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Office of Public Housing

Region X - Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
FY2007 Quarter IV, August 1, 2007

From the Director's Office
In this final quarter of the fiscal year, we bid a retirement farewell to Elizabeth Santone, Portland Program Center Coordinator. For all who have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth during her tenure here at HUD, she will be greatly missed. We all wish her well in her retirement from HUD.

Deborah Mann is currently serving as Acting Program Center Coordinator, Portland Program Center. Please join me in continued support of Ms. Mann as Acting Program Center Coordinator.

On behalf of Office of Public Housing team members in the Seattle, Portland, & Anchorage offices, we hope this newsletter is helpful to you.

Harlan Stewart , Director, Office of Public Housing, Region X, Northwest/Alaska

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  • Energy Training For Building Performance "Session 1", April 12, 2007
  • REAC Inspection Day, March 29, 2007

Energy Star
Visit the Energy Star website ( to find out how your agency can benefit from Energy Star services.

The Boise City/ Ada County Housing Authority (BCACHA) and Southwestern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority (SICHA) celebrate Homeownership Month

[Photo 1: Presentation of homeownership certificate]
Stacie Bateman accepts a certificate of "Success in Homeownership" from Boise City/Ada County Executive Director, Deanna Watson

On a quiet cul-de-sac in Boise, Idaho, family, friends, and staff from the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority and HUD Boise and Seattle offices gathered at the home of Stacie Bateman to celebrate homeownership month. Ms. Bateman happily provided the group with a tour of her immaculately maintained single-family 2 bd/2 bth home she purchased in 2005. Later, she was presented a certificate for "Success in Homeownership" from BCACHA Executive Director, Deanna Watson.

Ms. Bateman is one of 15 families from BCACHA to have successfully utilized the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher for Homeownership program. The BCACHA's dedicated and supportive staff works with clients to guide them through the homeownership process. BCACHA's Homeownership Coordinator, Tawna Gulbis, has worked with several of the families to secure additional down payment resources including American Dream Down payment Initiative (ADDI) and Home Start Plus funds.

Fifteen miles west in Nampa, Idaho, Shawna Lown, FSS and Homeownership Coordinator at SICHA provided HUD staff with a tour of several of the 25 homes their families have purchased through the voucher program. SICHA has partnered with several nonprofits in the area to provide additional resources to clients including, Open Doors, who provides no or low-cost home renovation services to persons requiring modifications due to a disability. SICHA later sponsored an informational homeownership event for prospective families. Representatives from Idaho Independent Bank as well as families who have successfully closed on homes discussed their path to homeownership, inspiring others along the way.

Elizabeth Santone Retires

[Photo 2: Elizabeth Santone]
Elizabeth Santone celebrates retirement, Friday, July 6th, 2007

Elizabeth Santone began her career in housing at the Mid-Columbia Housing Authority. Then moved to the Vancouver Housing Authority before joining HUD in 1987 as a Housing Management Specialist. In 1995, she became the Portland Field Office Program Center Coordinator. Along the way, Elizabeth was involved in a variety of special national projects including, the Public Housing Vacancy Reduction Project and Small PHA Troubled Housing Taskforce. She was later detailed for six months to HUD Headquarters in Washington DC where she worked on Quality Housing Work Responsibility Act regulations. Respected throughout HUD, and by her housing authority colleagues, and adored by her staff -- she will be missed greatly. We wish her a very happy retirement.

"How do you say good bye? I've never met a better group of people-- dedicated, hard working, smart and caring. Oh, sure, there have been frustrations. I can't say that I've agreed with everything, but some how we manage to persevere and focus on the important stuff; making life a little bit better for the people who live in HUD funded housing. Thanks for sharing the last 20 years with me." ~Elizabeth

PHA Plans Reminder & VAWA
Implementation of the "Violence Against Women Act and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005" (VAWA) was effective on January 5, 2006 when President Bush signed VAWA into law. This notice is a reminder for PHAs that five-year and annual PHA Plans are required to contain information regarding any goals, activities, objectives, policies, or programs of the PHA that are intended to support or assist victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault or stalking. PHA Plans received without VAWA information must be disapproved. If you have any questions or concerns about this requirement, please contact the Public Housing Revitalization Specialist assigned to your PHA or, you may contact PHA Plan coordinator, Gordon Brandhagen by telephone at (206) 220-6229 or, email at

Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Training
HUD in partnership with D L Morgan & Associates, Nelrod Company, and PNRC- NAHRO are offering minimal cost, targeted, hands-on training for housing authorities and their homeownership partners. See HUD's website for more info.

Tacoma, Washington: August 13-14
Pacific Northwest Regional Council
Tacoma LaQuinta
1425 E 27th St.
Tacoma, WA 98421-2200
Phone (253) 383 0146


FHA Update: Predatory Lending
Predatory mortgage lending practices strip borrowers of home equity and threaten families with foreclosure, destabilizing the very communities that we are trying to serve. To be sure that new homeowners are able to stay in their homes, HUD works in the local communities to provide resources and guidance for potential new homeowners in seeking the best information and loan product to meet their families' needs.

For information on how to avoid predatory lending, visit

To contact a local counseling agency for more information, visit

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Homeownership
HCV Homeownership Closings as of 4/1/2007









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Recently Published
See all Federal Register and Notices on HUD's website.

Federal Register
3/12/2007 Notice of Availability of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Westpark Master Plan Redevelopment Project, City of Bremerton, WA. FR-4912-N-21
3/15/2007 Revisions to the Public Access to HUD Records Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Regulations. FR-5069-F-02
5/11/2007 Notice of Availability of a Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Westpark Master Plan Redevelopment Project, City of Bremerton, WA. FR-4912-N-24
6/29/2007 HOPE VI Main Street Grants
7/12/2007 Proposed Fair Market Rents for Fiscal Year 2008 for the Housing Choice Voucher Program and Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy Program. FR-5152-N-01
7/18/2007 Use of Public Housing Capital and Operating Funds for Financing Activities. FR-4843-P-01

PIH Notices
PIH 2007-9 Updated Changes in Financial Management and Reporting Requirements for Public Housing Agencies under the New Operating Fund Rule (24 CFR part 990)
PIH 2007-10 Voucher Funding In Connection with the Demo or Dispo of Occupied Public Housing Units
PIH 2007-12 Guidance on Integrated Pest Management
PIH 2007-13 Certification of accuracy of data in the Public Housing Information Center System used to calculate the Capital Fund formula allocation in Fiscal Year 2007
PIH 2007-14 Implementation of FFY 2007 Funding Provisions for Housing Choice Voucher Program
PIH 2007-15 Applicability of Public Housing Development Requirements to Transactions between Public Housing Agencies and their Related Affiliates and Instrumentalities
PIH 2007-16 Operating Fund Program: Guidance on Demonstration of Successful Conversion to Asset Management to Discontinue the Reduction of Operating Subsidy, Year 1 and Year 2 Applications
PIH 2007-17 Disaster Voucher Program (DVP) -- Extension of the DVP and Revised Term for the Waiver of Tenant Contribution
PIH 2007-18 Extension - Housing Choice Voucher Program - Enhanced Vouchers - Adjustment of Voucher Housing Assistance Payments for Certain Families that Received "Preservation" Voucher Assistance as the Result of an Owner Prepayment or Voluntary Termination of Mortgage Insurance for a Preservation Eligible Property in FFY (FY) 1997, FY 1998, and FY 1999
PIH 2007-19 Public Housing Development Cost limits
PIH 2007-20 Impact of Non-Parental Child-Only Welfare Grants on Families Participating in the Family Self- Sufficiency (FSS) Program
PIH 2007-21 Guidance on Methods and Schedules for Calculating FFY 2008 Operating Subsidy Eligibility

6/4/2007 Staff Assignment Changes (sent by Portland Office in regards to changes in HUD Portland Office of Public Housing PHRS assignments)
6/11/2007 Grants Policy Council (GPC) Broadcast (sent by Portland Office)
7/16/2007 PHA Requirements for Filing Section 3, 60002 Reports
7/23/2007 Training - Capacity Building/Advanced Grant Writing Training

Important Upcoming Dates
Please Note: All dates subject to change. Refer to program area websites for most current information and complete list of forms due.

FYE 3/31 PHAs
10/19/2007 9/30 Occupancy Report (HUD-51234) submit in PIC

FYE 6/30 PHAs
8/16/2007 (Mid August) PHA residents surveyed for RASS. Please see RASS Business Calendar
8/29/2007 SEMAP Submission due in PIC (60 days after FYE)
8/31/2007 MASS Submission due to REAC
8/31/2007 Unaudited FASS for FYE 6/30/2006 submission due to REAC

FYE 9/30 PHAs
7/18/2007 PHA Plan submission. CFP Program Performance and Evaluation Reports must be included in PHA Plan.
8/24/2007 (Late August) PHA residents surveyed for RASS. Please see RASS Business Calendar

FYE 12/31 PHAs
9/30/2007 Audited FASS for FYE 12/31/2005 submission due to REAC
9/30/2007 One Copy of IPA Audit due to Field Office with Management letter, Corrective Action Plan, and other relevant written communications as applicable for FYE 12/31/2006. See PIH Notice 2006-15.
10/1/2007 90 days prior to FYB, submit complete budget (HUD-52673, 52672, 52663) for Mod Rehab, SRO, HOPE VI, Mainstream (DV code-5 year increments), to FMC representative.
10/18/2007 PHA Plan submission. CFP Program Performance and Evaluation Reports must be included in PHA Plan.

All PHAs
7/17/2007 EIV satellite broadcast 1:00 - 3:00 EST
7/30/2007 EIV User Administrators must re-certify all existing EIV users for your housing authority.
7/31/2007 ROSS Financial Status Report (HUD-269A) and Semi-Annual Program Report submitted to field office
7/31/2007 Payment of Annual Contribution and Operating Statement (HUD-52681B) April, May, June data due end of August in VMS (Section 8). Please check VMS website.
7/31-8/3/2007 Capacity Building & Grant Writing Training, Nampa, ID,
9/14/2007 Annual Pacific Northwest Regional FSS Coordinators meeting. Vancouver Housing Authority, Vancouver, WA.
9/28/2007 Operating Subsidy forms HUD-52723 and HUD-52722 are due to the field office
9/30/2007 Notification to Field Office of Energy Audit completion.

Every Month CFP obligated/expended data is submitted through eLOCCS. CFP work completion activities where pre-audit is required, are reminded to submit AMCC to Field Office

Every Month Send complete copy of renewal Moderate Rehabilitation program HAP contracts with owners to FMC representative. Please include Attachment A. Contracts needed to request renewal funds and to release payments

Quarterly VMS data collection (HUD 52681B submitted electronically). Ensure data is submitted timely and accurately. Failure to report timely could result in loss of Administrative fees. Check VMS website for exact submission dates


Please continue to submit Year-End Settlement Statement (HUD-52681) for Section 8 Mod Rehab, SROs, and Mainstream (DV) vouchers ONLY. Submit to FMC (45 calendar days after FYE)

90 days prior to FYB, submit complete budget (HUD-52673, 52672, 52663) for Mod Rehab, SRO, HOPE VI, Mainstream (DV code-5 year increments), to FMC representative.

EIV Recertification by July 30th
PHA Users must be recertified by PHA User Administrator by midnight 7/30/07. HUD Field EIV Coordinator will recertify PHA User Administrators.

Energy Audit
An Energy Audit is required for each development of PHA owned Low-Income Public Housing and must be completed by SEPTEMBER 30th. Please refer to 24 CFR 965.302. Please notify your HUD Field Office of completion of your agency's Energy Audit.


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