into "rapid recidivism reduction" center "in hopes of," says The Herald, "in hopes of keeping people off the streets and out of jail". . .Following up on 3-part series on issues facing downtown Olympia, The Olympian hosts "standing-room only" forum on issues "ranging from crime and homelessness to housing and business". . .Idaho Housing & Finance Association hosts workshop for Lewiston-area landlords to talk with Idaho State Police about identifying and taking steps to stop illegal drug activity in their properties. . .Artspace of Minneapolis opens Artspace Mt. Baker Lofts, 57 units of affordable housing for" dancers, painters, musicians, actors, sculptors, and writers" - and their families. . .USDA awards $3 million each in loans and grants to Farmworker Housing Development Corporation to develop 20 units and Grant County Housing Authority to develop 15 units of housing for farm workers and their families. . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report finds that owners of manufactured homes - more likely to be older, live in rural areas and have a lower net worth than owners of site-built homes - typically pay higher interest rates for their loans than borrowers whose homes were built onsite. . .Anchorage Department of Health & Human Services and Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, reports Alaska Dispatch, launch online survey to receive public comment on 5-year plan to end homelessness in city at


Some good ideas come from the top down and some - maybe even more - from the ground up. Like the good idea implemented by public housing authorities across the country to establish local registries where businesses located in or residents of areas affected by significant, Federally-funded investments can let the world know that they're ready, willing and eager to be a part of getting the job done. That's exactly the kind of linkage and leverage that HUD's Section 3 program makes possible and that local registries make doable. So if registries work locally, HUD figures, a national Section 3 registry can complement and enhance those local efforts. Which is why HUD's Office of Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity has established exactly that - a national, online Section 3 Business Registry - why the Office hopes, if you're part of a Section 3 eligible firm, you'll sign-up on the Registry. The Registry is up and running at So, don't delay - register today!


HUD has just issued Change is in the Air - An Action Guide for Establishing Smoke-Free Public Housing & Multi-Family Properties.


HUD Secretary Castro has announced that "over 275 cities" are eligible to respond to a recently-issued request for applications through the National Resource Network that, he adds, will provide "on the ground" technical assistance that can serve as "fuel for progress and innovation" in their efforts to revitalize their local economies. The assistance of up to $500,000 is, says the Network, "best suited" to communities of more than 40,000 residents and had a 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment rate of 9 percent or more or a 2010-2012 American Community Survey poverty rate of 20 percent or more or experienced a population decline from 2000 to 2010 of 5 percent or more according to the Census Bureau. Communities with less than 40,000 people may partner with the larger communities. The Network will hold Webinars for leaders of interested cities on November 18 and December 3rd. For more, you'll find some FAQs about the competition at or you can contact Network executive director David Eichenthal at or visit


More and more these days the word "eco-district" is popping-up in conversations among housing, community and economic development folks. And some of us are still trying to figure what it means. In September Capitol Hill Housing of Seattle provided a working definition with the launch of its EcoDistrict Web site. It's a visit because it offers chapter-and-verse on how Capitol Hill Housing is using the model to advance neighborhood sustainability. You'll learn about its Community Solar Initiative, about how it's making housing affordable for starving artists, about what it's doing to get community buy-in to the Better Building Challenge and about, our favorite, the Pollinator Pathway. And, as your mother probably used to say, if it's good for the bees, it's good for us. For more, visit


HUD & the American Institute of Architects have set November 21st as the deadline for nominations for the 2015 AIA/HUD Secretary's Award for Community Design. The award "recognizes excellence in affordable housing architecture, neighborhood design, participatory design, and accessibility" and, this year, eligible projects are limited to New construction, renovations, and restored developments that include housing or housing element in the United States that were completed after January 1, 2010. Nominations may be submitted by owners of the structure or architects licensed in the United States. For more, visit


Bienestar, Governor Kitzhaber and Congresswoman Bonamici celebrate completion of second phase of Juniper Gardens housing for farm workers and their families in Forest Grove. . .Mayor Lents and members of the Spyglass Hill Project celebrate demolition of 9 dilapidated houses to make way, says Kitsap Sun, for new affordable housing. . Seattle City Council, reports The Times, votes to establish "linkage fee" on new development to provide funding for affordable housing. . .Police and landlords praise Sunnyside ordinance that - similar to ones in Yakima and Toppenish - requires landlords to register with city and participate in training as resulting in "crime-free" rental complexes. . .Rainier Connect wins $24.5 million in USDA funds to expand and improved broadband in south Puget Sound and Cedar Valley LLC $7.7 million to establish fiber-to-home network in parts of Idaho & Utah. . .Neighborhood Partners celebrate 25th anniversary. . .Habitat for Humanity of Spokane breaks ground on 10 more homes in Deer Park. . .Catholic Charities Housing Services, USDA, Banner Bank, KDNA, OIC of Washington, Hearth & Home Realty & HUD participate in Granger homeownership fair. . .On October 27th Portland Housing Service opens doors to new Beaverton office in Suite 123, 4900 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton. . .Catholic Charities completes rehab of Delaney Apartments in Spokane and is now at work completing design for phase II of Father Bach Haven. . .Volunteers of America & Home Depot "team up," says KXLY-TV, to complete three-year renovation of Spokane house used for homeless vets in VOA's Rest & Recoup program. . .FEMA awards Washington State almost $2.5 million to help Okanogan County replace 53 miles of optic cables destroyed by this summer's wildfires. . .University of Alaska Fairbanks professor Tom Marsik tells Alaska Public Radio the Dillingham house he built is world's most energy-efficient home. . .Washington Department of Commerce's public works board announces launch of First Step, an online toolbox first-stop referral system to financial, technical, and training resources provided by expert agencies, nonprofit organizations, associations and others. Samish Way Coalition, a group of faith-based & neighborhood groups in Bellingham, tells Bellingham Herald it plans to open resource center it will says it will open resource center to those who live in motels along the thoroughfare, many of whom "are a step away from homelessness or have something in their background that prevents them from getting past a landlord's screening process". . .FHA names Novad Management Consulting as its new loan servicer for Secretary-held FHA single-family properties. . .5th & 6th Avenues in downtown Portland join Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. and Broadway as American Planning Association's 2014 best streets in America. . .FISH Food Banks of Pierce County reportedly gives back more than 97 percent of total donations in the form of nutritious food - honored as non-profit of the year by Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce. Boise Weekly says City will soon pay $1.6 million to Community House Inc. to settle lawsuit dating "all the way back to the 1990s" involving who would operate homeless facility now called River of Life. . .Spokane City Council Member Candace Mumm, the CEO of firm which rehabs houses to make them "senior-friendly," to Washington Community Economic Revitalization Board. . .With grant from HUD, Oregon Bureau of Labor Industries, says Oregonian, hosts 15 sessions for landlords across the state on fair housing laws, including Oregon's new law prohibiting discrimination in housing on the basis of receiving a Federal housing subsidy.


The Juneau Empire's Melissa Griffiths takes a look at the costs and the consequences - of Anchorage's Karluk Manor Housing First shelter to see what the implications might be for Housing First in Juneau. Cost savings are significant, she finds, but maybe more so the consequences. "Their lives are better than they were when they came off the street and they have dreams again," a Karluk Manor staff person tells her. "You see people that walk around with no dreams. You see it in their eyes, and to be able to walk in and tenants have dreams again and connections with their family and be pretty comfortable with who they are, where they are, I think that's successful." For more, visit


"Every few years some national lender or member of Congress goes on the record and asks if the Federal Housing Administration should be taken out of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and put into the private sector. Now, the private sector is wondering if it wants any piece of the FHA. In an earnings call with investors, Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, said: "The real question to me is, should we be in the FHA business at all? And we're still struggling with that." A few years ago, the answer would have come in another question: "Where would you be without FHA, Jamie?" Six years ago, when money was tight and jumbo mortgages became so difficult to find, FHA became a sort of safety valve for many mortgage brokers. Some lenders reported that FHA loans made up nearly 40 percent of their business, nearly double the volume of the past five years combined. The government's answer was to balance the problem by giving lenders more money so that they could lend it back to consumers and small businesses. The cash never really came back in a way it was designed. So FHA was again named to be the ultimate team player - providing more first mortgages, reverse mortgages, purchase-rehab loans - while waiting to see if it would ever get help from its fading stars (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) or possibly new players in the private sector." - Tom Kelly, KIRO Radio, October 23, 2014, at


"You watch TV, and you're used to seeing what it's like in Los Angeles or New York. You think 'we don't have it here,' but we do," she said. "There are more homeless in Pocatello than people think,"—Aid for Friends' Susan Thurn, The Idaho State Journal, October 29, 2014, on a homeless Stand Down she coordinated at Idaho State University. For the full story, visit


On an October 2nd visit to Renton Tech, The Seattle Times reports, Vice President Joe Biden, an "author of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act," was asked "how he'll know the campaign against domestic violence has succeeded." Success, he responded, "is when not a single woman in America who is abused mentally or physically ever, ever asks herself the question, 'What did I do?' " Biden said. "It is never, never, never, never the woman's fault. Period. Never. No matter what she said." Men, he added, "have a responsibility to stand up. Men have a responsibility to intervene. Men have a responsibility to take responsibility." For more, visit


The point-in-time count of the homeless taken in January, 2014 shows that the number of homeless in the County is going. But "shelters and social agencies," reports The Longview Daily News, say "the count doesn't tell the story." So what does? See what folks in Cowlitz County say at


USDA sets November 12th deadline to apply for grants of up to $250,000 through its Rural Community Development Initiative. . .EPA sets November 20th deadline for communities to apply for Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities technical assistance. . .HUD sets November 21st deadline to apply for designation as a Round II Promise Zone. . .HUD sets November 25th deadline for public comments under Paperwork Reduction Act on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Assessment Tool. . .Portland Housing Bureau sets December 1st deadline to apply for round II of 2014 Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemption. . .EPA sets December 15th deadline to apply for Environmental Justice Small Grant Program. . .EPA sets December 15th to apply for Environmental Justice Small Grants Program. . .EPA sets December 19th deadline to apply for Brownfields Assessment Grants of up to $600,000. . .USDA sets December 31st deadline to apply for "up to" $150 million in Section 538 loan guarantees for construction or rehabilitation of rural rental housing.


King County Office of Civil Rights offering, in Russian, Fair Housing for You workshop, November 3rd, Kent. Visit

Idaho Housing & Finance Association hosts presentation on "placemaking" by Fred Kent, November 5th, Coeur d'Alene. Visit

Housing Land Advocates hosts annual conference, November 7th, Portland. Visit

HUD Office of Native American Programs hosts conference on Asset Building: A Pathway to Self Determination, November 12th & 13th, St. Paul, MN.

CFED - Corporation for Enterprise Development - hosts 10th annual I'M Home innovations in manufactured housing conference, November 12th & 13th, Seattle. Visit

Idaho Smart Growth to present 2014 Grow Smart Awards, November 13th, Boise. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts HUD Environmental Requirements workshop for public housing authorities & their responsible entities, November 13th, Seattle.

Alaska Chapter of American Planning Association holds annual conference, November 16th to 18th, Anchorage. Visit

Alaska Municipal League holds annual local government conference, November 17th to 21st, Anchorage. Visit

HUD's Northwest Office of Native American Programs hosts Admission & Occupancy workshop, November 17th to 19th, Seattle.

HUD's Office of Housing Counseling hosts online stakeholder meeting for state housing finance agencies and intermediaries on improving Home Equity Conversion Mortgage protocols, November 18th, online. Visit

Washington State Association of Counties holds annual conference of county leaders, November 19th to 21st, Clark county. Visit

National Resource Network hosts Webinar for city leaders on its Request for Applications, November 18th, online. Visit

Building Changes hosts Working with Landlords-Engagement, Fair Housing/Landlord Tenant Law & the Balance of Both Webinar, November 19th, online. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights offers Intro to Fair Housing at 9 a.m. & Advanced Fair Housing at 1 p.m., November 19th, Seattle. Visit

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities & HUD's Alaska Office of Native American Programs host Developing Alaskan Sustainable Housing workshop, November 19th to 21st, Anchorage. Visit

Northwest Office of Native American Programs hosts New Trends in Housing Construction workshop, November 20th & 21st, Seattle.

Oregon AHMA hosts Creating Great Customer Relationships workshop, November 19th, Salem.

HUD's Northwest Office of Native American Programs hosts Trends in Construction workshop, November 20th & 21st, Seattle.

Oregon AHMA hosts TRACS 202D workshop, November 21st, Salem. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts Continuum of Care Start-Up Workshop, December 1st, Seattle.

HUD's Office of Housing Counseling hosts online stakeholder meeting for local agencies on improving Home Equity Conversion Mortgage protocols, December 2nd, online. Visit

Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium holds annual meeting, December 3rd, Spokane. For more, contact Cindy Algeo at

National Resource Network hosts Webinar for city leaders on its Request for Applications, December 3rd, online. Visit

HUD Anchorage hosts Federal Labor Standards & Payroll Basics workshop, December 4th, Anchorage.

HUD Seattle hosts Continuum of Care Start-Up Workshop, December 8th, Seattle.

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Mental Health First Aid: A Strategy for Communities, December 9th, Salem. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts Fair Housing Basics WEBINAR, December 17th, online.


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