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September 2017

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Lesson #1
The greatness of the American people shining brighter than a thousand suns at noon.

Lesson #2
Dig deep & find a way to help.

Lesson #3
If you live in a flood plain, flood insurance is a really, really, REALLY smart investment. Here's why.

Secretary Carson visits Indian Country
"It is clear that the first Americans are among the first we are called to serve. . .The federal government must respect the self-government or sovereignty of tribal lands. Our assistance and cooperation must never be used as an underhanded way to control Native American communities, any more than it should be used to bully the States and their elected representatives. We must follow the principle of subsidiarity: that the smallest unit of governance capable of managing its own affairs be allowed to do so. In the last several months traveling around this great country, I've seen that some of the best solutions for our society's challenges-whether it's homelessness, or hunger, or affordable housing-are built with local expertise. They are managed from the bottom-up, not imposed from the top down. I'm happy to say that the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act has been achieving these goals, providing more and better housing, for the last 20 years.

I cannot take credit for the great work done under this Act by my predecessors or the people in this room. But I recognize it, and thank you all for it, and promise to carry that torch onward. I am here not just to speak, but to listen, and to forge friendships with those fighting for American Indian people and their communities. I hope that together, we may bring them more opportunities, an increased voice, and happy, healthy homes." - HUD Secretary Carson, suggested remarks before the summer meeting of the United Native American Housing Association, August 21st, 2017, on the Flathead Reservation of the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribe, Polson, Montana.

Training for lenders set for Seattle
FHA's Santa Ana Homeownership Center will host a free, two-day FHA Lender Workshop in Seattle, Washington on September 28th & 29th. Space is limited. It will, says FHA, "cover a wide range of topics including Single Family Housing Handbook 4000.1, underwriting the FHA appraisal, Endorsement protocols, the Loan Review System & much more." Register now.

Current condo approval process extended
The Federal Housing Administration - FHA - has issued Mortgage Letter 2017-13 extending its current temporary single-family condominium project approval process as it moves to complete a rulemaking.

! ! ! BREAKING NEWS ! ! !
FHA revises reverse mortgage product
The Federal Housing Administration has issued Mortgagee Letter 2017-12 revising the initial & annual mortgage insurance premium rates as well as its principal limit factors for its Home Equity Conversion - or "reverse" Mortgage product. The revisions take effect for all HECMs assigned case numbers on or after October 2nd, 2017. Recognizing its "fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers," FHA believes the revisions will help insure that the product "remain viable and effective in the long term." FHA welcomes feedback from interested parties at that will be considered in "determining the need for future updates."

President Trump declares major disaster in Blaine, Camas, Custer, Elmore, & Gooding counties, Idaho to assist state & local governments in recovering from floods, landslides & mudslides from May 6th to June 16th & also issues major disaster declaration Columbia, Deschutes, Hood River & Josephine counties, Oregon because of "severe winter storms, flooding, landslides & mudslides" from January 7th to 10th. . .Boise, Idaho & King County, Washington housing authorities among 25 nationwide to win HUD funds to enhance security at public housing complexes. . .Thanks to generosity of local business person, City of Corvallis, Oregon identifies new site for 40-bed winter shelter that, for at least first year, will be rent-free, says Gazette Times. . .Washington Department of Ecology's non-point source program wins $3 million in EPA funds to protect water quality through wetland & river restoration projects in King, Skagit, Stevens counties. . .Housing Works celeb rates grand opening of Cook Crossing, 48 units of affordable, "green" housing for the elderly in Redmond with, says KTVZ-TV, a medical clinic & "amazing views of Central Oregon" that's named after Cyndy Cook who served as Housing Works' executive director for 30 years. . .Calling it "a stepping-stone to a higher goal," Spokane, Washington Mayor David Condon says City & coalition including SNAP, Catholic Charities & Excelsior Youth Center surpass goal of securing housing for more than 100homeless young people in 100 days, says Spokesman Review. . .City of Portland, Central City Concern & Housing is Health coalition comprised of Adventist Health Portland, CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Legacy Health, Oregon Health & Sciences University & Providence Health & Services break ground for the first of three buildings at Charlotte Rutherford Place, that, when finished, will provide 153 units of workforce housing as well as a medical clinic & 175 units of affordable housing for families at risk of homelessness says Portland Patch. . .Bellingham Herald explains how, with an innovative model, some good partners & lots & lots of sweat, the Kulshan Community Land Trust has kept homeownership affordable in Whatcom County, Washington where the median price is "more than $340,000 - a 10 percent rise in just one year". . .Thanks to King County CDBG program, City of SeaTac, Washington celebrates grand opening of brand-new Riverton Heights Park.

From Newtok to Metarvik
At imminent threat of complete submersion from the rising waters of the Bering Sea and winter storms that raise tides 15 feet, the 340 mostly Yup'ik residents of the village of Newtok some 500 miles west of Anchorage have had to find a new place to call home. It's called Metarvik, a site atop a bluff on Nelson Island 9 miles southwest of Newtok and as far up the Ninglick River as a barge can travel "It's a safe land, a high land, it's beautiful," lifelong Newtok resident Albertina Charles told KYUK-FM. On August 9th Newtok residents traveled to cut a ribbon and to see how their new home is taking shape. Thanks to significant Indian Community Development Block Grant and Title VI Loan Guarantee funds from HUD Alaska ONAP as well as funding from the Denali Commission, BIA the State of Alaska, the Lions Club and others, two gravity-driven wells have been dug, a kitchen, dining hall, communal toilets and showers and four homes have been built with four more under construction, as is an evacuation center that can accommodate 250 people. Moving day approaches. "I want to pioneer here in fall time," Ms. Charles noted. "I want to be safe staying here ‘cause last year the water raised more than usual."

Serving small cities & big
HUD often is seen as focused only on the biggest cities. Thanks to the flexibility & adaptability of most of HUD's programs, however, they can have as consequential an effect in a small town as in the largest city. Which is why, in collaboration with the Idaho Rural partnership, HUD staff in Idaho spend a lot of time on the road.

Similarly, the affordable housing crisis often is described as a "big city" problem. Think again. Because as a city of 8 million like New York faces a shortage of decent, affordable housing, so can a city of just over 8,000. A city, for example, like Ketchikan, Alaska.

Collaboration, not confrontation in affordable housing
Solutions to the affordable crisis are also often characterized as a "zero-sum game" in which new residents of a new affordable housing complex are" winners" winners, but long-time residents of the neighborhood where the new complex has opened are "losers." A new affordable housing complex developed by Catholic Charities of Oregon & Home Forward, the housing authority in Portland, Oregon, however, offers yet another demonstration that both "sides" can be "winners," that collaboration instead of confrontation can produce an approach in which everybody wins. A zero-sum "gain," in other words, instead of a zero-sum "game."

Housing First's archetype?
Deservedly Seattle's Downtown Emergency Center gets a lot of the credit for turning the theory of Housing First as a means of addressing chronic homelessness into a real-life workable & viable model. Many other organizations have, with a lot of hard work & a little bit of luck, successfully replicated its model. Calling DESC a "pioneer" certainly is warranted. The Register Guard, however, argues that there was "pre-pioneer" among Housing First practitioners - Shankle House in Eugene, Oregon. Read why.

Re-connecting kids to a family & a culture
HUD Secretary Carson often urges HUD and its partners to take a "holistic" approach to meeting the needs and helping advance the dreams of those we serve. "We cannot simply put a roof over someone's head," he recently told the Tribal leaders in Montana, "while ignoring the needs of their body and mind." Earlier this spring, NAYA - the Native & American Youth & Family Center - celebrated the opening of Portland, Oregon's third intergenerational housing complex - the 40-unit Generations in the city's Lents neighborhood. It fits the Secretary's vision to a T. It's focused on one simple, but stark fact - Native American children in Multnomah County are 26 times more likely than white children to be separated from their families & be in the custody of the child welfare system, particularly foster care. Though foster care may be well-intentioned, the outcomes often aren't good. Separated from their cultures & from family, the kids are likely to drop out of school, become homeless & enter adulthood well behind their chronological peers. Generations is intentionally designed to give them a family again, to give them a culture again, to give them a chance again. Read how.

Boise, Idaho's first Housing First housing for the chronically-homeless - the New Path Community Housing Project - to break ground in September, says Idaho Statesman. . .Jefferson County, Washington commissioners, reports Peninsula Daily News, votes to place 7-year, $13 million affordable housing tax levy before voters this November. . .The Inlander explores why Spokane, Washington's rental housing boom is "trapping low-income tenants without options". . .Portland, Oregon's Central City Concern announces that Dr. Rachel Solotaroff, is chief medical officer, will succeed Ed Blackburn as its chief executive officer with his retirement "at the end of September," says Oregonian. . .Seattle, Washington City Council passes ordinance to bar landlords "from excluding people with records in advertisements. . .from asking about records" and ".from rejecting people due to their records," says The Times. . .Looking to enhance "the cool factor" in downtown Medford, Oregon, business leaders give "warm reception" to City proposal to seek Federal funds for seismic retrofits of old buildings to create more downtown housing, says Mail Tribune. . .Janus Youth Programs of Portland, Oregon & Grow Food d/b/a Viva Farms of Mt. Vernon, Washington among 32 winners nationwide of USDA grants to help participants in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to "increase their purchases of fruits & vegetables". . .HUD Policy Development & Research sets September 30th deadline to submit papers for a symposium in Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development & Research on topics related to the link between housing and health. Fact that after just three weeks Catholic Charities of Spokane's new 52-unit Pope Francis Haven is already half-occupied, executive director Rob McCann tells Spokesman Review, "shows you the need". . .The Chieftain publishes two-part series on "the good, the bad & the ugly" sides of housing in Wallowa County, Oregon. . .Washington state Department of Commerce & Superintendent of Public Instruction award more than $1.5 million in Homeless Student Stability grants to projects across state to increase housing stability & improve educational performance. . .Roseburg, Oregon Rescue Mission expands its outdoor courtyard, says News Review, "making the mission more inviting than it was before" & providing "option for homeless men not to hang out in city parks, stores or the downtown business district". . .Two non-profits urge Lummi Nation to set-aside improved land for 100 "tiny homes" to house the homeless, says Bellingham, Washington Herald.

HUD self-sufficiency funding competitions open
HUD has set a September 15th deadline for public housing agencies, Tribes & tribally-designated housing entities currently administering a HUD-funded Family Self Sufficiency program to apply for an anticipated 700 grants under this year's $75 million Family Self-Sufficiency funding competition. Awarded grants will not exceed $72,000 each. Agencies that won Family Self-Sufficiency grants because of HUD Notices of Funding Availability for fiscal years 2014, 2015 and/or 2016 or that administers a program transferred from or because of consolidating with an agency that received grants in these prior competitions are not eligible for this funding. HUD also has set an October 23rd deadline for public housing agencies, non-profits (including resident associations) & Federally-recognized Tribes to apply for an anticipated 110 grants to be awarded competitively under this year's $35 million Resident Opportunity & Self-Sufficiency program. Both programs enable winning grantees to hire service coordinators who work with residents of public & Indian housing link to supportive services that enable participants to increase earned income, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, and make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing self-sufficiency.

Competition opens for $38 million in Fair Housing Initiatives funding
HUD has set a September 18th deadline for eligible organizations to apply for:
The $7,450,000 Fair Housing Initiatives Education & Outreach program that anticipates competitively awarding up to 53 grants this year with none to exceed $1 million and that supports organizations that educate the public and housing providers about their rights and responsibilities under federal law; the $500,000 Fair Housing Organizations Initiative which anticipates awarding 2 grants this year with neither exceeding $250,000 and that helps build the capacity and effectiveness of non-profit fair housing organizations, particularly organizations that focus on the rights and needs of underserved groups, such as rural and immigrant populations; the $30.3 million Fair Housing Private Enforcement Initiative which anticipates warding up to 53 grants this year with none to exceed $300,000 each and that conduct intake, testing, investigation and litigation of fair housing complaints under the Fair Housing Act.

HUD's Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant competition opens
HUD has set a November 22nd deadline for public housing agencies, local governments or Tribal entities to apply for a total of $132 million under its Choice Neighborhoods Implementation program. Up to five grants of up to $30 million each may be awarded. The program supports "the implementation of comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans" that "replace distressed public and assisted housing with high-quality mixed-income housing that is well-managed and responsive to the needs of the surrounding neighborhood" and "improve intergenerational mobility with a focus on children and familied, employment, health, and education outcomes" and "create the conditions necessary for public and private reinvestment in distressed neighborhoods to offer the kinds of amenities and assets, including safety, good schools, and commercial activity, that are important to families." The Seattle Housing Authority's revitalization of its Yesler Terrace community is a recipient of Choice Neighborhoods Implementation funds.

Washington Department of Commerce opens Trust Fund competition
Although the Washington State Legislature prior to adjournment had not passed a 2017 to 2019 Capital Budget and, accordingly, did not provide new state funding to the Housing Trust Fund, in anticipation that ultimately will reach agreement on a Capital Budget, the Washington State Department of Commerce is encouraging all eligible affordable housing projects "in active pre-development" to apply under its 2017 State 2 Solicitation for multi-family & homeownership project funding. Some $2.3 million in HOME Investment Partnership funds & $3.7 million in National Housing Trust Fund resources are at present available under the solicitation &Commerce reserves the right to "separately or in combination" with state Housing Trust Fund dollars. Projects seeking waivers need to apply for them by September 22nd while all applications in response to the Stage 2 solicitation need to be received by October 9th. If you have questions, call (360) 725-2995 or e-mail

Funding for farm labor housing
USDA's Rural Housing Service has set a September 11th deadline for non-profits, farmworker associations, Federally-recognized Tribes, state or local governments, housing authorities or limited partnerships with a non-profit partner to submit pre-applications for Section 515 Farm Labor Housing Loans & Section 516 Farmworker Housing Grants. Funds may be used for the construction of new off-farm FLH units & related facilities for domestic farm laborers & for the purchase and substantial rehabilitation of an existing non-FLH property. Off-farm housing must be operated on a non-profit basis & tenancy must be open to all qualified domestic farm laborers, regardless at which farm they work. Rental & operating assistance will be available.

Wildfires & preparedness
Another summer has come and, with it, another wildfire season. As in summers past, fires are burning in all four of the states in our Region - Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Hopefully, the community you serve has been spared. Even more importantly, hopefully your community is prepared for the possibility that it may experience a wildfire, either this season or in the future. Preparation is critical to protecting lives, preserving property and minimizing the damage. To assist you in your efforts to prepare, I thought you might be interested in the Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire technical assistance that is being offered by Headwaters Economics in Bozeman, Montana in association with the U.S. Forest Service. If you believe your community might benefit from such assistance, Headwaters currently is seeking applicants for its 2018 assistance. The deadline for application is September 29. Don't forget - the best time to prepare for a wildfire is before it starts.

Rebuilding after the fire's gone
Oregon Housing & Community Services has announced that low-income Oregonians - at or below 200 percent of the Federally poverty line or "approximately" $49,200 a year for a family of four - whose home -their principal residence -have been lost to or damaged by wildfire may qualify for up to $7,000 in assistance under the state's Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Assistance Program. It includes stick-built and site-built housing and recreational vehicles. The damage or loss must have occurred on or after July 1st, 2017.

Idaho Housing & Finance Association, its subsidiary The Housing Company & USDA celebrate the grand opening of the Moon Valley Apartments in downtown Star, Idaho. . .In Port Angeles, Washington Peninsula Housing Authority breaks ground, for first phase of the $18.5 million transformation of Mount Angeles View apartments into Sea Ridge by replacing, says Peninsula Daily News, "33 older homes with 63 new units" and, ultimately, more than double Authority's affordable housing stock. . .Renton, Washington Housing Authority & Home Forward, Portland's authority, are among the latest 29 authorities invited to join HUD's nationwide ConnectHome initiative to "bridge" the digital divide faced by families - and, particularly, children - in the nation's public & assisted housing stock. . ."In response to rising homeless," The Empire reports, City & Borough of Juneau unveil plans to hire housing & homeless services coordinator. . .Access, Inc. starts acce0ting applications, says Mail-Tribune, for its 17-unit, almost $2 million Victory Place housing for homeless veterans expected to open in November in Medford, Oregon. . .King County, City of Seattle & Seattle Foundation award $2.25 million to 39 non-profits to "provide critical services to immigrants & refugees & other vulnerable residents whose health, safety & human rights are at risk". . .Salem, Oregon Mayor Chuck Bennett, Community Resources Trus t& Oregon Housing & Community Services breaks ground for $24.4 million Cornerstone Apartments, 180 new affordable housing units for families in a city with, says Statesman Journal, "a housing crunch that has left thousands waiting for affordable places to live". . .Spokane, Washington City Council makes changes to 12-year under-used multifamily housing tax exemption, says Spokesman Review, to spark development of more rental housing. . .Vancouver, Washington Housing Authority's 30-unit Lincoln Place for the formerly-homeless, says The Columbian, named "outstanding innovative project" by Oregon chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals. . .Joined by Seattle, Washington Mayor Ed Murray, Low Income Housing Institute breaks ground for 6-story, 70 unit Lake City Family Housing for households earning 30 to 60 percent of area median that's expected to be completed in the fall of 2018. . says Washington ranks 4th, Idaho ranks 8th, Oregon ranks 10th & Alaska ranks 16th as the "best state to grow old in".

Worst-case housing numbers worsen
"After a decline in Worst Case Needs from 2011 to 2013, the number of these very poor unsubsidized renter households increased between 2013 and 2015 to the second highest number of households recorded - 8.3 million. . .The number of households with worst case needs have increased by 66 percent since 2001. . .While incomes continued to rise between 2013 and 2015, rents also increased nearly as fast. For the poorest renters, however, growth in rental costs outpaced income gains. . .The number of households with worst case needs increased across all racial and ethnic groups. The prevalence of worst case needs during 2015 was 47 percent for Hispanic renters, 45 percent for non-Hispanic White renters, 37 percent for non-Hispanic Black renters, and 41 percent for others. . .Regionally, the South and West were home to most very low-income renters. These renters also had the highest prevalence of worst case needs and the lowest likelihood of receiving housing assistance. By metropolitan type, worst case needs were most prevalent in densely populated urban suburbs, followed by central cities." - HUD Reports Worst-Case Housing Needs Increased in 2015, HUD press release 17-061, August 9, 2017.

Central City Concern's Blackburn reflects on homelessness
"In the Northwest, we've seen a huge in-migration of people here in the last 20 years -- but even in the last 10 years, tens of thousands of people have moved here. With that migration is all kinds of people -- rich people, people with degrees and people who are very employable. And people who are looking for a new life, a new start, and sometimes that doesn't work out so well and they end up on the streets. The Great Recession was really a great depression for a lot of low-income people. I think we had a lot of young people here who didn't get attached to the mainstream economy and a lot of other people who lost their jobs and detached. We see a lot of the migratory homeless population on the West Coast and I think people have adapted to survive in that way.

The opiate addiction has added a new twist, especially with the migratory population. The presence of heroin addiction is something I haven't seen before in the homeless population. So, we have a swarm of things happening. We don't see much of the old Skid Row alcoholics anymore. We kind of solved that one. But it was replaced by other factors that are contributing to homelessness." Ed Blackburn, executive director of Central City Concern in Portland, reflecting on his 25 years with the organization as he prepares for retirement The Oregonian, August 11, 2017.

A changed face of homelessness
"What we've seen in the last few years is an increased number of families, an increased number of children, an increased number of folks who are sleeping on our floor (who) have a wake-up call at 4 a.m. to catch a bus to go to work. That's different than what it was 12 or 13 years ago." -Denny Scott, St. Andrew Lutheran Church which hosts winter warming shelter at an August 26th Faith & Housing Forum in Vancouver, Washington, as reported by The Columbian, August 26, 2017.

Healthy homes = smart homes
Why are HUD & its partners so obsessed with healthy homes? Ask A.J. Salkoski, a senior program manager at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, a winner of a HUD's Healthy Homes Award. "In the winter of 2011, Salkoski and his team visited about 60 homes in eight Southwest Alaska villages that housed one or more children with severe or chronic lung disease," reports The Alaska Dispatch. "Of these children, 68 percent had been hospitalized for respiratory illness before age 2. Other children living in the same households had high rates of respiratory hospitalization before they were 2 years old too - a good indicator, per Singleton, that the illnesses were influenced by household conditions." He spent "the first part" of his career, he said, "Then I spent the rest of my career trying to figure out what I can do to help." Read how he's doing it.

Will "granny pods" ride to the rescue?
NPR examines whether Portland, Oregon's use of "granny pods" - accessory dwelling units - is an affordable way to expand the supply of affordable housing in a city where rents are "through the roof".

A long road home
For most of the past years, says The Alaska Dispatch, Melvin Ivanoff has been "drunk & homeless" on the streets of Anchorage. He's most of his days & a lot his nights walking, from one end of the city to another and then back again and so and so on. "More than anything" he'd like to go home, to Mekoryuk, on Nunivak Island. And, over the years, he's probably walked enough to get there and back more than a couple of times. But, for some reason, he just can't get home. Some mysteries can't be solved. Hopefully, one day his will.

FHA issues Mortgage Letter 2017-11 effective September 19th concerning Home Equity Conversion - "reverse" - Mortgage Servicing Implementation Guidance reflecting the January, 2017 Final Rule strengthening the HECM program. The VA, HHS & HUD publish Disaster Preparedness to Promote Community Resilience: Toolkit & Appendices. . .McGill University researcher takes look at how "tiny house villages" fare versus city planners in Eugene, Olympia, Portland & Seattle. . .Zillow takes a look at what happens to homelessness population when rents rise in Seattle, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles & New York. . .Alaska Department of Labor's August issue of Alaska Economic Trends takes by-the-numbers look at state's 10 major rental markets. . .Our partners at HUD in Massachusetts present a 17-minute video offering a "what-you-need-to-know" introduction to HUD's Lead Safe Housing rule. . .SAMSHA's The Dialogue focuses on how low-income residents fare when communities respond to & recover from a disaster. . .HUDUser asks if we need a new, better definition of housing affordability &, if so, what would it look like?. . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau urges caution to homeowners saying that getting a reverse mortgage on their home can be "expensive way" to maximize your Social Security pay-outs.

U.S. Department of Education sets September 5th deadline to apply for designation as one of seven new Promise Neighborhoods to utilize up to $30 million to improve public elementary or secondary schools in low-income, distressed neighborhoods. . .City of Seattle sets September 5th deadline to respond to $30 million Homeless Investment RFP. . .HUD sets September 11th to submit comments on proposed design of anticipated $5.7 million Disabled & Low-Income Veterans Housing Rehabilitation & Modification Pilot funding competition. . .USDA Rural Housing Service sets September 11th deadline to submit pre-applications for Section 515 Farmworker Labor Housing Loans & Section 516 Farmworker Housing Loans. . .HUD sets September 15th for eligible public housing agencies, Tribes & tribally-designated housing entities to apply for $75 million in grants to be awarded competitively under the Family Self Sufficiency program. . .Meyer Memorial Trust of Portland, Oregon sets September 15th deadline to apply or submit nominations to succeed HUD sets September 18th deadline to apply for $7.4 million in Fair Housing Education & Outreach Initiative grants, 8/ $500,000 in Fair Housing Organizations Initiative grants and $15.8 million Fair Housing Private Enforcement Initiative grants. .Seattle's Downtown Emergency Service Center sets September 22nd deadline to submit proposals for presentation at the April, 2018 Housing First Partners Conference in Denver, Colorado. . .HUD sets September 28th for Continuums of Care to apply for approximately $2 billion to support thousands of local homeless service & prevention projects across the country. . .HUD sets September 30th deadline to submit papers for Cityscape symposium on housing & health. . .USDA Rural Utilities Service sets September 30th deadline to apply for Rural Broadband Access Loans & Loan Guarantees. . .Washington Department of Commerce sets October 9th deadline for receipt of Stage 2 applications for homeownership or multi-family funds from the Washington Housing Trust Fund, HOME Investment Partnership or National Housing Trust fund HUD sets October 23rd deadline to apply for a total of $35 million in Resident Opportunity & Self-Sufficiency funds. . .HUD sets November 22nd deadline to apply for $132 million in Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grants.


National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development hosts Northwest Enterprise Development Conference, September 5th through 7th, Tulalip, Washington. Visit

All Home hosts Homeless Housing & Services in King County: The "System" Explained workshop, September 7th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Idaho Non-Profit Center hosts 14th annual Statewide Conference, September 7th & 8th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

National Association for County Community & Economic Development hosts annual education conference, September 10th to 13th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Portland State University's Institute for Sustainability hosts Transportation & Communities Summit, September 11th & 12th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Idaho Association of REALTORS & Montana Association of REALTORS host Joint Annual Conference, September 12th to 15th, Big Sky, Montana. Visit

Northwest Indian Housing Association hosts quarterly meeting, September 12th through 14th, Suquamish, Washington. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Tax Credit Fundamentals workshop, September 12th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

All Home hosts Racial Equity & Homelessness Workshop, September 13th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Washington AHMA hosts Webinar on Documenting Resident Violations, September 13th, on-line. Visit

HUD Oregon hosts Family Self-Sufficiency & Resident Services Workshop, September 13th, Redmond, Oregon. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Advanced Tax Credit Compliance workshop, September 13th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

City of Seattle Office of Civil Rights hosts Source of Income Protections & Tenant Resource Fair, September 14th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Alaska Association of REALTORS hosts Annual Convention, September 16th to 20th, Cooper Landing, Alaska. Visit

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians hosts 2017 annual convention, September 18th through21st, Spokane, Washington. Visit

Oregon Opportunity hosts 2017 Fall Industry Conference, September 19th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Conquering Compliance with Multiple Housing Programs, September 19th, Grants Pass, Oregon. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts workshop on First Steps-Best Practices to Promote Fair Housing, September 20th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Trends & Hot Topics in Fair Housing, September 20th, Lincoln City, Oregon. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Advanced Fair Housing Seminar, September 20th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Washington Association of REALTORS hosts annual Fall Conference, September 20th to 22nd, Pasco, Washington. Visit

HUD's Office of Native American Programs hosts a Breaking the Chains: Addressing Recidivism Summit, September 21st, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Conquering Compliance with Multiple Housing Programs, September 21st, La Grande, Oregon. Visit

Washington State Human Rights Commission hosts 2017 annual conference of International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies, September 24th to 28th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

HUD Washington hosts Federal Labor Standards & Davis-Bacon Workshop for Contractors, September 26th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

HUD Washington hosts Federal Labor Standards & Davis Bacon Workshop for Public Housing Agencies & HOME & CDBG Grantees, September 27th & 28th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

FHA's Santa Ana Homeownership Center hosts FHA Lenders Workshop, September 28th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Washington chapter of American Planning Association hosts 2017 convention, September 28th & 29th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Trends & Hot Topics in Fair Housing, September 29th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

League of Oregon Cities hosts 92nd Annual Conference, September 29th & 30th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission & Washington Department of Commerce host Housing Washington Affordable Housing Conference, October 2nd to 4th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

National Community Reinvestment Coalition hosts Oregon Reinvestment Summit, October 2nd, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Oregon Association of REALTORS hosts annual Fall Conference, October 3rd to 6th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Idaho Association of Cities hosts Idaho Energy & Green Building Conference, October 4th & 5th, Boise, Idaho. Visit

Oregon Main Streets hosts its Annual Convention, October 4th to 6th, Oregon City, Oregon. Visit

AHMA Washington hosts Fair Housing Training for Front Line Staff, October 9th, Moses Lake, Washington. Visit

AHMA Washington hosts Fair Housing Training for Front Line Staff, October 10th, Richland, Washington. Visit

AHMA of Oregon hosts Conquering RD Compliance Workshop, October 10th & 11th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities & HUD Alaska's Office of Native American Programs hosts Admissions & Occupancy Workshop, October 10th to 12th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Fair Housing 101 for Non-Profit Transitional & Shelter Housing Providers, October 11th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

AHMA Washington hosts Fair Housing Training for Front Line Staff, October 11th, Longview, Washington. Visit

Idaho Chapter of the American Planning Association hosts Annual Convention, October 11th to 13th, Ketchum, Idaho. Visit

City of Portland hosts 10th annual Go Green Conference, October 17th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

AHMA Washington hosts Webinar on How to Write a HUD Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan, October 17th, on-line. Visit

Oregon Office of Rural Health hosts 34th annual Oregon Rural Health Conference, October 18th to 20th, Sunriver, Oregon. Visit

Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council holds Annual Conference, October 24th to 26th, Wenatchee, Washington. Visit

AHMA of Oregon hosts Basic Evictions for Affordable Housing Providers Workshop, October 26th, Salem, Oregon. Visit


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