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November 2017

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Fiscal year past
In Federal fiscal year 2017 - October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017 - the Federal Housing Administration endorsed 59,024 single-family mortgages in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington state - the seventh-highest total in the 80-plus year history of FHA - with a total dollar value of $13.1 billion.As of September 28th there were 299,916 active FHA-insured mortgages in those four states.

"Creating more confidence to lend"
". . .The President has directed federal agencies to guard against burdening American families and their businesses with unnecessary and expensive keeping with his executive order, we have established a Regulatory Reform Task Force charged with identifying agency regulations that should be repealed, replaced or modified. We are also rolling out improvements of particular interest to your field. One of the most important principles in running HUD is to balance the fulfillment of our mission with protecting taxpayers. Fulfilling our mission requires us to ensure that creditworthy borrowers have robust access to mortgage credit. Without lenders willing to offer FHA-insured loans, or serve as Ginnie Mae issuers, the path to affordable credit access is undermined. We have heard concerns on the part of some in the lender community about participating fully in our programs because of the undue risks they perceive from a lack of clarity in what we expect and exposure to outsized liability from immaterial errors. Lenders have rightly pointed out that absolute perfection in the lending process cannot be achieved, and that borrowers bear the costs of compliance through higher mortgage rates. Other sectors of the market have made real progress in addressing these issues, creating more confidence to lend. We have heard these concerns, and today I am very pleased to announce that HUD, in consultation with the Department of Justice, is committed to reviewing and addressing them. Part of the process will entail a review by FHA of its lender certifications and the implementation of the defect taxonomy. This review will benefit greatly from the extensive feedback received from lenders, and other stakeholders, in our request for input on regulatory reform conducted in response to the President's Executive Orders on burdensome regulations. Your feedback and recommendations will be invaluable. HUD's objective from this effort is simple. We want every good lender who makes responsible loans, and services them well, to feel confident that they can participate fully in HUD's programs, serving borrowers and enabling housing to continue to spur our economy. But, before we leave this subject there should be no lack of clarity about one key point: there will continue to be no room at FHA or Ginnie Mae for bad actors. We are not open for business to fraudsters, those without proper controls, or those who do not take their obligations in our market seriously. They will be found out and held accountable. We must do this to protect taxpayers and the fiscal integrity of FHA and Ginnie Mae. . ." - HUD Secretary Ben Carson in address to the annual convention of the Mortgage Bankers Association, Denver, Colorado, October 23, 2017.

Harvey, Irma & Maria FHA foreclosure moratoriums extended
On October 20, 2017 FHA issued Mortgagee Letter 2017-15 that affects FHA-insured single-family mortgages in areas affected by Presidential declarations of major disaster resulting from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma or Maria.Specifically, the Letter extends the previously-announce 90-day moratoriums on foreclosure of FHA-insured mortgages in counties declared eligible for Individual Assistance under those declarations untilFebruary 21, 2018 for such counties affected by Hurricane Harvey, until March 9, 2018 for such counties affected by Hurricane Irma and until March 19, 2018 in such counties affected by Hurricane Maria.

Alaska Native villages of Grayling, Ivanof Bay, Newtok & Northway awarded total of $1.4 million in HUD Indian Community Development Block grants to meet urgent community needs. . .In "first-of-its-kind" transaction, says News Tribune, Tacoma, Washington Housing Authority purchases "nearly seven acres" in city's west end for possible mixed-use development including 300 to 500 affordable homes. . .Portland, Oregon City Council unanimously approves "spending priorities" for $258 million housing tax levy approved by voters last November focusing, The Oregonian reports, on"increasing affordable housing on people of color, families with children and those experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless" as well as "kids aging out of the foster system". . .With funding "mostly" from Washington State Housing Finance Commission & Seattle, Washington housing tax levy,Plymouth Housing Group opens 77-unit,supportive housing complex - its 14th in the city says Capitol Hill Times- for the homeless on First Hill that includes on-site Harborview Hospital medical clinic. . .Happy Valley, Oregon city manager Jason Tuck wins Kebril Award for "exceptional contributions" to an Oregon city, the City of Prineville wins the City Award for Excellence & the City of Hood River wins the Berg Award for Good Government at the 67th annual conference of the League of Oregon Cities. . .Washington Court of Appeals rules on privacy rights, says The Chronicle, of homeless man arrested for illegal camping in Vancouver. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services' Housing Stability Council okays funding to preserve the 34-unit Oak Leaf Mobile Home Park in the Cully neighborhood of Portland & the 50-unit Newton Creek Manor community in Roseburg. . .Bellingham, Washington City Council votes to consider ordinance prohibiting discrimination in housing on basis of source-of-income, reports The Herald. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services hosts roundtable on State Housing Plan in Ontario, Oregon & hears, says Argus-Observer, that "affordable housing, homelessness" are "prevalent issues" in Malheur County. . .Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Three Degrees Warmer of Seattle, Washington & Anchorage, Alaska & Trash for Peace of Portland, Oregon win EPA Environmental Justice Small Grants. . .City of Vancouver, Washington, sets November 30th deadline to apply to $1.9 million fund created as part of Affordable Housing Tax Levy approved by city voters last fall election to, says The Columbian, "provide housing, rental or utility assistance, self-sufficiency services or other services related to preventing homelessness or helping homeless people find housing". . .Daily Index says City of Tacoma seeking consultant to study ways to connect residents of Hilltop area "with anticipated opportunities in the region, including the Tacoma Link extension project".

The "mad" in Madison Avenue
Just when you were absolutely sure every conceivable form of "getting your message out" had been exhausted, along comes stormwater-drain-messaging in Fairbanks, reports AARP. Simply put, Alaska-mazing!

[storm drain painting]

High Point wins high marks
The High Point neighborhood of Seattle, Washington was "once," says Seattle magazine, one of the city's "highest crime areas."Today, thanks in part to a HUD HOPE VI public housing revitalization grant to the Seattle Housing Authority, High Point has been "transformed into a thriving, diverse community," a demonstration of " the grand social theory that both rich and poor benefit from living together in the same neighborhoods and sharing the same libraries, parks and community centers."If you have a few minutes, it's well worth a visit.

Big project = big benefits
The Seattle Housing Authority's work in the revitalization of the High Point neighborhood is mostly done.The work is just beginning for the Everett Housing Authority as the first families begin to relocate from its Baker heights community in advance of a similar revitalization there.Built during World War II, Baker Heights has provided housing to generations of families.But after 70 years the property is badly-deteriorated and, says The Everett Herald, too expensive to renovate.Income-eligible families that are relocating will receive HUD rental vouchers from the Authority to insure their continued access to affordable housing. A portion of the large Baker Heights area will be cleared and sold, the proceeds from which will help the Authority finance construction of new, state-of-the-art assisted housing.As has been true of revitalization projects at High Point in Seattle or Bayview in Bremerton, Lousac Village in Anchorage or Salishan in Tacoma, or New Columbia in Portland, the Everett Authority is embarking on a very big, very complex process & project, one likely to come up against a few bumps in the road. But like those projects, the transformation of Baker Heights into a thriving, vibrant community almost certainly earn the same plaudits that High Point deservedly is enjoying today.

A "pocket" full of dreamers
The revitalization of a neighborhood doesn't have to be a huge project like the Seattle Housing Authority's work in Hight Point or the Everett Housing Authority's plans for Baker Heights.In some places it can be sparked by a "pocket" neighborhood like NeighborWorks' Adams Street Cottages, suddenly, give families priced out of other neighborhoods to put down some cash & put down some roots in an up-and-coming neighborhood.Like Garden City, Idaho - a 4-squre mile city surrounded by the larger, flashier, pricier city of Boise where NeighborWorks has or is in the process of developing five pocket neighborhoods. "There's a recognition of need for affordable housing, just as long as it's somewhere else," says Mayor John Evans. "But we in Garden City haven't been resistant." And it's why homes like those at Adams Street Cottages "pocket" neighborhood sell before they're even built.

The "afforda-dorables"
Friends.You gotta have ‘em. Fortunately, affordable housing, community & community development folks have them. And none any better than the Friends of Housing honored at the 2017 Housing Washington Affordable Housing Conference in Spokane - State Representative Joan McBride of Kirkland, Alison Dean & Jennifer Staplin of HNN Associates of Bellevue, Dianne Wasson of Home Street Bank, Pamela Tietz of the Spokane Housing Authority Marty Kooistra of the Housing Development Consortium, SMR Architects of Seattle, &, last but not least, the winner of the 2017 Margaret M. Sevy Lifetime Achievement Award, Deborah Winter of Foster Pepper PLIC."It is our privilege," said Karen Miller, chair of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, "to shine the spotlight on these inspiring leaders and their accomplishments for the people of our state," And, it should be added on behalf of those who've had the opportunity, a true pleasure to work side-by-side, hand-in-hand with each of them in the work we do.

Good friends, good work
Still more of our friends were honored at the annual Fall Industry Conference of Housing Oregon, an organization that not too long ago known as the Oregon Opportunity Network. This year's winners include Israel Bayer of Street Roots for "fearless advocacy," the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation, ROSE CDC, NAYA Family Center, Rose CDC and State Representative Mark Meeks of Clackamas County for, in his first year in the Legislature, "lifting" his "voice for affordable housing."And, oh yeah, more than a dozen up-and-comers -- Keith Wooden of Housing Woks, Diana Spielman of NeighborWorks Umpqua, Barbara Ritter of REACH CDC, Joni Portmann of Habitat for Humanity Portland, Mandie Ludlam of the Community Housing Fund, Stef Condor of Central City Concern, Bonnie Horah of Caritas Housing/Catholic Charities Jennifer Hernandez of Polk CDC, Lisa Hayes of Northwest Housing Alternatives Gracie Garcia of Bienestar, Ana Mendoza of Hacienda CDC, Fabiola Camacho of the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation Denee Beene of CASA of Oregon & Maria Baraias of the Umatilla County Housing Authority -- were honored as Star Players. Congrats to all & thanks for the energy & expertise you bring to the cause!.

Money magazine & names Bellingham, Washington 12th best place to live in U.S. . .Tacoma, Washington City Council votes unanimously, says News Tribune, to extend ban on camping in publicly-owned spaces until year's end. . .Portland, Oregon Commissioner Chloe Eudaly says City will "de-prioritize" "enforcement against tiny homes" & "sleeping RVs on private property". . .Washington Department of Financial Institutions charges California firm with "misrepresenting reverse mortgage loan terms and failing to disclose the risks of default and foreclosure". . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau files suit against debt relief companies for "falsely" presenting themselves "as affiliated with the federal government". . .Tricia Tillman, Oregon's former Director of Public Health, & Charles Wilhoite of Willamette Management Associates named to Oregon Housing & Community Services Housing Stability Council. . .In response to lawsuit filed by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, owner of mobile home park in Mattawa, Washington park owner agrees to pay $100,000 in restitution & make at least $200,000 in repairs to units for which he "forced Latino farm worker tenants to sign purchase agreements to remain in poor living conditions". . .Cricket Wireless & Rebuilding Together Seattle launch Sunset Terrace community drive to clean-up community garden & dog park and, to boot, paint a mural says Renton, Washington Patch. . .Construction by Pacific West & Northwest Integrity Housing of 48-unit Cottonwood Meadows for income-eligible elderly l in Eagle, says Idaho Business Review. . .Kate Budd named as new executive director of Clark County, Washington Council on Homelessness says The Reflector. . Africatown & Capitol Hill Housing form partnership to build up to 130 new units of affordable housing in Midtown in Seattle, Washington reports Curbed Seattle. . .The Columbian reports that "shower-mobile" should hit the streets in Portland-Vancouver metro "in the next few weeks". . .Portland, Oregon City Council okays streamlined Green Building policy to reduce costs of affordable housing by, says Portland Housing Bureau's Kurt Creager, "focusing on a much smaller & more impactful set of requirements" that "reducesdocumentation and administration costs" on affordable housing projects that receive at least 10 percent of their funding from Bureau. . .EPA awards $15 million in loans to Idaho, $26 million to Oregon & $41million to Washington State "to help finance improvements to water projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environment". .Tacoma, Washington Housing Authority one of six authorities nationwide selected by Vera Institute of Justice for its Open Doors to Public Housing initiative to "safely increase access to stable housing for people with conviction histories". . .Thanks to funding from Oregon Housing & Community Services, says Blue Mountain Eagle, 37-year-old Meadowbrook II in John Day, Oregon is getting $3.2 million renovation.

Help strengthen nation's plan to end homelessness
The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness is seeking your comments & suggestions on how to strengthen Opening Doors, "the first comprehensive federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness." It was created in 2012 & last revised in 2015.Please submit your comments on-line by November 15th.

What challenges do housing counselors face this year?
HUD's Office of Counseling is in the process of setting goals & priorities for the year ahead.Serving on the front-lines of the housing marketplace, housing counselors obviously know their customers & the kind of challenges past & emerging they face in renting, buying or owning a place to call home.If you'd like to help the Office of Housing Counseling set its priorities, we hope you'll join the Office for a stakeholders' teleconference on November 8th.

Taking service coordination to the next level
HUD's set a November 27th deadline to submit comments on its draft Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing Program Resource Guide.Comments are welcome from any interested party, but of particular value would be the views of those who work with & serve residents of HUD's multi-family inventory. If you have views to share, please send them to

Brown to green fields
EPA has set a November 16th deadline for submission of proposals to secure Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grants to support creation of a revolving loan fund that will "provide loans" - at no- or low-interest - "and subgrants to eligible entities to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites contaminated with hazardous substances and/or petroleum.Generally, revolving loan funds are "are used to provide no-interest or low-interest loans for eligible brownfields cleanups and other eligible programmatic costs necessary to manage the" revolving loan fund.At least half of the EPA award must be used to fund loans, but loans cannot be made to a party "potentially liable for the contamination.".Subject to Congressional action, EPA estimatesEligible applicants include units of local government, councils of governments, Tribes (except Alaskan Tribes) & Alaska Native regional or village corporations.Subject to Congressional action, EPA estimates that some $50 million will be made available for the creation of such funds in fiscal year 2018. Applicants, either individually or as part of a coalition, may apply for grants of up to $1 million each.Approximately 15 proposals are expected to be funded as a result of this solicitation.

Connecting the homeless
HHS' Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration has set a November 17th deadline for applications from Continuums of Care to seek technical assistance under its SOAR - SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery - program if they have not previously been assisted by the SOAR program.SOAR was established to help local entities help experiencing or at risk for homelessness and who have a serious mental illness, a co-occurring substance use disorder or other serious medical condition gain access to the Social Security Administration's disability Kristin Lupfer, Project Director, SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center via e-mail at or by phone at 518-439-7415, ext. 5262.

Housing levy rolls on
On October 22rd the Portland Housing Bureau issued a Request for Interest seeking "opportunities to acquire land or existing residential buildings of twenty units or more" as part of its efforts to build and purchase some 1,300 units housing units under a $258.4 million bond issue approved by city voters last fall.Under a policy framework approved by the City Council & based on recommendations of a Stakeholder Advisory Groupfollowing an extensive schedule of meetings at least 650 of the units are to be "family-sized" (two or more bedrooms &at least 600 units will be for households earning 30 percent or less of area median income of which 300 may be supportive housing provided funding for supported services is secured from an external source.The Framework is supportive of projects that serve Communities of Color, families, and households experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness or displacement. Building acquisition will have a preference for areas which have experience high gentrification while land acquisition will have a preference for High Opportunity Areas.There is no deadline to submit responses to the Bureau's request and approvals will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Cutting excessive energy costs
USDA's Rural Utilities Service sets December 13th deadline to apply for a total of $10 million in grants providing Assistance to High Energy Cost Communities.Up to 10 grants will be awarded with none to exceed $3 million. The funds may be used to "acquire, construct, or improve energy generation, transmission, or distribution facilities serving communities where the average annual residential expenditure for home energy exceeds 275 percent of the national average." Projects cam "also include on-grid and off-grid renewable energy projects and the implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation projects for eligible communities." However, projects cannot be for the benefit of a single household or business" & may not be "for the preparation of the grant application, payment of utility bills, fuel purchases, routine maintenance or other routine operating costs".

AmeriCorps wants you(& your ideas)
The AmeriCorps programs of the Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington State officss of the Corporation for National & Community Service currently are seeking responses from public organizations such as state and local government, Indian Tribes, and non-profit private organizations that are not current AmeriCorps VISTA sponsors to a request for concept papers for new AmeriCorps VISTA projects.As has been true since its founding in 1965, AmeriCorps projects continue to focus on promoting economic opportunity, improving education, building health communities & meeting the needs of veterans & their families.This year AmeriCorps is particularly interested in projects that respond to the President's call for national action in reducing & preventing opioid abuse.President's recent call to action to reduce & prevent opioid abuse.Deadlines for responding to the request have been by each office.Please remember that organizations that focus solely on advocacy and lobbying are not eligible AmeriCorps sponsors.

President Trump nominates Tara Sweeney, a member of the Native Village of Barrow, Alaska & of the Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, as Assistant Secretary of the interior for Indian Affairs. . .Saying "there's not a lot of data out there," University of Alaska at Fairbanks researchers to study whether stronger-than-normal ocean storms are eroding Alaska Native villages & causing them to fall into the sea says KTUU-TV. . .Blockables, a Vancouver, Washington start-up, sets sights on producing "sleek yet affordable housing" for1.6 billion people who otherwise, says The Columbian, will be in substandard housing by 2025. . .King County Executive Dow Constantine honors Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association with 2017 Community Resilience Award for "stepping up" & help residents of nearby Greenwood neighborhood respond to & recover from gas explosion which did significant property damage. . .Ground is broken for the Tacoma Town Center mixed-use development on "one of the largest pieces of land in downtown," says News-Tribune. . .As part of its planned expansion in downtown Seattle, Washington, Washington State Convention Center agrees, says Seattle Times, to contribute some $29 million to "the city to help create affordable housing". . Portland, Oregon's Central City Concern one of three organizations to win National Alliance to End Homeless "innovation & excellence" award. . .Congressman Don Young, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski & U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan announce appointment of Chris Hladcik, Alaska's former Commissioner for Commerce, Community & Economic Development, as EPA Regional Administrator for Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. . .Pioneer Human Services "transitions" from 100 units of assisted to100 units of affordable housing at Carlyle Care Center in Spokane, Washington reporters Northwest Inlander. . .Seattle-based Zillow Group Inc. launches The Home Project pledging $5 million in cash & in-kind contributions to addressing "housing insecurity". . .Reporting that "this isn't "your grandparents' affordable housing," Spokesman Review says Community Frameworks - with help in the form of low-income tax credits from Washington State Housing Finance Commission - puts finishing touches on 1. S. Medalia Street afford able housing in Spokane, Washington. . .After purchasing property from Home Forward, the housing authority in Portland, Oregon, Community Preservation Partners complete 12-mo nth, $4.5 renovation Plaza Townhomes, preserving 68 units of affordable housing reports Affordable Housing Finance. . .Interfaith Sanctuary opening day shelter for families in Boise, Idaho says KTVB-TV, so homeless kids "have a place to be during the day and their parents are struggling to get them structured nap times and nutritional snacks and any kind of early education."

Overstaying their welcome?
You likely won't be surprised that more than a handful of people believe that once a household gets into assisted or subsidized housing that household will always be in assisted housing.Which means you may also be surprised by results reported in an October, 2017 study entitled Length of Stay in Assisted Housing.Based on a review of HUD data from 1985 through 2015, its authors report that "the typical household in assisted housing stays for about 6 years, but the average length of stay varies by household type. Elderly households stay about 9 years and non-elderly families with children stay about 4 years."

Mapping our challenge
According to the 2017 Distressed Communities Index, an on-line "tool for measuring the vitality of U.S. communities" developed by the Economic Information Group, reports that6.1 percent of Washingtonians, 5.8 percent of Oregonians, 3.6 percent of Alaskans& 2.3 percent of Idahoans live in distressed ZIP codes. Nationally, it reports, "One in six Americans lives in an economically distressed ZIP code."It adds that "In the average state, 15 percent of the population lives in a distressed community, while over 26 percent lives in a prosperous one."

Answering the call
"Last week, Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp. broke ground on Colorado Gardens, a 50-unit development that will provide new affordable senior apartments at Amity Avenue and Elder Street in Nampa (Idaho). This is terrific news, and we applaud the developers and the city of Nampa for making this happen. Now, let's do more of this. We're going to need a lot more than just 50 units.As reported this fall in the Idaho Press-Tribune, Canyon County has a 0 percent vacancy rate for affordable housing, and it would take 4,700 units coming in to meet the existing demand. But a federal tax credit provides funding to build about 215 units across the entire state each year. . .This is not just a problem for those folks who can't find affordable housing. It affects everyone, from businesses to government. If local residents are spending too much of their income on housing, that leaves less money to participate in the local economy, whether that's going out to dinner at a local restaurant or buying a new car. Residents who spend too much on housing have more trouble paying their water bill or their tax bill. . .Cities have a golden opportunity right now to attract new, young residents, use urban renewal to eliminate blight, encourage infill development and improve their downtowns, all while helping to solve the Treasure Valley's affordable housing problem. Cities should be seizing that opportunity with everything they have at their disposal." - "Cities should answer the call for affordable housing," The Idaho Press-Tribune, October 20, 2017.

The road ahead
"Seattle and King County must continue full-speed ahead with reforms and improvements to homelessness response.That was resoundingly clear at a Tuesday forum with top city and county human-services leaders and national expert Barbara Poppe. . .She chided the region for its overemphasis on responding to the crisis with costly housing projects. They end up too expensive for the poor to occupy without subsidies, she said, adding that existing buildings are more affordable. New rental units cost around $350,000 apiece to build, versus the $10,000 yearly cost to provide rental vouchers until recipients are back on their feet.Poppe's strongest words were aimed at the "tiny houses" that are being used to house some homeless, including families, in Seattle.Don't be fooled by the cute name. They're sheds, not houses, with no running water or plumbing. Poppe said it's awful that Seattle has families in these sheds. They violate United Nations human-rights standards and cause trauma that can lead to lifelong brain damage in children, she said.On a brighter note, King County has done good work improving the quality of data gathered by organizations delivering homeless services.This is essential to improving the response and ensuring that precious dollars aren't wasted on programs that aren't working as well as they should.If vendors don't provide good data, they no longer get paid, said Adrienne Quinn, director of the county's Department of Community and Human Services.Seattle is playing catch-up. It's in the process of issuing contracts that will require proof of performance, overdue for an entity spending $89 million a year on human services.Yet there's pushback from vendors. Some say they lack resources to manage the reporting or the performance goals are unattainable.They're getting support from politicians to slow-walk this reform, which is a terrible idea. Disruption, not protection, of the current system is needed. . .For the sake of those suffering on our streets, bring more accountability with haste, to be sure we're providing services that work and help as many people as possible." - "Seattle's homeless crisis demands accountability," The Seattle Times, October 24, 2017.

The hearts behind the houses
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service has just issued its on-line Food Access Research Atlas, a mapping tool which allows you to determine, Census tract by Census tract, where & who in America have ample access to food resources and where & who doesn't. It's not, to say the least, an all-together reassuring picture.

Still working after all these years
Weatherization programs have been around so long - some 40 years - some of us have tended to forget about their worth.Well, there's a valuable today as ever. It's worth remembering why. After all, winter's almost upon us.

WORTH (believe it or not), ENDURING A POWERPOINT
At the October 27th annual meeting of NOAH - the Network for Oregon Affordable Housing - this year's keynote speaker was Chris Herbert, the managing director of Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies who gave a presentation on The State of the Nation's Housing 2017 . NOAH has graciously allowed us to share it with you. Enjoy.

HUD publishes toolkit on using Historic Tax Credits for affordable housing. . .FHA archives Webinars on originating & servicing FHA-insured mortgages in Presidentially-declared major disaster areas. . .USDA Rural Development publishes Customer Service Information Guide offering the "how-to's" of navigating USDA's homeownership loan programs. . .HUD Community Planning & Development posts guidance on sub-awarding of Emergency Solutions Grant funds to public housing authorities & local redevelopment agencies. . .Preservation & Affordable Housing Research Corporation, National Low Income Housing Coalition publish National Housing Preservation Data Base which offers "access to de-duplicated information on federally assisted housing inventory across the US at no cost". . .Federal Registernotice announces fiscal year 2018 fees to cover credit subsidy costs under HUD Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program. . .True Colors Fund releases Youth Collaboration Toolkit to " help ensure that young people are authentically engaged while collaborating with the affirming adults in their lives". . .Fall, 2017 issue of Housing Assistance Council's Rural Voicesfocuses on progress being made in improving housing conditions for Native Americans. . .HUD Policy Development & Research publishes National Housing Market Summary for the 2nd Quarter of 2017. . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues interim final rule providing greater flexibility to mortgage servicers in communications with borrowers who are at risk of foreclosure. . .HUD issues clarification on changes it's made to Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Mapping & Data Tool. . .If you're a HUD-assisted multifamily owner or manager & missed HUD Multifamily West's most recent stakeholder session, here's the presentation on Management & Occupancy Review common findings presented at the session by California Affordable Housing Initiatives. . .SchoolHouse Washington puts a spotlight on how Spokane County, Washington has made student homelessness a top priority.

U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness sets November 15th deadline to submit comments on-line on how to strengthen Opening Doors, the Federal strategy for ending homelessness. . .EPA sets November 16th deadline to submit proposals for Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund grants. . .HUD sets November 17th deadline for eligible public housing authorities to apply for Jobs Plus Initiative fund of up to $3.7 million each. . .HHS' Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration sets November 17th deadline for Continuum of Cares that have not yet SOAR technical assistance to connect the homeless to SSI/SSDI to apply for technical assistance. . .HUD sets November 22nd deadline to apply for $132 million in Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grants. . .USDA sets December 13th deadline to apply for $10 million in Assistance High Energy Cost Communities. . .Business Oregon sets January 31, 2018 deadline to apply for $25 million in seismic rehabilitation funds for schools & $10 million for seismic rehabilitation in emergency services projects.


Portland State University hosts Build Small, Live Large National Housing Summit, November 3rd to 6th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Alaska Association of Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs host Board of Commissioners training, November 6th & 7th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Northwest Environmental Business Council hosts Washington's Energy Future Conference, November 6th, Tacoma, Washington. Visit

Idaho Affordable Housing Management Association hosts Fair Housing Webinar, November 7th, on-line. Visit

Northwest Fair Housing Alliance hosts free Webinar on Fair Housing Basics for Consumers & Advocates, November 8th, on-line. Visit

HUD's Office of Housing Counseling hosts teleconference on its goals & priorities for year ahead, November 8th, teleconference. Visit

Alaska Association of Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs host Tribal Council training, November 8th & 9th, Anchorage Alaska. Visit

Alaska Municipal League hosts 67th annual Local Government Conference, November 13th to 17th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Tax Credit Fundamentals Workshop, November 13th, Seattle Washington. Visit

AHMA of Oregon hosts workshop on Basic Occupancy Skills for Rookie HUD Managers, November 14th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Advanced Tax Credits Workshop, November 14th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Northwest Fair Housing alliance hosts free Webinar on Fair Housing Act & Criminal History Screening, November 14th, on-line. Visit

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco & Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines host Community Reinvestment Act Roundtable, November 14th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Association of Oregon Counties hosts annuals conference, November 14th to 16th, Eugene, Oregon.Visit

Alaska Association of Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs hosts Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Workshop, November 14th to 16th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Association of Washington Counties hosts annual county convention, November 14th to 117th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Alaska Association of Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs host Low Income Housing Tax Credit workshop, November 14th to 16th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts workshop on First Steps - Best Practices for Promoting Fair Housing, November 15th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Advanced Fair Housing seminar, November 15th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Alaska Municipal League hosts annual Local Government Conference, November 15th to 17th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Bureau of Indian Affairs hosts 27th annual Providers Conference, November 28th to 30th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities host Contract Administration & Procurement Training workshop, December 5th to 7th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications for Residents With Disabilities Workshop, December 5th, Seattle, Washington. Visit


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