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Michael Look named as HUD's Deputy Northwest Regional Administrator
Welcome to Michael Look, the newly-named HUD Deputy Regional Administrator for Region X serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington State. Michael, who will assume his new duties on September 6th, comes to HUD from the City of Seattle where, since 2004, he has served as manager of the administrative & community facilities division of its Community Development Block Grant program. He began his professional career evaluating & managing substance abuse & youth services contracts for King County and, before joining the City in 2000, also served as human services manager for the City of Bellevue. He is an active member of the Northwest Association of Community Development Managers and, from 2015 until June of this year, served as President of the National Association of Community Development Managers. He received his B.A. from the University of Washington in 1983 and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1985. He and his wife of 24 years have three children, two currently in college and one in high school. He succeeds Donna Batch who, in April, was named HUD Regional Administrator for Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington.

2017 FMR's now on-line
HUD has published Fair Market Rents for fiscal year 2017 in the August 26th Federal Register ( They are schedule to take effect October 1st, 2016. Public comments on the methodology used to determine them and requests for reevaluation of specific FMRS should be submitted by September 26th.

HUD proposes lower lead limits
Stepping up its longstanding efforts to protect young children from lead hazards, HUD has proposed a rule ( to reduce its lead-in-blood threshold to match that of the Centers for Disease Control. The rule would lower the level from 20 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood (µg/dL) - the level in effect for the past 17 years - to five, and continue to be aligned with CDC recommendations in the future, allow for an earlier response when a child under six years old is exposed to lead-based paint hazards in Federally-owned or Federally-assisted pre-1978 housing. "There is no amount of lead in a child's blood that can be considered safe," said HUD Secretary Castro. By aligning to CDC standards, he added, "we can act more quickly and make certain the homes we support are as safe as possible." Comments on the proposed rule are due October 31st.

Strengthening protections for at-risk FHA borrowers
FHA - the Federal Housing Administration - has issued a mortgagee letter streamlining the process by which mortgage servicers evaluate borrowers for participation in the FHA-Home Affordable Modification Program that is designed to help struggling borrowers avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. Specifically, FHA is the number of steps that a servicer and borrower must take to resolve a delinquency and enter into a loss mitigation home retention product" as well as removing "certain obstacles" to provide more flexibility in determining whether unemployed borrowers may qualify for a special forbearance agreement. Specifically, the Letter, first, requires servicers to convert successful 3-month trial modifications into permanent modifications within 60 days instead of the average four-to-six months; second, allows borrowers with three missed mortgage payments to qualify for a partial claim to bring their arrearages current versus the previous requirement for a minimum of four missed payments; third, ends the traditional stand-alone Loan Modification option so struggling borrowers can access the FHA-HAMP option, with its greater payment relief, sooner; and, fourth, eliminates the required 12-monthterm for FHA's special forbearance option to allow servicers to offer this option to more unemployed households.

Improving servicer services
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has finalized steps ( to insure that "homeowners and struggling borrowers are treated fairly by mortgage servicers." Changes include requiring servicers to provide certain borrowers - i.e., borrowers who've fallen behind previously but have brought their loans current - with foreclosure protections more than once over the life of the loan, insure that those confirmed as successors in interest will generally receive the same protections under the CFPB's mortgage servicing rules as the original, but now-deceased borrower and provide periodic statements as well as "early intervention" loss mitigation information to borrowers in bankruptcy. The new rule also requires that, upon transfer of the mortgage, the new servicer must provide the same loss mitigation services under the same timelines as were in effect for the servicer transferring the mortgage. The Bureau's Richard Cordray said the final rule ( will help insure that "struggling borrowers are treated fairly by mortgage servicers and that no one is wrongly foreclosed upon."

Enlisting private properties in promoting self-sufficiency
HUD has issued an August 26th notice that permits owners of privately owned apartment buildings under Section 8 contract can now offer Family Self-Sufficiency programs to the more than one million households living in their properties and residual receipt accounts to hire family self-sufficiency service coordinators. Similar to such coordinators in FSS programs operated by hundreds of public housing authorities across the country, these coordinators will work with resident families who, of their own accord, have signed five-year contracts requiring the head of the household to obtain employment and for all family members to be free of public assistance for one year before the contract ends. The coordinators work with the families to identify employment and education opportunities that will increase their earned incomes and reduce their dependence on assisted housing. They also help establish interest-bearing escrow accounts for the families into which deposits are made when their rent is increased during the contract period. Upon graduation from the program, the families may use the funds as assets to, for example, make a down payment on a home. A 2011 HUD evaluation of the family self-sufficiency program found that participants were more likely than non-participants to be employed and to earn higher incomes.

Upgrading Tribal consultation
Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate has announced the launch of a Tribal consultation process ( from August 22nd to October 28th during which it will seek Tribal input on enhancing "the nation-to-nation relationship with federally recognized Indian tribes, and to ensure we work together to build, sustain, and improve Indian Country's capacity to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against." The process will serve to update FEMA's 2913 Tribal Policy ( currently set to expire at the end of 2016. Input will be sought from "face-to-face meetings, national and regional association conferences, conference calls, and webinars," Administrator Fugate says.

Spokane, Washington doubles-down on affordable housing, says Spokesman Review (, as both Catholic Charities & Volunteers of America each opens new, 50-unit supportive housing complexes for "for homeless people who struggle with mental illness, substance abuse or other challenges on the same day". . .City of Twin Falls, Idaho & Clif Bar, says Boise State Public Radio (, celebrates grand opening 9f 300,000 square-foot, 260-job bakery at industrial park funded, in part, by CDBG grant competitively awarded by Idaho Department of Commerce. . .Now in its third and final year as Boise, Idaho's first Energize Our Neighborhood community revitalization area, Statesman( visits Vista neighborhood to see what's happened. .Washington State Housing Finance Commission ( okays financing to permit 200 residents of 45-sitet Hillside "mobile home park" northeast of Centralia to buy and, thus, "own" the property. "With soaring rent prices and a big shortage of available rental housing," says The Bulletin (, Bend City Council may consider lengthening time required for no-cause evictions. . .Haida Tribe in Alaska, Nez Perce & Shoshone in Idaho & Grand ronde in Oregon among 20 nationwide to win Bureau of Indian Affairs ( grants for economic development feasibility studies. . .While saying he doesn't want a citywide sweep of homeless campers & those who cause few problems "will likely be left in peace," Portland, Oregon Mayor Charlie Hales ends policy from February, 2016 that allowed safe tent camping & sidewalk sleeping because, he tells Oregonian (, "because it was not making the situation better". . .Recognizing that "too many young people in our state are on their own, struggling to survive in unhealthy or dangerous living situations," Washington Governor Jay Inslee ( announces $2.5 million in grants from state's Office of Youth Homelessness to "support emergency housing and rental assistance, crisis intervention services, outreach to connect homeless youth with resources such as drug and alcohol treatment, and other assistance to young adults age 18 through 24" through 20 projects across the state. . .Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden ( announces that 321 Idaho families that lost their homes to foreclosure because of "servicing abuses" by HSBC Mortgage should receive benefits under $59.3 million settlement with lender. . .Seattle Housing Authority one of 11 organizations nationwide to win Resident Opportunities & Self-Sufficiency Service Coordinator funds to expand efforts to help public housing residents secure jobs & educational opportunities. . .Just weeks after opening, The Columbian ( pays a visit to Lincoln Place, Vancouver's first Housing First housing for the homeless. . .Clackamas County & Central City Concern celebrate grand opening of Town Center Courtyards, 60 units of "stable, supportive housing" for families who are homeless or at risk of it says Oregon ON The Beat ( . .For the 6th time & this time by a 2-to-1 margin, voters in Seattle, Washington say "yes" to 7-year, $290 million housing tax levy, says The Times (

Caldwell signs-on with CDBG
Last year, the City of Caldwell, Idaho learned that the Census Bureau was estimating that it had broken the 50,000-resident mark. That's news almost any city is happy to hear. It also creates brand new opportunities. See how - and why - Caldwell said "yes" to opportunity's knock.

The real power of coffee's
A lot of use a cup of coffee to get going in the morning. But Housing Hope's CafeWorks 13-week barista training course in Everett, Washington, says The Herald (, is a way to get ahead.

Do sick homes make for sick people?
In a typical year, each of us breathes in and out about 156,000 times. And most of that breathing is done indoors - in offices, cars & our homes. And we don't usually give much thought to what we're breathing. Not so the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. These days indoor air is very much on its mind, particularly in isolated Alaskan villages where residents try to make their houses tighter than tight to stay comfortable during the long, cold winters. It may seem smart, but it creates real health risks, risks that the Consortium is trying to reduce and, ultimately, eliminate. See how.

A tale of Tacoma
Now 23, Tomica White has been homeless in Tacoma, Washington for the past 12 years. Her life has just taken a turn for the better but she still had a story she wanted to tell HUD Secretary Castro when he visited the Puget Sound area recently for a forum on youth homelessness hosted by Congressman Denny Heck in Fife.

Seattle, Washington City Council votes unanimously, says Times (, to include income from Social Security, pensions, unemployment, child support or other government or non-profit subsidy in prohibition against source-of-income discrimination, to require owners of rental properties to process & review applications of first-come, first-serve basis and to discourage such owners from offering move-in discounts to employees of preferred firms. . .University Park United Methodist Church in north Portland, Oregon tells KOIN-TV ( it plans to "build affordable housing for dozens of families" on land it owns & without government subsidies. . .King County Housing Authority secures "unprecedented" agreement that Intracorp will not demolish 76-unit Highland Village in Bellevue (, Washington but instead allow to Authority to renovate it and maintain it as permanent, affordable housing. . .Come October Oregon Health Authority & Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs to launch Veterans Rental Assistance Program ( to provide stable, permanent housing to up to 147 veterans in Clackamas, Columbia, Jackson, Marion & Yamhill counties. . .Qatar's Ambassador ( to the U.S. presents $25,000 check to Alaska Community Foundation's Domestic Violence Shelter Improvement Program. . .Portland Development Commission taps Kimberly Branam, its deputy director for the last 5 years, to succeed Patrick Quinlon as executive director, says Oregonian ( . .Alaska Legal Services Corporation & Partners for Prosperity sign-on as partners in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Your Money, Your Goals ( initiative to help low & moderate income consumers better manage their personal finances. . .Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC complies with Washington Department of Financial Institutions ( request that it : end its practice of using offshore unlicensed affiliate companies to perform residential mortgage loan servicing activities for Washington loans". . .City of Cannon Beach, says Daily Astorian (, "moving closer" to okaying construction of 50 units of workforce housing by 2020. . .Rasmuson Foundation ( awards just over $1 million in Tier 1 grants of up to $25,000 each to 51 Alaska organizations & communities to capital projects, technology upgrades, program expansion and creative works". . .Lacking resources to undertake an expected $42 million renovation cost of 244-unit Baker Heights apartments, Everett Housing Authority advises residents of "physical-obsolete" Baker they will need to relocate - with tenant-based vouchers - by December says The Herald (, expressing "confidence that we will have replacement housing, decent housing" that residents "an move to from Baker Heights,". . .Threatened by climate change, says The Telegraph (, Shishmaref, Alaska on the shores of the Chukchi Sea becomes second native village to vote to move to higher, safer ground.

USDA addresses opioid epidemic in rural America
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced ( that USDA intends to expand its use of rural development resources "to help fill the need for transitional housing for people recovering from opioid and other substance use disorders." Specifically, it will, first, encourage use of USDA Community Facilities financing for transitional housing projects; second, make vacant USDA housing properties available for lease or sale to qualified non-profits to transform the properties into transitional housing; third, launch a pilot project to make vacant USDA multifamily rental units available to tenants participating in treatment programs; and, fourth, release a suite of data that will better link existing USDA facilities with treatment service providers across the country. "The journey from having a substance use disorder to recovery requires understanding, treatment, and support," said Vilsack. "But too often that journey is not completed because of a lack of safe, affordable housing options," the Secretary notes. "Today's actions will lead to more options for those in recovery."

Addressing homelessness among young people
HUD has set a November 30th deadline for state and local governments as well as non-profits other than institutions of higher education and collaborative applicants selected by Continuums of Care registered to participate in the fiscal year 2016 Continuum program to apply for up 10 grans to be awarded competitively under a $33 million Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program authorized by the Congress last year. The funding will support the development & execution of a coordinated community approach to preventing and ending youth homelessness." Four of the 10 projects funded will be in rural communities. For more, see FR-6000-N-35 ( The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness has scheduled a September 15th Webinar ( on the competition.

Seattle & King County funds to prevent & end homelessness
Again this year, the City of Seattle Office of Housing, the King County Department of Community & Human Services, the Seattle Housing Authority, the King County Housing Authority, ARCH (A Regional Coalition for Housing) & United Way of King County have agreed to participate in a combined Notice of Funding Availability for Homeless Housing for Families, Individuals & Young Adults. An estimated $72 million in resources will be awarded from city, county, Federal and private funding sources. Broadly speaking, the competition is divided into two sections - one for operating & rent supports and the other for capital funds. In the former category, United Way will provide up to $2 million, the King County Department of Community & Housing Services will provide $10.3 million and the City of Seattle will provide Housing Tax Levy funds sufficient for 13 new units with operating & rental supports. Seattle Housing Authority will provide up to 151and the King County Housing Authority up top 46 rental vouchers. The deadline for applying for operating & rental supports is September 27th. In the latter category, ARCH will provide $1.5 million in capital funds (September 8th application deadline). The City of Seattle will provide $34 million in capital funds (September 13th application deadline) and the King County Department of Community & Human Services will provide $9.1 million in capital funds (September 15th deadline). Both the funding process and its priorities reflect the strategic plan ( adopted earlier this year by All Home King County, formerly the King County Council to End Homelessness.

HUD funds educational "navigators"
HUD has set a September 28th deadline for public housing authorities to apply for up to six grants totaling $2 million under its ROSS for Education program to hire "education navigators" to help hundreds of "low-income families and young people" ages 16 to 20 to "apply for federal aid for college and other post-secondary educational opportunities" through the U.S. Department of Education's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The funds are being provided through HUD's longstanding ROSS - Resident Opportunities & Self Sufficiency - and is part of HUD's Project Soar - Students + Opportunities + Achievements = Results) initiative. For more, see FR-6000-N-27 (

Best Starts for Kids levy funds available
King County, Washington has set a September 20th deadline to apply for some $2,850,000 from the $19 million Best Start for Kids tax levy's Youth & Family Homelessness Prevention Initiative ( that is designed to "ensure disproportionate representation within the homeless system is addressed." The County finds that disproportionate numbers of Native American/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Asian Pacific Islanders, African Americans, LGBTQ young people & residents of geographically-isolated communities are homeless. In addition to case management & advocacy, the funding awards of up to $100,000 per agency can be used to address those needs that led to homelessness or the risk of it including such services as" clothing for a job, cost of an employment-related license, a variety of housing and/or moving costs, cost to repair a car (or), urgently needed groceries."

Clearing the debris from our waterways
The U.S. Department of Commerce has set an October 14th deadline for state, local and tribal governments and others to apply for up to 15 grants of up to $850,000 each to design & implement a "locally-driven, marine debris prevention, assessment, and removal projects that will benefit coastal habitat, waterways, and NOAA" - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - "trust resources." Priority will be given to projects "targeting medium- large-scale debris, including derelict fishing gear" and that provide "benefits to coastal communities, and create long-term ecological habitat improvements for NOAA trust resources." For more, see NOAA-NMFS-SE-2017-2004975 (

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Clark County, Washington Council votes unanimously, reports The Columbian (, to "allow veterans whose household income is up to twice the Federal poverty line" - or an estimate $48,6000 for a family of four" - to access to emergency housing assistance," up from a 150 percent limit previously. . .Burlington, Washington City Council okays extension of sewer line to site of Housing Authority of Skagit County's 47-unit Raspberry Ridge affordable housing complex now under development says Go Skagit ( . .Thanks to funding from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Federal Home Loan Bank, Rasmuson Foundation & HUD, Cook Inlet Housing celebrates grand opening in Muldoon neighborhood of Anchorage, Alaska of 49-unit Grandview Plaza 49, "a meaningful community," Carol Gore told Alaska Business Monthly (, " where active adults can live independently and where their contributions to the community are recognized and honored". . .USDA Oregon's Vicki Walker ( says it's awarded $38,000 grant to renovate & preserve Egyptian Theater - built in 1925 - in Cooks Bay, Oregon. . .Seattle City Council passes Mandatory Housing Affordability ordinance that, says The Stranger (, "will require developers in some neighborhoods to include affordable units in new apartment buildings or pay a fee toward affordable housing instead.". . .HUD-funded $4 million upgrade of Samaritan Village was, says KTVB-TV (, "worth the waith" for residents. . .St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County celebrates opening of affordable, energy-efficient Alona Place, says KEZI-TV (, in Junction City, Oregon. . .Having completed three homes since 2009, Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County decides, says Peninsula Daily News (, to take 2-year break on further work in Forks, Washington citing "lack of local support". . .Brenda Hughes of First Federal Savings Bank of Twin Falls, Idaho named to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's ( Community Bank Advisory Council & Amy Nelson of Point West Credit Union in Portland, Oregon named to Bureau's Credit Union Advisory Council. . ."Tired" of having their city viewed as full of "down & out neighborhoods," reports Tacoma News Tribune (, Lakewood, Washington City Council votes to require that private rental units be subject to regular inspections. .

Good news or bad? Your call
The University of Washington's Runstad Center for Real Estate Center reports that the median price of a home in Washington state has reached an all-time high of $317,500. "Literally nine years later, that's sort of an indicator of how this market has slowly recovered," said the Center's Peter Orser told KNKX. "We've now breached the price point, but are coming nowhere close in terms of the volume ("

The challenge ahead
"My vision is to move from talking, planning, studying to carrying out the decisions and policies that have been made. . ."This is a wealthy community. "I share the Mayor's conviction that we can do better. . .How can living outdoors in a tent be the best solution for anybody? Especially people with big needs, . We need the feds and the state to step up and help. Cities can't do this alone."" - George Scarola, recently-appointed by [Seattle Mayor Ed Murray ( as city's first-ever cabinet level director of homelessness, KOMO-TV (, August 24, 2016.

"Mobile" homes on the permafrost
So why would you put a house on skis? For downhill racing events, of course. Think again, the Cold Climate Housing Research Center of Fairbanks advises The Alaska Dispatch ( All kidding aside, it's one more example of how fundamentally climate change is, yep, changing our lives.

What rocket scientists & non-profit housing developers have in common
"Crystal Hillier, chief financial officer for SHV, says that in the 1970s, a housing developer could apply to HUD for financing for affordable housing. Now, she says, that's changed. "In today's development world, you have to get city funding to leverage county funding to apply for state funding, and then you maybe get a private investor that's interested in a tax credit," she says. All of these different sources of funding, she says, often have different requirements for housing different populations (i.e., chronically homeless, disabled people, etc.). It's SHV's job to thread that needle, says Hillier, because private developers, averse to red tape and expecting a bigger return, are less likely to build this much-needed housing." -- Jake Thomas, "Home Base: Spokane nonprofits face challenges in providing people with a place to call their own," The Pacific Northwest Inlander (, August 25, 2016.

What's "worthy" now?
Boise's Jerry Brady used to think- "snobbishly," he admits - that modular & manufactured housing was "flimsy" and "unworthy." Not anymore, he tells The Idaho Statesman ( Read why.

Immigrants & housing
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issue this joint letter to remind recipients of federal financial assistance that they should not withhold certain services based on immigration status when the services are necessary to protect life or safety. This is not a new policy but one we think is important to restate. Some grant recipients mistakenly believe they are not authorized to provide critical, life-saving services to certain categories of immigrants. This is not the case."(emphasis added) "As explained in greater detail below, immigration status is not a bar to providing certain services necessary to protect life or safety, such as emergency shelter, short-term housing assistance including transitional housing, crisis counseling, and intervention programs. . ." - From an August 5, 2016 letter ( issued jointly by HUD, HHS & the Department of Justice.

Documents & data drops of interest
HUD publishes final Continuum of Care ARD - Annual Renewal Demand - Report ( for fiscal year 2016 funding competition that's expected to award some $1.9 billion to support local projects to end and prevent homelessness. . .August 2016 issue of Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development's Alaska Economic Trends ( takes market-specific look at rental markets in the state. . .HUDUser ( pays a visit to REACH CDC's Orchards at Orenco - the nation's largest passive housing complex - in Hillsboro, Oregon and likes what it sees.

HUD sets September 6th deadline for U.S. Citizens to apply for Deputy Regional Administrator ( post in Atlanta, Georgia. . .HUD sets September 9th as the deadline for public housing authorities that administer Housing Choice Voucher programs to each apply for up to 150 HUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Veterans project-based rental vouchers that have been set-aside under PIH Notice 2016-11. . .National Endowment for the Arts sets September 12th to apply for Our Town ( "creative placemaking" funds. . .City of Seattle Office of Housing sets September 13th deadline to apply for $34 million in Rental Housing Program ( funds to preserve existing or produce new affordable housing for City residents, particularly those who are or are at risk of being homeless. . .HUD sets September 14th as the deadline to apply for a total of $1.9 billion in Continuum of Care ( funding to support efforts to prevent & end homelessness. . .NeighborWorks Pocatello ( sets September 16th nominations for Fall 2016 Curb Appeal Awards recognizing Pocatello residents "who do a particularly great job with landscaping around their homes". . .King County sets September 20th deadline to apply for Best Starts for Kids Youth & Family Homeless Prevention Initiative ( funding. . .HUD sets September 22nd deadline for public comments on its Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Local Government Assessment Tool ( . .HUD sets September 23rd deadline to comment on proposals to change factors that determine preliminary per capita need of Continuums of Care ( serving the homeless. . .HUD sets September 28th deadline for public housing authorities to apply for up to 6 ROSS for Education ( grants to hire "educational navigators" to assist young people age 16 to 20 to seek Federal education aid. . .U.S. Department of Commerce sets October 14th deadline to apply for up to 15 grants of no more than $350,000 each under Community-based Marine Debris Removal ( Program. . .HUD sets October 31st to comment on proposed rule to align its lead-in-the-blood level for children under the age of 6 who reside in Federally-owned or -assisted pre-1978 housing. . .HUD sets November 30th deadline to apply for up to 10 grants - including 4 in rural communities - through the new, $33 million Youth Homelessness Demonstration ( Program.


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