Houston HUD Multifamily Staff Participate in Tenant Leasing and Occupancy Forum

[Photo 1: Mary Frances Byrd]
Mary Frances Byrd, Housing Management Specialist, HUD Asset Management
[Photo 2: Mayra Morales]
Mayra Morales, Assistant Property Manager, Telephone Road Apartments

Anne Davison, Service Coordinator for 6000 Telephone Road, a 200-unit, 100% Section 8 subsidized senior citizen development owned by the Houston Housing Authority, facilitated a Leasing and Occupancy Forum in collaboration with the HUD Houston Multifamily Housing Program Center staff on June 20, 2012. There were 65 residents in attendance. The goal of the forum was to educate residents on lease requirements, to understand program basics and to provide them with an opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

HUD Multifamily Asset Management staff participated in a panel to explain the requirements for management and tenant participation in the Section 8 Multifamily Project-Based Subsidy program. Mary Frances Byrd, Housing Management and Occupancy Specialist, explained that since the complex is Section 8 project-based, residents electing to move would not have a transferrable voucher since the subsidy remains with the unit for the next resident. They would need to apply at other Section 8 subsidized apartment complexes and be placed on a waiting list if there were no available units. Cheryl Henderson, Project Manager, detailed various Multifamily Asset Management programs and explained the process for applying for housing at other project-based multifamily apartments.

Other panelists included Rick Johnson, Director of Asset Management, Houston Housing Authority (HHA), who explained the role of the agency and the lease agreement. Denise Schroeder, Property Manager, who explained the role of Tarantino Private Management Company. Mayra Morales, Assistant Property Manager, who covered tenant annual recertifications and eligible expense deductions. Terri Dones, HHA Leasing and Occupancy Specialist, who covered resident transfers pertaining to reasonable accommodations. Edward Washington and Tiffany Shelby, Elderly Caseworkers, explained the role of supportive services.

The 65 residents who attended came away with a better understanding of the program. Closing remarks were presented by Ulis Watson, Resident Council President. Anne Davison, Service Coordinator, certainly accomplished her goal of assisting the residents at Telephone Road Apartments.


Content Archived: February 26, 2014