CPD Supports Minority Contracting

The HUD Fort Worth Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) has become a major participant in the GSA-sponsored Alliance Texas Opportunities for Small Business, a one-day conference to connect small and minority contractors and vendors with local, state and federal government agencies who purchase those services. The conference, set for July 1 at the Arlington, Texas Convention Center will attract dozens of agencies, and hundreds of Minority Contractors who want to grow their businesses.

CPD has developed an informational brochure detailing Community Development Programs. Grantees will be meeting with Conference Participants to teach them how to make a connection with local governments and compete for their business. "Increasing the competitiveness of minority contractors is good for small business, good for communities, and good for CPD programs," said Fort Worth CPD Director Katie S. Worsham. For more information on minority contracting and CPD call (817) 978-5933. To learn more about the conference, visit the Alliance website. (http://www.allianceforbiz.com/details.html)

Content Archived: July 22, 2011