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October 2016

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Clarifying HUD's Equal Access Rule
Calling it "another important step to ensure full acceptance of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals," HUD Secretary Castro has announced adoption of a new final rule making it clear that its 2012 Equal Access Rule which "housing assisted or insured by HUD is open to all eligible individuals and families without regard to actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status" includes assisted single-sex emergency shelters with shared sleeping areas. A 2016 Center for American Progress study found that only 30 percent of the shelters contacted by the testers were willing to house the transgender women with other women. HUD's new gender identity rule (, the Secretary says, "will ensure equal access to the very programs that help to prevent homelessness for persons who are routinely forced to choose between being placed in facilities against their gender identity or living on our streets." It takes effect October 21st, 2016.

What you speak shouldn't decide where you live
Almost 9 percent of our nation's population - some 20 million people - have limited English-proficiency. That's not that surprising, of course, in a nation that for generations has welcomed immigrants to its shores. But America's open arms doesn't always mean open doors for those of limited English proficiency when seeking a place to call home. Having a limited ability to speak English should never be a reason to be denied a home," says Gustavo Velasquez, HUD Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. But too often it is. Those who slam the door in the face of someone who speaks Spanish or Vietnamese or Tagalog ought to be very careful, though, because they may be breaking the law. As HUD's pointed out in recent guidance, Fair Housing Act prohibits both intentional housing discrimination and housing practices that have an unjustified discriminatory effect. People with limited English proficiency are not a protected class under the Fair Housing Act. However, the Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination on seven protected bases, including national origin, which is closely linked to the ability to communicate proficiently in English. Housing providers are therefore prohibited from using limited English proficiency selectively or as an excuse for intentional housing discrimination. The law also prohibits landlords from using limited English proficiency in a way that causes an unjustified discriminatory effect. So, they can slam that door if they want to. But they shouldn't be surprised if they're asked to face consequences. For, as the goes, Fair Housing - It's the law!

When anti-nuisance ordinances area nuisance
For some people, calling 9-1-1 can be risky. Not because you won't get the emergency help you need - you'll almost certainly get that - but because, if you call it too often, you might be violating a local nuisance law. And that might lead to an eviction. So, let's say you and your family are victims of domestic violence. And the batterer or bully keeps showing up at your door. Do you call 9-1-1 or not? It's a choice victims should not face and under a new HUD final rule ( codifying how it will evaluate "quid pro quo" and "hostile environment" discrimination as well as newly-issued guidance on nuisance ordinances may well constitute a violation of the Fair Housing Act. "A home should be a sanctuary where everyone can live without the threat of violence or harassment," said HUD Secretary Castro in making the announcement. "The actions we take today will work together to protect the housing rights of victims of harassment and

USDA rate cut
The September issue of USDA Rural Development's Washington State newsletter ( reports that effective October 1st , both the up-front guarantee fee and annual fee for USDA-guaranteed purchase and refinance loans for single-family homes in eligible areas ( with the upfront guarantee fee falling from 2.75 percent to 1 percent and the annual fee from .5 percent to .35 percent.

After completing construction in June of 14 houses to replace houses destroyed in the Carlton & Okanogan complex wildfires in 2014 & 2015, the Okanogan County Long Term Recovery groups tells Methow Valley News ( it's raised the $1.3 million to begin "construction on all 15 homes" - 8 stick-built & 7 manufactured houses - "in its second phase of rebuilding" initiative. . .Though telling Anchorage, Assembly ""we don't see ourselves as a key player, we don't see ourselves as an expert," Providence Health & Services Alaska nonetheless, reports The Dispatch (, provides $975,000 to 10 organizations to more systematically move homeless individuals and families from the street into long-term housing". . .Tacoma Schools & Tacoma Housing Authority agree to 5-year extension of McCarver Education Project which has provided HUD rental subsidies to increase enrollment stability & improve educational performance & indicate possible expansion to additional schools, says News Tribune ( . .At request of Mayor Hales City Council unanimously okays 1-year extension of homeless emergency in Portland, Oregon, says Oregonian (
?hootPostID=df9b40fa8b2cde087bc116c149577e7f). . .Washington Department of Commerce has awarded "more than $10 million" in CDBG ( funds to 22 rural communities to build or renovate affordable housing, upgrade water & sewer system, improve a fire station & improve community facilities. . .Idaho Business Review ( says Idaho Falls Redevelopment Authority & The Housing Company have reached agreement on transforming 80-year-old Bonneville Hotel into affordable housing. . .Task force on housing quality appointed by Spokane, Washington Mayor David Condon issues draft "road map," reports Spokesman Review (, with suggestions ranging "from relatively straightforward proposals, such as creating a minimum housing quality standard, to more complex ideas like starting a community land bank which could acquire, hold and sell vacant and distressed properties". . .With a 96-square-foot prototype recently-completed, says Spokesman Review (, homeless providers push for tiny house village in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for "dozens and dozens of people who are forced to be outside.". . .EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy ( says Local Environmental Observer initiative initiated by tribes to "improve human health and the environment on Indian reservations" & already established in Alaska & the Arctic will expand into Lower 48 with new LEO Hub at the Lummi Tribe's Northwest Indian College near Bellingham, Washington. . .With 44-unit Isabella Apartments in Vancouver, Washington almost complete, REACH CDC's Dan Valliere tells The Columbian "central parts of Portland now are getting so expensive to develop in" that "this is the time to try to do what we're doing here" in Vancouver and "build as much affordable housing as we can now" Washington Liquor & Cannabis Board okays City of Everett, Washington "alcohol impact area" ordinance to reduce public inebriation, reports The Herald (, prohibiting sale of 20 "high octane" liquors in "much of the city's commercial corridor" beginning October 22nd.

Tales from a year gone by
September 30th marks the end & October 1st the start of Federal fiscal year. So, with this issue we move from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2017. Not cause enough, of course, to put on a funny hat or pop the bubbly, but happy new year anyway! With our focus on the future, taking a quick glance back at 2016 may still be worth your while. ‘Cause lots of good work was done by our partners in fiscal year 2016. Clif Bars opens a new 300,000 square-foot bakery and the economy of Twin Falls, Idaho adds up to 400 new jobs. A single family home in Port Townsend, Washington both beautiful AND accessible won, no surprise, a HUD Secretary's Award.A non-profit in Medford, Oregon demonstrated why housing counseling may be one of the smartest investments HUD makes. The Yakama Nation Housing Authority honored its warrior tradition by making sure homeless vets have a place to call home. Eight small, isolated villages in southeast Alaska showed us the value of good, clean indoor air. Some kids in Nampa, Idaho "reached for the stars" and made it all the way to the International Space Station. Folks in Everett, Washington offered yet another example of why "you gotta love parks." Grants Pass, Oregon showed us how land once contaminated can be cleaned up and used to put good, nutritious food on dining room tables., Oregon citizens of Newtok, Alaska told us what it's like to face climate change lapping at your front door. Initiatives in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon proved that "gentrification" and "revitalization" don't have to result in the "elimination" of residents who've long called those neighborhoods "home." Friday Harbor, Washington "barged ahead" innovatively to meet its need for affordable housing. A long-held vision of how best to help the most vulnerable homeless finally began to be realized in Juneau, Alaska. Caldwell, Idaho decided to enter a long-term relationship with HUD. . .An elementary school in Tacoma, Washington demonstrated once and for all the link between stable housing and good educational performance. And on and on and on the "good stories" from fiscal year 2016 go. And thanks to good HUD programs & great HUD partners, there will be even more good stories in w2017. Guaranteed!

ICDBG winners announced
Some of the good stories Northwest HUDLines will share during fiscal year 2017 are almost certain to come from Indian Community Development Block grant funds recently awarded competitively by HUD to Federally-recognized tribes & native Alaskan villages to meet their housing, community & economic development priorities. All told, 20 Native organizations - Tribes, Villages & tribal organizations - in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington state won $10.6 million in this year's ICDBG competition. Like Community Development Block Grant funds which go to cities, counties & states, one hallmark of the ICDBG program is flexibility. Within broad statutory & regulatory frameworks, winners of ICDBG funding are the ones who decide the how's & where's of using the funds. Flexibility is key again among this year's winners too, with funds going to build new houses & rehab existing ones, to construct a new Head Start facility, to replace more than 50 roofs that are well beyond their useful lives, to construct a Housing First shelter for the most vulnerable homeless and to provide housing to homeless vets and, even, to purchase & restart a closed sawmill, in every instance putting "people to work," HUD Northwest Regional Administrator Donna Batch notes, "addressing the bricks-and-mortar needs that they - not we - determine to be of highest priority."

Oregon Governor Kate Brown names HUD Oregon Field Office Director Margaret Salazar as new director of Oregon Housing & Community Services, effective November 1st. . .Alaska Legal Services in Anchorage, Intermountain Fair Housing in Boise, Idaho, the Fair Housing Council of Oregon in Portland & Fair Housing Center of Washington in Tacoma & the Northwest Fair Housing Alliance in Spokane, Washington among 155 winners of HUD Fair Housing Initiatives Program funding to help, says HUD Secretary Castro, "live in a community of opportunity, free from discrimination". . .Craft3 ( of Olympia, Spokane, Portland & Walla Walla selected as one of seven winners in U.S. Department of Treasury's 2016 CDFI Prize ( competition receiving honorable mention for its innovative efforts to replace failing septic systems in rural Washington state. . .Oregon Health & Science University, Adventist Health, CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health and Providence Health & Services-Oregon say they will "donate a combined $21.5 million toward the construction of nearly 400 housing units" for the homeless in Portland which, says U.S. News & World Report (, is "the largest private investment of its kind in the nation". . .USDA Rural Development (
&navid=NEWS_RELEASE&navtype=RT&parentnav=LATEST_RELEASES&edeployment_action=retrievecontent) awards $3 million in loans & grants for water & wastewater system upgrades in 7 Idaho & Washington communities. . .House "flipping" can pretty quickly raise red flags, but a partnership between Cogo Capital & the City of Spokane may well be "a win for everybody," reports Spokesman Review ( . .Community Development Inc., Idaho Housing & Finance Association & USDA Idaho break ground for Ross Island at Moffett Cover, 36 units of affordable housing in Emmett, Idaho, Emmet, Idaho that's expected, says Messenger-Index (,, to be completed by next May. . .HUD charges Ellensburg, Washington property owner for failing to meet accessibility standards of Fair Housing Act. . .Non-profit On-Trak tells KOBI-TV ( it will soon begin construction on Mountain Vista, affordable housing for homeless next door to its Sky Vista recovery housing in Medford, Oregon. . .Washington Department of Commerce awards 11 grants totaling $14 million ( - with another $14.5 million in leveraging from other sources - to develop additional facilities for short-term inpatient psychiatric detention services and state mental hospital diversion," building on, says Governor Jay Inslee, previous investments to transform the way we think about and deliver services for people with debilitating mental illness". . .Everett, Ocean Beach, South Bend, Raymond, Bellingham & Evergreen school districts awarded ( total of $1 million by Washington Department of Commerce to "identify and rapidly connect homeless students and their families with housing services and agencies in their community". . .YWCA begins site preparation for Morrow Manor in Poulsbo, Washington, a residential facility for victims of domestic violence which, reports North Kitsap Herald, ( is expected to be a "lifesaver". . .Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority in Alaska, Eastern Idaho Community Action Program & Communities in Action in Oregon among 107 organizations awarded total of $3.9 million in USDA Housing Preservation Grants (
&navid=NEWS_RELEASE&navtype=RT&parentnav=LATEST_RELEASES&edeployment_action=retrievecontent). . .Columbia Cascade Housing Corporation & USDA Oregon ( celebrate grand opening of Heritage Heights, 23 units of affordable housing for farmworker families in The Dalles. . .With 40 units already occupied and remaining 10 "spoken for," The Columbian ( reports that City of Vancouver & VA celebrate grand opening of Freedom Place, HUD VASH-supported housing for homeless vets on VA campus.

Strengthening FHA's condominium approval process
FHA - the Federal Housing Administration - is seeking public comment on a proposed rule ( affecting FHA-insured condominium projects and is intended to increase flexibility and ease restrictions in the process. The proposal includes restoration of "spot" approvals and also would also extend the required renewal period from two to three years. It also is seeking comments on the possibility of creating a range of thresholds required for FHA approval including the minimum owner-occupants in approved condo developments and limits on commercial/non-residential space. Comments are due November 28th, 2016.

Changing 203k fee schedule
FHA also is seeking comments (") on proposed revisions to "the current structure of the fee and the maximum amount of fees a 203(k)" - acquisition & rehabilitation mortgage - "Consultant would be permitted to charge on a Section 203(k) mortgage" in order to update the 203k fee schedule "to align with similarly performed services and the corresponding fees collected for such services." Comments are due November 7th.

A "RAD-ical" idea that works!
An interim HUD report on its Rental Assistance Demonstration initiative has found that, by October 2015, the nation's public housing authorities had "generated $2.5 billion in new investment to preserve and improve their public housing stock," leveraged "$9 in capital for every $1 of public housing funds" and, to date, "attracted over $60,000 per unit on average to replace outdated kitchens and baths, install energy and water efficient appliances, and make other critical improvements to preserve and, where needed, transform this affordable housing stock." First authorized by Congress in 2012, the program, says HUD Secretary Castro, "is attracting substantial investment in a budget environment where public dollars simply can't keep pace with the growing backlog of capital needs facing our public housing authorities." Currently Congress has said housing authorities can convert just 185,000 public housing units - which may not use investment funds to address capital needs - to the Initiative which allows such investments in converted units. Given the success of the program, HUD is requesting that Congress eliminate the cap. To date, the study found, 10 housing authorities in Oregon & Washington have generated some $111.8 million in funds to meet the capital needs of just over 2,600- affordable housing units.

What's it take to be "one-percenter" where you live?
So which metro area, would you think, in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington State has the least income inequality?  According to a study published by the Economic Policy Institute in June, 2016, it's Mountain Home, Idaho. There, the Institute reports, the average income of the top 1 percent in 2013 - $$321,410 - was 8.6 times higher than the average income of the other 99 percent - $37,395. Mountain Home, in fact, tied with two other communities as the 10th most income-equal of the 915 metro areas surveyed.  And the most income unequal? The Jackson area of Wyoming & Idaho where the top 1 percent earned, on average, $19,995,834 or 213 times the $93,891 earned on average by the other 99 percent. So, what's the gap where you live? (

U.S. Department of Treasury awards ( almost $4.6 million in Community Development Financial Institutions & more than $4.4 million in Native American CDFI grants & loans to 14 tribal & non-tribal organizations enable "lending and investment activity in low-income and economically distressed communities" across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington". . .Bill & Melinda Gates, Raikes & Paul Allen Family Foundation commit almost $1.9 million, reports Associated Press (, in support of SchoolHouse Washington initiative to help the estimated 35,000 homeless students in the state. . .First National Bank Alaska in Anchorage & Pacific Continental Bank of Clark County, Washington, are among 6 finalists for 2016 Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines ( Strong Communities Award. . .With a significant increase in the deaths of homeless women from 2014 to 2015, reports Oregonian, ( Multnomah County & Human Solutions open new, 90-bed shelter for women, initially reserving "20 beds for emergency needs such as sexual assault or domestic violence who need a place to stay immediately". . .Caldwell, Idaho Urban Renewal Authority provides funding to Caldwell Housing Authority to renovate and resell three more houses "overlooked by developers" in city's North End neighborhood reports Idaho Press . . Tribune ( . .State Office of Youth Homelessness, says The Inlander (, reports that 75 percent of Spokane, Washington homeless student's graduate on-time compared to 50 percent statewide. . .Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board okays $2.3 million in grants ( to spark economic development in Clark, Cowlitz, Douglas & Whitman counties. . .Idaho Housing & Finance Association & its subsidiary - The Housing Company - celebrate grand opening of the second phase of The Springs in McCall, Idaho bringing, says Affordable Housing Finance ( magazine, 36 more "units of affordable housing to help meet the needs of the region's workforce". . .With funding from Washington Department of Commerce's energy & CDBG programs, reports Skagit Valley Herald (, city of Concrete begins upgrading wastewater treatment system. . .Thanks to zoning code, says Alaska Dispatch (,, tiny houses having tough time finding a place to park or call home in Anchorage. . .Community Preservation Partners, reports Multi-Housing News (, acquires 68-uni, 18-buildingt Plaza Townhouses from Home Forward - Portland, Oregon's housing authority - committing to a $4 million "facelift" & to maintain long-term affordability by assuming long-term rental subsidy agreement with HUD. . .University Christian Church & Bellwether Housing break ground on family-focused Arbora Court, says Daily Journal of Commerce (, 133 affordable apartments. . .Josephine County, commissioners approve submission of application to Oregon Business Development for $540,000 in CDBG funds for, reports KAJO (, a new Food & Friends Senior Resource Center in Grants Pass, Oregon Everett has selected city-owned parcel as "likely" site of 70-unit "low-barrier" housing for the homeless to be operated by Catholic Housing Services, says Herald (

How affordable is "affordable"?
Can Portland, Oregon afford the costs of solving its affordable housing crisis? Not the way it's been spending its housing dollars for the past decade, argues Nigel Jaquiss in Willamette Week (

Honoring the warrior tradition
The Yakama Tribal Housing Authority, reports The Yakima Herald (, is a big operation with "750 homes and duplexes stretching across the Lower Yakima Valley from Toppenish to White Swan" and also providing "repairs and other services to more than 3,000 homes occupied by tribal members on the reservation." Most are good tenants, says executive director Craig Dougall. But some of the tenants at Apas Gaudy, a project of 58 homes in Wapato, haven't been. Four houses there were discovered to have meth labs, each requiring $40,000 or so to clean up. "This one housing project is not reflective of Yakama culture at all," said Dougall, who was hired by the tribe a year and a half ago. "This is a complete collapse. I said we've got to address the drug culture here because we've got too many good people, children and elders living here too." So a crackdown is underway., Dougall explains. "we owe them the protections provided by our policies and mission for safe, decent and affordable housing." Not everyone's happy but, then again, not everyone was clean.

How we got where we are
At the request of a listener, KUOW-FM's "Local Wonder" ( segment asks the question, "why is Seattle so segregated?" It starts, says a University of Washington professor Jim Gregory, with the Ship Canal. Or is it a "moat?"

Oregon Public Broadcasting's Think Out Loud ( considers whether Portland - and other cities with affordable housing crises - have something to learn from San Francisco.

The epidemic these times
"This crisis is devastating individuals and families from all walks of life in communities across the country, especially in remote, rural areas. According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation report, 44 percent of Americans personally know someone who has been addicted to prescription painkillers. USDA is using every tool at our disposal to help address this widespread, critical issue, but we would not be successful in those efforts without the support of our many dedicated partners who are also working daily to stem this epidemic." - USDA Oregon State Director Vicki Walker at a USDA-hosted September 26th roundtable in Grants Pass (, Oregon "to collect input from community leaders on how to best target resources" to address the opioid "epidemic" in Oregon.

". . .So today, the most important thing I want to say is thank you. After almost eight years as your President, I have been so privileged to learn from you and spend time with many of you while visiting more tribal communities than any other President. (Applause.) Standing Rock Sioux Tribe here? (Applause.) Choctaw Nation? (Applause.) Alaska Natives? (Applause.) My trips to your nations and communities are days that I will never forget. Michelle and I still talk about hosting those remarkable young people from Standing Rock Sioux Nation in the White House and taking them out for pizza. (Laughter.) My staff still talks about all the wonderful people in Kotzebue, Alaska, who tried to -- they tried to teach them Iñupiaq, and tried to stuff them full of meat at Cariboufest. (Laughter.) And my brothers at Crow Nation, brothers and sisters here, I may be an adopted son of the Crow Nation, but I try not to play favorites. (Laughter.) Because I pledged to all of you when I first ran for President that I'd be a partner with all of you in the spirit of a true nation-to-nation relationship, to give all our children the future they deserve. . ." - President Barack Obama, White House transcript ( of remarks at the 2016 8th annual Tribal Nations Conference, Wash9ington, D.C., September 26th, 2016

Documents & data drops of interest
HUD & Centers for Disease Control issue study reporting "significantly lower" levels of lead in the blood of low-income children living in Federally-assisted than in the blood of those living in non-assisted housing. . .HUD, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness & HHS set 2017 as baseline year for evaluating progress in reducing & eliminating youth homelessness. . .U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness posts guidance ( on what requirements of Every Student Success Act taking effect October 1st mean for McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act-funded programs. . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a Building Blocks to Help Youth Achieve Financial Capability ( financial literacy toolkit to help moms, dads & educators teach kids, says CFPB's Richard Cordray, how to "build a healthy financial future". . .Burlington, Vermont develops "tactical urbanism" ( how-to handbook to help communities take back their streets. . .HUD has completed posting 2015 Continuum of Care Dashboard ( Reports which graphically "provide a quick overview of a CoC's performance in serving homeless individuals".

EPA sets October 12th deadline to submit letters of interest in Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities ( technical assistance. . .U.S. Department of Commerce sets October 14th deadline to apply for up to 15 grants of no more than $350,000 each under Community-based Marine Debris Removal ( Program. . .Denali Commission ( sets October 21st deadline to comment on its draft fiscal year 2017 Work Plan. . .HUD sets October 31st to comment on proposed rule to align its lead-in-the-blood level for children under the age of 6 who reside in Federally-owned or -assisted pre-1978 housing. . .HUD sets November 7th deadline for public comments on proposed revisions ( to its Section 203k acquisition & rehabilitation mortgage consultant fee schedule fee schedule. . .HUD sets November 28th deadline to submit comments on proposed changes ( in its condominium approval process. . .HUD sets November 30th deadline to apply for up to 10 grants - including 4 in rural communities - through the new, $33 million Youth Homelessness Demonstration ( Program.

League of Oregon Cities hosts 91st annual conference, September 29th to October 1st, Salem, Oregon. Visit

HUD's Alaska Office of Native American Programs & Alaska Association of Housing Authorities hosts NAHASDA Essentials, October 3rd & 4th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission & Washington Department of Commerce present 23rd annual Housing Washington affordable housing conference, October 4th to 6th, Tacoma, Washington. Visit

Oregon Center for Public Policy hosts Great Schools, Great Communities forum, October 4th, Eugene, Oregon. Visit

Idaho Association of REALTORS holds annual business conference, October 4th to 7th, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Visit

Oregon Health Authority hosts 2016 Place Matters conference, October 4th to 6th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Fair Housing 101 for Non-Profit Transitional & Shelter Housing Providers workshop, October 5th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

HUD's Alaska Office of Native American Programs & Alaska Association of Housing Authorities hosts NAHASDA Essentials workshop, October 6th & 7th, Fairbanks, Alaska. Visit

Alaska Coalition on Housing & Homelessness hosts annual conference, October 11th & 12th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Idaho Chapter of American Planning Association hosts annual conference, October 12th to 14th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts Trends & Hot Topics in Fair Housing workshop, October 12th, Salem. Visit

HUD Oregon hosts Family Self Sufficiency & Resident Support Services workshop, October 13th, Portland, Oregon. Visit ,

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Documentation of Resident Infractions, October 21st, Salem, Oregon. Visit

HUD Utah hosts Grant Writing Basics workshop, October 24th, Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit

Idaho Association of Cities hosts Water Users Summit, October 25th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts two seminars - Basics of Occupancy for Farm Labor Manager & Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, October 25th, Boardman, Oregon. Visit

Oregon & Washington State Chapters of American Planning Association hold joint conference, October 26th to 28th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Idaho Housing & Finance Commission hosts workshop on Housing Choice Voucher Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation, October 26th to 28th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

Oregon & Washington State chapters of American Planning Association host Columbia Connection joint conference, October 26th through 28th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Managing RD Compliance, October 27th & 28th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

Idaho Association of Cities hosts annual Energy & Green Building conference, November 1st & 2nd, Boise, Idaho. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts All About Service Animals workshop, November 1st, Seattle, Washington. Visit

HUD Northwest hosts on-line Basics of Fair Housing Webinar, November 2nd, on-line. Visit

Pacific Northwest NAHRO hosts Uniform Physical Condition Standards workshop, November 7th, Renton, Washington. Visit

AHMA of Washington hosts Understanding HUD's HOME Investment Partnership Program Webinar, November 15th, on-line. Visit

Alaska Municipal League hosts annual conference, November 14th to 18th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Oregon Association of Counties hosts annual conference, November 15th to 17th, Eugene, Oregon. Visit

Washington Association of Counties hosts 2016 County Leaders conference, November 15th to 18th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts First Steps: Best Practices to Promote Fair Housing workshop, November 16th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Advanced Fair Housing seminar, November 16th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Idaho Smart Growth holds annual Grow Smart Awards ceremony, November 17th, Boise. Visit


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