RHF Celebrating 50 Years of Caring About People

[Photo: Participants at RHF's anniversary celebration]
(L to R) Members of the Houston Chamber of Commerce; (starting at 4th from left) Catherine Urban, Cornerstone Gardens Manager; Eleanor Peyton, Chief, Asset Management HUD; Dr. Laverne Joseph, President and CEO of RHF; Rev. Douglas Anders, Conference Minister for the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ; Rev. William Royster, Board Member of the Council of Health and Human Service Ministries of the United Church of Christ; Paul Mapes, Northvale Village Manager; last two are members of the Houston Chamber of Commerce.

Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF) celebrated its 50th year anniversary of serving nearly 18,000 residents in 166 communities throughout the United States. More than 150 seniors from RHF's three developments in the Houston, TX area shared in the momentous event on March 15, 2012.

Every five years, RHF celebrates with its residents and employees at each of its 166 properties. There is no better way to let the community and residents know that RHF is living out its theme of "Serving Today, Embracing Tomorrow." Their residents look forward to the celebrations. Thuy Hoang, Southwest Regional Manager of Foundation Property Management, Inc. (an RHF affiliate), says RHF barely rests from the last 5-year celebration before it's time to celebrate the next 5 years.

RHF was incorporated on March 17, 1961. "We remember our very modest beginnings; the launch was modest, but the vision was big," says Dr. Laverne R. Joseph, President and Chief Executive Officer, who spoke to the crowd with enthusiasm and joy of the work of RHF. With a big smile, Dr. Joseph said RHF looks forward to future development in Houston after being the recipient of a 2012 award for elderly housing.

The mission of Retirement Housing Foundation, a national nonprofit organization, is to provide various housing options and services for older adults, low-income families and persons with disabilities, in an environment that enhances their quality of life - physically, mentally and spiritually. RHF did just that on March 15th at Northvale Village, Conerstone Gardens and Creekbend Gardens, all in Houston.

Northvale Village, located at 14422 Cornerstone Village Drive, Houston, is a 70-unit affordable housing development for seniors. It was awarded a capital advance in the amount of $4,676,500. Cornerstone Gardens, located at 14522 Cornerstone Village Drive, Houston, is a 66-unit development for seniors. It was awarded a capital advance for $3,881,300. Creekbend Gardens, located at 8106 Creekbend Drive, Houston, is an 80-unit affordable housing development for seniors. It was awarded a capital advance in the amount of $4,537,100.

Residents and community leaders celebrated with RHF sharing in an open-air cookout that included speakers and acknowledgements from the community leaders. Participants in the event included Crystal Webster, District Manager of Administration from Congressman Al Green's Office; State Representative Dr. Alma Allen; Eleanor Peyton, representing Raynold Richardson, HUD's Multifamily Program Center Director; Basuali Bray, representing Council Member Helena Brown; and, Mikki Edwards, representing Harris County District Clerk's Office.


Content Archived: February 26, 2014