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What's Up at HUD This Week in Region IX?

July 16, 2008

California leads the nation in FHA loans at the higher cap...and by a wide margin. The data for June reports California with 966 FHA insured loans above the previous $362,790 cap. Next closest: Maryland, with 450 insured loans above the previous caps. In Region IX, Nevada stands at 42, Hawaii at 20, and Arizona at two.

We also have a breakdown for you by Metro Area in Region IX, showing loans above the previous limit, home equity conversion loans, first-time homebuyer loans, refi loans and loans with seller-funded gifts. Arizona is the clear leader in FHA insured loans; data is below:


Loans Above $362,790




Loans with Seller-Funded Gifts

Metro Area


Oakland, CA






San Diego, CA






Los Angeles, CA






San Francisco, CA






San Jose, CA






Sacramento, CA






Phoenix, AZ






Las Vegas, NV






Source: HUD Single Family Data Warehouse 07/15/08


We only make important misteaks: And we regret that we make any, but we reported that Oakland's Acorn development, which is the locale for an increased level of violence and murder, is part of the Oakland Housing Authority. IT IS NOT. But our apologies to Oakland Housing Authority and its director. By the way, Oakland Housing Authority is among the high performers in our region. We grovel.

Northern California Wildfire Update: no loss to HUD properties or staff as firefighters battle Northern California wildfires with increased success. The Governor estimates that 1,200 residences are still threatened and 50 residences have burned. The American Red Cross is opening a service center in Oroville to assist victims, as well as a hotline for residents who have left the area.

Movement on efforts to address homelessness in Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada got underway. An agreement was signed July 8 that sets terms for prisoner discharges to prevent homelessness with Clark County and HomeBase, a technical assistance provider. It will develop and adopt a discharge policy to prevent inmates from local and state correctional systems from being released into homelessness. In addition, a data collection methodology will be implemented to collect data on the number of homeless inmates and ex-offenders and those who are placed into housing.

It's only a disaster if we didn't prepare, so we're going to be prepared. Regional Disaster Coordinator Gary DeYulia briefed our Santa Ana office on regional disaster plans. San Francisco office supervisor Nancy Flores is putting together a disaster preparation team for that office. The Federal Executive Board's Quarterly meeting in Southern California was briefed by the Los Angeles County Health Department on disaster preparedness. HUD officials throughout the region will be in Seattle, Washington next week for intensive training on continuity programs for the Department during a disaster.

Senior, Disabled Housing Project Affected by Record Heat (Fresno, CA) The City of Fresno parked an air conditioned bus in front of The Californian, a HUD assisted senior and disabled housing project in Fresno, California, after one of the property's air conditioners went on the fritz and temperatures reached 112 degrees. The repair took a week after needed parts were misdirected to another city, but it's working again. The management also provided personal fans, cold drinks and other comfort measures. Local HUD staff stayed in constant contact to be certain that the situation was appropriately and quickly resolved.

Arizona Rural Policy Forum Takes Up Housing (Phoenix)

On July 10-11, Rebecca Flanagan participated in the Rural Arizona Development Council's Rural Policy Forum in Flagstaff. The forum included remarks from Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler and Northern Arizona University Interim Dean Marc Chopin. Session topics included affordable housing, workforce training, recruitment and retention of health care professionals and the impact of drugs on the rural Arizona economy.

San Diego Field Office Participated in Univision Foreclosure Telethon (San Diego, CA)

On July 10, 2008, Frank Riley, Field Office Director participated in an hour long telethon at the Univision (Spanish station) television studio in San Diego. The event was sponsored by the California Mortgage Bankers Association. The California Housing Commission and Secretary of State were at the event. Charles Ludlam of the Santa Homeownership Center was also present and arranged for Mr. Riley to be one of the housing officials answering phone calls.

Bring Your Child/Grandchild to Work at Phoenix Field Office (Arizona)

On July 10, the Phoenix HUD office participated in the 2008 Bring Your Child/Grand Child to Work Day. Supervisors and employees enthusiastically volunteered to bring in refreshments and organize classes/activities surrounding HUD's mission.

Approximately, 12 children, ages 7-15, had fun learning about banking and budgeting, fair housing, and building housing & communities. Smiling children with sticky hands participated in building their own graham cracker n'sweets house, painted their neighborhood, and scurried around the office looking for scavenger hunt items. At the end of the day, happy but tired children took home their hard-earned trinkets, prizes and educational memories. Already several employees have suggested ideas for next year.

Training to Make the ConPlan Community Friendly (Honolulu, Hawaii)

On July 9, 2008, Honolulu CPD held a consolidated plan training session to educate and update Hawaii formula grantees about the consolidated plan process. The goal was to provide grantees with the opportunity to create ConPlans that are more user-friendly for all community stakeholders. The 20 participants were able to review current grantee formats and discuss how to reshape the documents.

HUD Senior Counsel Met with Long Beach on National Call to Action (California)

On July 9, 2008, HUD's headquartered-based Senior Counsel for the Office of Community Planning and Development and Co-director of the America's Affordable Communities [National Call to Action] Initiative met with executive staff from the City of Long Beach's City Manager's Office and Housing Bureau (Housing Administration, Housing Services, and Housing Authority) regarding joining the Initiative. He also is taking an active part in the upcoming August 25-26. 2008 Western Region Housing Conference sponsored by the Los Angeles Field Office. Following the meeting, HUD's contingent (Senior Counsel, Los Angeles Field Office Director, CPD's Program Director, and FPM staff person) took part an 'Affordable Housing Tour' - one of the many scheduled activities sponsored by the Housing Bureau and its in-house nonprofit, the Long Beach Housing Development Company, occurring daily during the City's 'Affordable Housing Week 2008.' The three-hour bus tour showcased a number of "affordable" multifamily or "workforce" development projects - many of whom were underwritten with HUD funds - to approximately 30 representatives from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, housing developers, non profits, and government staff. Following the tour, the HUD contingent traveled to, and met with, appropriate City of Los Angeles and Santa Monica administrative staff regarding both the National Call to Action and upcoming August Housing Conference.

New San Francisco Housing Authority Director Takes Up Duties (California)

Henry Alvarez, former head of the San Antonio, Texas Housing Authority, began his new position as the San Francisco Housing Authority Executive Director on July 11. He replaces interim director Miriam Saez.

California State Office Staff Volunteer in Avon Breast Cancer Walk (San Francisco)

Multifamily and CPD Staff participated in the annual Avon Breast Cancer walk, raising over $17,000 for the 40-mile two-day walk. Three hundred of the 3,500 walkers were cancer survivors, and for every walker there were three volunteers supporting them. In total, the walk raised $7 million. "The real heroes are the women who battle cancer every day," one HUD staffer noted. "I was amazed as I listened to the stories - no one complained and acted as victims. They all had a positive outlook on life and were determined to win their battle against cancer." Another staffer wrote, "It was an awesome experience for me personally. It was very moving and emotional to cross the finish line - there were so, so many supporters!" Other HUD staff supportive of the effort were among those cheering on the walkers, waiting along the way.



July 18: Tucson Homeless Connect will involve over 30 service providers and 40 community volunteers. It will be held at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 East University Boulevard. Services to be offered will include shelter beds, benefits counseling, health screening, eye glasses, behavioral health information, employment assistance, haircuts, bus passes, and transportation to and from the event. A particularly important service will be provided by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles staff. They will assist participants needing State identification cards, a significant barrier for access to services. Volunteers will transport participants to a DMV office, where a dedicated window will be available to accelerate service to provide ID cards.

Contact: Leslie Carlson, Coordinator
Plan to End Homelessness
Phone: (602) 661-6686
Email: lacarlson@cox.net

July 21: The Southwest Office of Native American Programs (SWONAP) office is offering Environmental training for Native American tribes and groups in Phoenix the week of July 21. Contact Carolyn O'Neill, SWONAP Administrator, (602) 379-7120


July 22: HUD to Brief Fresno City Council on Foreclosure Prevention Efforts

Fresno HUD staff has been asked to present on July 22 what the Fresno HUD Office has put in place in regards the foreclosure issue in the Central Valley. They will advise on other actions that the City might to prevent foreclosure and to mitigate the negative effects of foreclosures in the neighborhoods.

Contact: Rollie Smith, Field Office Director, (559) 487-5033 ext. 240

July 29: Foreclosure Initiative Partners Meeting (Fresno, CA)

On July 29, Fresno HUD Office will host No Homeowner Left Behind (NHLB) meeting of partners throughout the Valley to take stock of the actions to prevent and mitigate foreclosures in the Central Valley and further clarify roles, develop MOUs among all the key partners, and discuss further outreach--including our support of NHLB affiliates in Tulare/Kings County, Kern County, Merced County, and Modesto/Stanislaus County.

Contact: Rollie Smith, Field Office Director, (559) 487-5033 ext. 240

San Diego

July 19: HOME Clinic to Counsel Distressed Homeowners (Camp Pendleton, California)

On July 19, 2008, the Housing Opportunities Collaborative (HOC) will conduct a HOME clinic at Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps military base in northern San Diego County. The HOME Clinic will offer individual foreclosure prevention counseling to distressed homeowners by volunteer attorneys and by HUD approved housing counseling agencies. The San Diego HUD office will assist HOC in coordinating the participating HUD approved housing counseling agencies and to facilitate the dissemination of informational materials, including FHA Secure and fair housing.

Contact: Frank Riley, Field Office Director, (619) 557-5310

July 23: Forum to Discuss Mortgage Fraud and Criminal Violations
On July 23, 2008, the Housing Opportunities Collaborative will host a forum to discuss mortgage fraud and criminal violations in real estate transactions. Speakers from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), San Diego District Attorney, CA Department of Real Estate, and CA Attorney General will describe their activities and answer questions from local HUD approved housing counseling agencies, community organizations, and social service agencies. These agencies have been active in the San Diego region in investigating, arresting and filing charges against scammers and against real estate professionals conducting unfair business practices.

Contact: Frank Riley, Field Office Director, (619) 557-5310


July 24: Homeownership Preservation Meeting (Honolulu, Hawaii) to discuss the current state of homeownership in Hawaii

July 24, 2008
12:00 - 2:30 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa

Audience: Mortgage Lenders, Housing Directors, Housing Counseling Agencies, Hawaii's Congressional Delegation Staff, real estate industry
Hosted by: HUD Honolulu Field Office and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

For further information regarding any of these articles, please contact the Region IX Supervisory Public Affairs Officer, Larry Bush.

Content Archived: February 11, 2011

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