Benedictine Manor I and II

Benedictine I and II.

Continuing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Section 202 program, the Director of the Little Rock Multifamily Program Center, Linda Hardway, and the Project Manager for Benedictine Manor I and II attended a ribbon cutting ceremony in Jonesboro Arkansas on February 25, 2010. The ceremony was held in one of several community spaces at the two properties to a standing room only crowd. The mayor and numerous chamber members were in attendance, along with new residents, other community members, a representative from Senator Blanche Lincoln's office, and many of the staff from St. Bernard's Village.

Brian Rega, Director of St. Bernard's Village was extremely happy to finally add affordable senior housing to the St. Bernard's Senior Services campus located in downtown Jonesboro Arkansas. The properties are located in close proximity to doctor's offices, banks, a post office, a senior life center and the county health building.

Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce staff, Mayor Harold Perrin, Director Hardway, and St. Bernard's Village representatives cut the ribbon.

Each property received a Section 202 Capital Advance in the amount of $1.736 million, and contains 20 one-bedroom units in a two-story building.

The Downtown Jonesboro Association indicated that they were very excited to have Benedictine Manor as part of the central city neighborhood revitalization which adds to the diversity of the downtown area.


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